Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 13

While events in Bleckland were unfolding, something less important but with far reaching implications was happening. The event in question, happened within the working domain of Gombo. The day it happened, Gombo was about his duties as forest ranger. While performing his duties, he heard something out of the ordinary. What drew his attention most of all to what he heard, was the time of day he heard it. The time of day was early in the morning, just as day light was emerging. For Gombo to hear anything at this time besides the usual noises associated with the forest was unheard of. The nature of the voices that Gombo heard where the voices of at least two people. Gombo believed with good reason that due to the time of day this

conversation was taking place something sinister was being discussed. He believed it to be of a sinister nature because, why meet in a isolated spot so early in the morning.

Because Gombo believed that something sinister was being discussed, he felt it was his duty as a loyal citizen of Lupperland to discover what was being said. In order to be in better ear shot, Gombo stelphley got closer to the participants. As he listened he became shocked, not just because of what he heard but the identity of one of the participants having the conversation. The person that Gombo observed, was someone who he didn’t know personally but had seen many times in an official and ceremonial capacity along side the King. The person was well known in Lupperland as a good and wise advisor to the King. The person that he had observed was none other that Gromfold. The other person that Gromfold was talking to, was someone he had never seen before. This person was a woman draped in black and judging from her body language and tone of voice, Gombo concluded that she must be from Bleckland.

The conversation that Gromfold could here was the woman telling Gromfold that the Queen was pleased by his efforts as always. This piece of information was shocking in

p29 its self, but not as shocking as what he heard next. The woman told Gromfold that his life in Lupperland, would soon become essay with endless power. This was going to come about because the Queen has got the King to sign over his Kingdom forever.

When Gombo heard that the King had signed his Kingdom over to the Queen, he was distraught. It was at this point, that he decided he had heard enough and retreated. Gombo made for a spot in the forest that he always went to think. When he got there, he sat down and put his hands to his face and wept, because now all that he knew and loved was about to come to an end.

Gombo stayed in his spot in the forest for some time, when at last he decided to leave, he first checked that it was safe to do so. On exiting the forest, Gombo made straight for the castle to report what he had heard to the King. On his journey to the castle, he did something that he never done before, drove his car at top speed. About a hundred yards from the castle Gombo stooped, he had just realised something. What if he tells the King what he heard and saw and the King wont believe him. After all the man he is reporting is a close friend of the King and a member of the council. Where as he is lowly forest ranger, who is the King going to believe, because no dought Gromfold would deny everything.

Gombo sat in his car and weighed up his options, until he finally came to a decision. Dissipate the personal danger to himself, there was much more at stake. He therefore came to the conclusion, that it was his duty to tell the King and the hell with consequences.

When he got to the castle, he informed the guard that he had urgent news for the

King, that couldn’t wait. The guard instructed Gombo to wait while he went inside to tell the King. When he returned he was accompanied by one of the Kings servants, who instructed Gombo to follow him inside. When they arrived at the entrance to the great hall, the servant instructed Gombo to wait outside while he entered the hall a few moments latter he returned and informed Gombo that the King is currently engaged but if you take a seat he will see you as soon as he is free.

The King was engaged in a deep reflection over what he had been forced to do by Myrtle the Mean. This reflection slowly turned into what could be done to overturn what Myrtle had forced him to do. No matter how hard he tried nothing came to mind, perhaps the recent events in Bleckland were to fresh in his mind for him to think clearly. After trying without success to come up with a solution he decided he would need help, who better to call upon than Gromfold. Just as he was about to call one of his servants to send for him, he remembered that one of his subjects had urgent news for him and was waiting outside. The King thought to himself, maybe what this man had to say would be good news.

The King gave the order to admit Gombo. When Gombo was face to face with the

p30 King as first he found it difficult to speak. He found it difficult to speak for two reasons, firstly because he was standing alone in front of the King; and secondly because of the magnitude of what he was about to say. The King could sense the reluctance in the little man before him and therefore set about reassuring him. “Speak my friend, I wont bite I promises”. Gombo found the Kings response both humorous and friendly, which helped him relax and say his piece. “Your Majesty what I am about to tell you bears evil tidings. I was about my duties in the forest early this morning, when I over heard a conversation”. The King interrupted him, so he could explain that people have conversations all the time and at all times of the day. “Yes Your Majesty, its not the conversation or the time of day it was held at that concerned me but what was said and by whom”. The Kings frame of mind now changed to one of concern and a deeper focus on the little man and what he had to say. “What I heard and saw Your Majesty is this, a woman dressed in black telling a man how pleased his Queen was with him and that very soon his life in Lupperland would reap its rewards for his service and the long service of his family”. The King understood immediately that there was a spy in Lupperland working for Myrtle the Mean. Now that the King was a wear what had transpired, he was egar to know if the little man, knew the identity of the spy. “My good man, do you know the identity of the man this woman was talking to”? This was the moment that Gombo dreaded, because if the King didn’t believe him he would be in big trouble. Dissipate his concerns, Gombo had already made his decision. “Yes Your Majesty I do know this man, I believe his name is Gromfold and that he is a member of your council”. The King as was to be expected was horrified. The mention of Gromfold and spy in the same sentence, sent a cold shiver throughout his body. The King needed to know more, how could this little man be sure it was Gromfold he had seen. In a calm and collective voice so as not to scare Gombo, the King questioned him more. “My friend how can you be sure it was Gromfold you saw”? Gombo was now at ease, because he had unburdened himself and the King had not held him accountable therefore responding to the King became much easier. “I know this man because I have seen him before standing next to you. I also know he is a member of your council, but most of all it was him who hired me on your behalf as a forest ranger”.

After the King had dismissed Gombo,he sat alone in solitude to ponder how his most loyal friend could betray him. As he thought he reminisced about the times they had spent together as children and young men. He recalled as children how they were tutored together and how they both loathed lessons. On many occasions they would plan together practical jokes to play on their tutor. One such practical joke that they planed has always stood out in the Kings memory, not because of the humorous outcome of the joke but the aftermath and the reckoning. On this occasion the King

p31 was seen

putting glue on his tutors bike seat while Gromfold kept watch, unbeknown to the King somebody witnessed him doing the deed. When it came time for a reckoning, Gromfold swore blind that it was him and not the King who was the culprit. The King has always remembered what Gromfold tried to do on his behalf and to this day has never forgot his sacrifice and this act of friendship.

It was memories such as this of his life long friend, that made his betrayal even harder to bare. For the King it was though all that had passed between them was a lie and that the affection that Gromfold had shown him was a ploy to get close to him, so he could be at the centre of power and nothing else.

It was this betrayal that sparked a new resolve in the King, he therefore decided that he would not submit to Myrtle the Mean without a fight. Although now that he was filled with a new vigour, there was still a dilemma facing him. In the wake of Gromfolds betrayal, he couldn’t be sure who he could trust. To these ends until he knew for sure, the only people he felt comfortable trusting was his family, Daddy and Gabriela. Therefore any measures he would take against Myrtle could only be discussed in secret and amongst his new inner circle.

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