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This is a story it really happened in my life.

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I have lost something I cherish the most. It is my favourite blue coloured teddy bear. I’ve lost it while shifting to our new house and this is how.

I came back from school, freshed up and made sure everything of mine were carefully packed. I checked everything but one thing was missing, it was my heart and soul for me, my blue teddy bear. I panicked as I couldn’t find it anywhere. I then relaxed and thought for a moment that they might have already shifted it there. But when we went there and saw to my horror it wasn’t there, there too. I was in shock. I asked my parents they said, they didn’t know. I insisted that we go back to find it. When we went there and checked it wasn’t there, there too, they said that it was mixed with the things that were going to the dumpster and it was to late. I fainted upon hearing the news. When I woke up I was in my bedroom with my parents by my side looking worried and a big blue teddy bear I hugged it immediately as I saw it. Apparently my parents have brought me a new and exact copy of my old one for me. I was happy but not much. I gave a huge smile looking at my parents to show them that I’m happy and all good. But I wasn’t, I just kept all those sad feeling to my and cry secretly without anyone knowing. I missed my old bear so much. My new school was starting from next week & I decided to pull my self into studies to forget about my bear. But up to date I couldn’t.

Have you guys lost something or someone beloved to you?

I know how it feels. Don’t be so sad about it. I know we can’t move on but this’s life things like this always happen. Don’t blame it on yourself or on others. remember This is a “World of possessions”.

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