Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 12

In other circumstances, the King would have enjoyed the thrill of flight. But as this journeys purpose was a sombre occasion his mind was truly else where. As they jouunied the view below was a dark Purple that could be viewed by the light of the moon. When the dark Purple below was replaced by the black shiloets of buildings it was then that the two men knew they had reached the end of their journey.

The object landed with a bump in a courtyard illuminated by fire torches. There to greet them was a small woman with an official demean a. When the woman was sure

that the two men were ready, she instructed them to follow her. They were more than willing to oblige, because they were both hoping that she would lead then to their daughters. The woman led them through the interior of the castle, a dark and dreary place. They kept going until they came to a door, with two very large men were standing guard. The woman told the guards that they were expected, with that one of the guards opened the door and in they went. When inside the room, the first thing the King and Daddy looked for was a sight of their daughters but they were nowhere to be seen. When they were sure they were not there, their focus changed to the one person that was in the room. At the other end of the room a woman was seated, she was thin with pale skin and dressed in black. This moment would be their first sight of Myrtle the Mean Queen of Bleckland.

As the two men drew closer to this blackend apparition the more they feared, because in this woman’s eyes there was no sense of compassion. It has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Surely to look in this woman’s eyes you would never see forgiveness or the light of love.

When the King and Daddy came to a stop, they could see all they feared close up. The two men stood in silence and dared not speak, until they were spoken to. The Queen could sense their fear and didn’t speak either, she was keen to prolong their fear as long as long as she could. This silence continued for three minutes, during this time the Queen stirred at them without blinking or changing her facial expression.

When at last she spoke, she was direct and to the point. “We wont waste time guessing why you are here, that is obvious you want your brats back”? Now that the Queen had spoken to them, they would have to do what they feared most and break their silence. The King motioned to Daddy, that he would speak for them both. Although the King was full of rage and fear, he knew that he would have to keep his feelings hidden when he spoke. “Yes you know why were here, we would like to know why you have kidnapped our daughters and what it would take for you to release them”?

p25 The Queen didn’t answer straight away, she intended to keep her guests fear prolonged. When she was sure that the two men remained in a state of fear, she replied. “My reason for kidnapping your daughters, was to get your attention and force you to come here”. The King and Daddy were confused, they couldn’t understand what had transpired to force the Queen to go to such ex stream measures. The King relayed this confusion when next he spoke. “I don’t understand, what has happened between our two kingdoms that has forced you to take such drastic action”? The Queen was angered, that the King had know idea why she had been forced to take such ex stream matters to get him here. “How dare you stand there all innocent and claim that nothing has happened recently in Lupperland that has challenged my power over your pathetic Kingdom”.

The King now realised what the Queen meant and the reason why she had kidnapped the two girls. Before the King spoke again, he would have to be careful

what he said. Fear and panic were building up inside him much more than before. Daddy could read the Kings face and believed it was time for him to step in. He had an idea, but first he needed the Queens permission. “Your Majesty, could I beg your indulgence and request a short recess, so that myself and the King can have a few moments of private reflection”? The elegance of Daddies request through the Queen and stunned her into silence. She needed this silence, because she couldn’t work out weather or not there was a hidden meaning behind Daddies request. After a prolonged spell of contemplation, she went with the safest option which was no. After she had refused Daddies request, her anger increased because of the delay now she vented that anger towards the King. “Well are you going to tell me why things have suddenly changed in Lupperland, or do you want me to keep your daughter here forever”? The words (Keep your daughter here forever) had the effect on the King the Queen was hoping for, as he instantly replied to her the moment she stopped speaking. “Your Majesty, only one thing has changed in Lupperland, which is we now eat tasty food. Surely this one small aspect has know bearing on the relationship between our two Kingdoms”. The Queen replied to the King with some siring logic. “You may be right, this may be seen as a small change, but I see it as the first seed in a harvest of a full revolt”.

All the enlightened changes in Lupperland at this moment meant nothing to the King, all he cared about was getting his daughter back. To these ends the King stirred the conversation with the Queen in that direction. “Your Majesty, all I care about is the release of my daughter and Gabriela, tell me therefore what I must do to achieve this.”? The Queen was now very pleased with herself, because she now had the King at her mercy. She could see the torment on his face of not knowing weather he would see his

p26 daughter again. It was this dought that gave the Queen the upper hand.

The Queen remind silent, she needed time to think how to make her advantage pay and reclaim the status Quo and power in Lupperland. What she needed was a symbol that would ensure that the status Quo would and her power would never be threatened again.

The solution she came up with gave her great joy, because it was the cruelist thing she had ever done. She would make the King sign over his Kingdom to her. The King would remain in charge but as her governor and if there was any more opposition in Lupperland she would make the people there her slaves forever including the King. If the King refused to sign, she would not only keep his daughter forever but turn her and Gabriela into stone.

When the Queen presented her terms to the King and what would happen if he didn’t sign, the King fell to his knees and wept. The King is a proud man who loves his people and he saw his role as King as a sacred duty that had been passed to him by his ancestors. As much as all this meant to him, not seeing his daughter again was to much to bare. So with a heavy heart, he agreed to the Queens terms. The Queen instructed the King and Daddy to remain while she went to another room to prepare the document for the King to sign. After the Queen had left the room the king sat on a chair with his head in his hands, Daddy approached the King with the intention of consoling him. “Your Majesty, I know the loss of your Kingdom pains you beyond anything I could understand, but the Queen left you no choice. You have done what I would have done in your place, to be honest, any father would have done the same. Always remember you are a father before you are a King and I’m sure your people will understand that”.

After about two hours the Queen re-entered the room clutching a large pice of paper, her mood seemed up lifted judging by the smile on her face. On seeing the Queen enter the room the King and daddies mood was far different, they felt a cold feeling with an increased pounding of their hearts.

The Queen came to rest in front of a large table and placed the pice of paper down gently. Then without speaking she motioned both the King and Daddy to join her. When the three of them were in position around the document, the Queen spoke through a broad smile. “This document lists everything that you agreed to earlier and if you just sign here our business will be concluded”. Before the King committed his signature, he studied the document thoroughly. When he finished to the Queens annoyance, he did not sign. The Queen wasn’t so much annoyed that he didn’t sign, but that he was avoiding the inevitable. The Queen wanted the whole business concluded quickly and with an abrupt voice she asked why he wouldn’t sign. The Kings reply was direct and without emotion in his voice. “I will only sign, when and only when my daughter and Gabriela are returned to us”.

p27 The King and Daddy were taken aback by the Queens response, because it wasn’t what they were expecting. Instead of getting angry with the King, she turned around and took a few steps back from the table to think and pondered the Kings request. During this period of reflection, the Queen devised a plan. This plan would give her the opportunity to heap more misery on the King. Her plan was simple, she would have Teresa and Gabriela brought in to the room by doing so the Princess would witness first hand her fathers humiliation as he signed his Kingdom away. The Queen returned to the table were the King and Daddy were waiting without letting her true motivation be seen, agreed to the Kings demand.

When the two girls entered the room, they both ran as fast as they could towards their fathers and embraced them. After they embraced, the Queen intervened and insisted that the King sign without any more delay. Teresa was curious and asked her father exactly what he was going to sign. The King replied with a smile on his face, so not alarm her. “Its nothing my dear, just something the Queen has asked me to do”. The Queen smiled, then broke the Kings charade. “Your father my child, is about to sign away his Kingdom forever and that will mean you will never be a Queen”. The Queens outburst brought Teresa close to tears, she turned to her father took hold of both his hands and said. “Please father you can,t, what about the people of Lupperland”.

The King looked at his daughter, this time he couldn’t hide his true feelings because her plea had touched his heart. “I have no choice; one day when you have your own children you will understand”. Teresa was still confused with what was happening. “I don’t understand, what signing this document has got to do with me”? Before the King could answer the Queen intervened. “ Because if he doesn’t I will keep you and your friend here forever and for good measure turn you both to stone”.

Despite the Queens threat and her fathers explanation why he must sign, Teresa pleaded with her father not to do so. The King took Teresa to one side and knelt down in front of her, to be in eye contact. The King then spoke to his daughter in a soft and gentle voice. “My Angel I have to do this but I don’t want you to be a fried. I promise everything will work out for the best in the end”.

The Kings gentle words reached his daughters heart, but although she remained quiet deep down she still ached for what her father was about to do. The King could still see pain and hurt in his daughters eyes and what he saw grew the seeds of tears in his own eyes.

The King composed himself dabbed the tears from his eyes and approached the table

p28 were the Queen was waiting with a pen for him to sign the document. When the King reached the table, he placed the flat of his hands on it and bowed his head. He remained in this position while he contemplated with a heavy heart what he was about to do. When at last he was ready, he drew himself up to his full height picked up the pen took one last look at his daughter turned and signed.

When the King had finished, he turned around walked over to his daughter knelt down and em brassed her and as he did he stroked the back of her head and whispered gently. “Everything will be alright now, we can go home”.

The Queen picked up the document and browsed it, to make sure that everything was in order. When she finished she turned and faced her guests, and with a smile on her face declared. “Right everything seems to be in order, you can go now but be swear if you try and double cross me be assured I will find out, I have my means”.

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