Wendell and the Dragon's Heart

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Over the next days, preparations for the wedding were renewed. Old, withering garlands that had faded since the day Wendell left were replaced, and new meats were prepared and stuffed, and spiced wines were re-poured.

The servants were very busy, and the king spared no expense. But there was much muttering among the servants about the strange happenings of the past days.

Wendell and Karen sat now under the tree of blooms, far from the ears of the serving maids. Karen rested her head on his shoulder, and said something quietly.

“Even though I knew everything could never be real, I still wished for it to be true and waited for it, because it was the only thing I had left.”

Then Wendell said something as well.

“Even though I knew I could never find you, that it was stupid to even try, I still searched so much because it was the only thing I had left as well.”

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