Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 10

On her return to Bleckland, Mertle spent the rest of the day in solitude. Her solitude gave her time to think about what to do next. She pondered relentlessly what she had learnt from Gromfold about how the people believed that change was about to happened and soon. The more she pondered what she had learnt, the more desperate the situation seemed. Finally after hours of contemplation she came to a conclusion. For her the problem was already out of control and therefore would need drastic action to

p19 solve it. The solution that she came up with was simple but drastic, she would kidnap both Gabriela and Princess Teresa. This action would force the King to come to Bleckland to negotiate and plead for his daughters release. Myrtle was sure that this course of action was the only way she could regain the balance of power over Lupperland.

The next morning, Myrtle called a meeting of the council and told them what she learnt from her trip to Lupperland. The council were all in agreement with Myrtle that decisive action needed to be taken immediately. Myrtle then told the council what action she has decided to take. The general opinion of the council, was that her decision to Knapp Gabriela and Teresa although drastic was the best option in light of the circumstances.

In order for her plan to work, she would need to know the movements of both girls and if there would be an opportunity to take them both at the same time. With this in mind, she sent an urgent message to Gromfold with instructions about what she needed him to do and why. When Gromfold received the message he went to work right away. Within a few days Gromfold had learnt that Teresa and Gabriela would be having an overnight camping trip in two days time. Gromfold also reported that because of the changes that are at present going on in Lupperland people in general seem to be distracted and unfocused. This was the news that Myrtle had been waiting for and because Lupperland was experiencing a general distraction this would greatly improve her chance of success.

Now that Myrtle had the information that she needed on the two girls, she set about planing the dreadful deed.

The plan that she had concocted was simple, she would send six of her best guards in the dead of night to the location of the overnight camp out. Her men would render the bodyguards unconscious with a sleeping spell. The next part of the plan would be to enter the girls tent and with the same sleeping spell ensure that the girls stay asleep during the trip back to Bleckland. In the place vacated by the girls, a message would be left stating who had taken the girls. The message would give instructions to the King about what he must do if he ever wanted to see his daughter again.

On the night of the kidnapping the plan was executed to perfection. By daybreak, the two girls found themselves in the presence of Myrtle the Mean. At first glance of her captor, Teresa was unaware of the identity of the woman standing before her. When Myrtle spoke and identified herself, the mere mention of her name instantly sent Teresa into a state of fear. Gabriela could sense the sudden change in her friend

and although she didn’t know why, she could see it was fear on her face.

Both girls were confused as to why they were in Bleckland and dispiate her fear, Teresa spoke first.

p20 “I know who you are, you are Queen Myrtle What I don’t understand is why you have brought us here”. Myrtle did not answer right away, she stood up from her throne and circled both girls to get a more detailed look at them. When she had finished her inspection, she bent down in front of Teresa to be at eye contact with her and said. “You are here child because of your friend beside you”. Teresa and Gabriela looked at each other, both with a look of puzzlement on their face’s. This time around Gabriela found the courage to speak. “What could have I possibly have done that gives you the right to kidnap me and my friend”?

Myrtle was taken aback by Gabriela’s response, she found it to be bold and courages Despite Gabriela’s response, Myrtle did not show her true feelings to the girls. She simply continued to speak and give an answer to Gabriela’s question. “What you have done Gabriela; yes that right I do know your name, is to challenge my hold over Lupperland. To answer the other part of your question, thats what right I have to bring you here”.

Teresa who was all to familiar with what Myrtle was capable of, motioned to Gabriela not to say anything else. Gabriela though could not be contained “What do you mean change your hold over Lupperland? Are you talking about your cruelty, for not letting Lupperland live in peace”? Myrtle was shocked by Gabriela’s response, because throughout her life nobody had ever spoke to her so directly. Myrtle now didn’t know how to respond, because Gabriela’s words had caused her confusion deep within her soul. When she did finally speak, she found it hard to get her words out. But when her words did finally come out , they were like thunder. “Guards take these brats to the dungeon”. As Gabriela and Teresa were led out by the guards, Gabriela shouted one last comment “The truth hurts doesn’t it and you’ll never get away with this”.

The dungeon was a dark and dingy place, with bright green moss on the walls. The smell was stale and musty it reminded Gabriela of a dust bin. The only noise that could be heard, was the sound of water striking a puddle on the floor. There were no windows, so the only light came from two fire torches fixed to the wall which didn’t give off much light. What they did do, is cast shadows on the walls that made the experience even more frightening, which added to the fear the girls were already feeling.

Although they were full of fear, there was no tears not just because they were trying to be brave,but because they didn’t want to give Myrtle the satisfaction of seeing them sad.

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