Wendell and the Dragon's Heart

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Chapter 55

“Yes, I am Ren Zael, the one you have known in stories. Long ago I came to the world and I defeated the great Dragon which preys on all men.”

Finally Wendell managed to say something.

“But why did you leave? Why can’t anyone find you when you are needed?”

He looked at Wendell with understanding.

“I left my spirit here! And so I could be wherever someone needed me, anywhere they were. But this knowledge of my presence was lost over the years, and since no one could feel or hear me anymore... I became a legend. A story. Now I am nothing but a myth.”

“Only if someone called on me, truly knowing that I was there, could I help them and re-enter the land! I have searched for many years, all across the kingdom for someone who might do it, but found none. For too long the Dragon has found a hiding place, hiding deep within the hearts of all men and women, wearing many masks, but now you have found me! The one who defeated him.”

I was the one who listened when you asked if the stories were true. I was the one who watched you as you heard the minstrel’s songs and looked at the empty sky.”

I was the one who heard you in the wheat field, wishing for things long gone.”

I was the one who answered you when you needed to pass the guards, because I thought you might someday call upon me.”

I was the one who told you the Truth, that you are not perfect, when that foul mistress Danala came with her beauteous, flattering words and heart of pride.”

I was the one who left clues for you to enter the labyrinth, and sent a wolf to show you the way, although I could do no more until you allowed it.”

I was the one who carried you through the fortress of Aztbane and defeated the two fallen angels, for my own sake. I told you not to listen or take that stone, or all would be undone.”

I was the one who hoped that you would remember me, and call upon me, but you became proud at heart and believed the lie.”

I was the one who told you that your father was the Dragon.”

And I am the one who has snatched you from his power now. Just as you gave much for Karen, so I gave everything to rescue you all, even my life.

"I was the one who made you love her, and it was my own love for all the forsaken that you felt. Tell her that I have been listening. And I am not imaginary.”

“You have been through much, but now that you have found me, do not keep these things a secret as others have in the past, or I will be forgotten again!!”

“You must remember that I will be with you, I will be in you, forever. I will speak to you in a new way. Go now. See that Violet is held in a cave to the north. You must forgive her, and yourself, or I can do nothing at all.”

He smiled brightly, like the dawn of purest morning.

“Don’t fear anymore, Wendell. All of your great dreams will be true after all…”

Wendell nodded gravely, and then the brightness vanished.

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