Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 14

The King believed that he needed to act without hast, so without delay he summoned his family and new friends Gabriela and Daddy to his presence. When they arrived, the King invited them to take a stroll with him in the forest. They all were happy to do so, because it was a nice day and a stroll would be pleasant. When they reached a spot in the forest that the King believed was isolated enough and no one was about, he set about explaining the true purpose of their sortie outdoors.

When his wife and daughter heard of the betrayal by Gromfold a man they knew and loved they were shocked and hurt that such a trusted friend could betray his King and friend. The King went on to explain that in light of Gromfolds betrayal, he was at a loss as to whom he could trust. He told them that they were the only people in the entire Kingdom he felt he could trust now.

Now that the King had explained the true purpose of why they were here, he told them of his determination to resist the plans of Myrtle the Mean. Teresa although unsure and a little fearful of the outcome was delighted with her fathers resolution. The rest of the group, expressed a simaler delight and pledged their support.

The King looked into the eyes of his companions in turn hoping to see a spark of inspiration, when he saw nothing, he took a deep breath and inquired. “Well what do you think we should do”? His companions were a bit shocked, because they were hoping and believed that he

p32 already had an idea. All five of them looked at each other, which signalled the

beginning of a period of silence.

The silence was finally broken by Teresa, when out of the blue she startled her companions with a loud shrike. “I’ve got it; I know what we can do fight evil magic with good magic”.

Her companions were confused by her statement and needed her to explained what she meant. “Don’t you remember the legend of the Mermaids of the Purple sea”? The King at first had a puzzled look upon his face as he tried to connect with what Teresa had said. Then suddenly his face changed from one of confusion to one of enlightenment. “Yes of course, the Mermaids of the Purple sea; its a long shot but their our only hope”

The Queen of course had a working knowledge of what they were talking about, but Gabriela and Daddy were totally confused.

The King could see the blank look on the faces of Gabriela and Daddy, so he set about explaining to them the legend.

“Long ago before Bleckland ever existed as a Kingdom, Lupperland existed in perfect harmony. It was the happiest place you could imagine, everyone had their fill and wanted for nothing. We owed all this happiness to the Mermaids of the Purple sea, who protected us with a powerful magic. This way of life continued for hundreds of years until one fateful day.

The Kingdom of Bleckland was not as we know it today, back then it was uninhabited. Then one day, a ship founded near to the shore of Bleckland. The survivors clambered to the shore and it time established a community, which became the beginnings of the Kingdom of Bleckland.

When the people of Lupperland realised what had happened, they helped the settlers as much as they could. They sent materials to build shelters, provided them with food and clothes. In time the settlers established themselves and no longer needed aid from the people of Lupperland. It was during this period that their true nature and ambition came to light. The settlers unbeknown to us, were evil witches and they came to be on the high seas because they had been expelled from a far off Kingdom for their evil doings.

Now that they could survive without our assistance, their attitude towards Lupperland changed. Their plan was simple, they intended to turn Lupperland from a place of joy into a place of despair Their reason for doing this was simple, for no other

p33 reason but because it was in their nature.

Their first attempts to use their magic to ensnare Lupperland were unsuccessful.

They couldn,t work out why, then it became apparent to them that Lupperland had enchanted protection from the Mermaids.

Mermaids were normally beautiful creatures of the sea, but in the case of the Mermaids that swam in the Purple sea, they were blessed with the gift of magic. Their magic, was no ordinary magic it was very powerful and only used for good.

The Bleckland evilists, as they became known, (Bleck was the name of the ship that brought them here), needed to find a way to over come the Mermaids magic if they were ever going to see their plan for Lupperland come to fruition.

After they made many attempts at concocting the right spell, the witches developed a potion that would work. The potion that they concocted would be poured into the Purple sea which would make the mermaids fall into a deep sleep which would last forever. The defects of the potion could only be broken by a very powerful magic. When the witches used their potion not only did it put the Mermaids to sleep, but it also turned the sea purple.

From that day to this Lupperland has been at the mercy of Bleckland. When it first happened we did try to resist, it was then that we first experienced their cruelty, when as a punishment for our resistance they turned 25 of our people to stone”.

In all that the King had explained about how things came to be, he didn’t mention how if the mermaids were asleep how could they wake them up now. The King thanked Gabriela who made the valled point, then he proceeded to tell them how the mermaids be woken up to help them now. “A few decades ago, we discovered that there was a fabled magic wond that could undo any magic spell. There was a big problem thought if we chose to retrieve it, because the wond was at the bottom of the purple sea. The reason that nobody from Lupperland has tried to retrieve it, is because nobody in Lupperland can swim”.

When the King had finished speaking, Gabriela and Daddy excused themselves, so that they could speak alone. The King agreed to their request, in truth he was hoping that they were going to discuss weather or not they would volunteer for the mission to retrieve the wond.

The conversation that Gabriela and Daddy were having, was indeed what the King was hoping for, they were discussing weather or not to go on the mission to retrieve the wond.

It was Gabriela who opened the conversation.

p34 ”Daddy you know it we don’t help them, Myrtle the Mean will make their life’s a living hell”. Daddy agreed with Gabriela, but he had his reservations. “Yes, what you are saying is correct, but although we both can swim it will be very dangerous”. Gabriela could see that Daddy was wavering, so she changed the direction of her argument. “Daddy wasn’t it you who has always taught me the value of helping people in need, and at this moment I can’t think of anyone in more need of our help”. Daddy smiled at the way Gabriela made her point, because he was proud of the way Gabriela was willing to put the needs of others before her own. “Gabriela you are right and I agree with you, so lets do it”. Gabriela was pleased Daddy had agreed with her, although she had won the argument she added one more reason for going. “Daddy I also want to go on the mission to get back at Myrtle the Mean for kidnapping me and Teresa”.

Gabriela and Daddy rejoined their companions, were the King was egar to know what they had discussed Gabriela soon put the King out of his misery. “Me and Daddy, have decided that we will both go on the mission to find and retrieve the wind”.

The King of course was so delighted that he gave both Daddy and Gabriela a hug. After Teresa and her mother had both thanked Gabriela and Daddy. The King and his family spoke in tern of the prospect of a brighter future and all the things that they will now be able to do, with the knowledge there wont be a price to pay.

After the uthoria had died down, the King decided it was time to return to the castle. He didn’t want to stay any longer, so as not to course suspicion back at the castle.

After the King had finished speaking, Gabriela indicated that she had something to say. “Your Majesty, you haven’t told me or my Daddy how we are to find the wond? You do know that we can’t breath underwater”. The King was a bit annoyed by Gabriela’s question, he felt it was sarcastic, but he kept his displeasure to himself. “Yes Gabriela, thank you for reminding me in all the excitement it completely slipped my mind. Also I am aware that you can’t breath underwater, but that want be a problem because there is a spell that I can perform that will enable you to do so for as long as you need. When you return to the service the spell will be broken automatically. There’s one more thing, for the sake of secrecy I must ask you to go at night”.

Gabriela and Daddy were happy to trust the Kings judgement over going at night and the spell that would enable them to breath underwater. Now that Gabriela’s questions

p35 had been answered it was Daddy’s turn to ask a question. “Your Majesty, the Purple sea is vast, how then will we be able to find a small wond in such a big space. Is it’s location revealed on a map of some sort”? The King answered as soon as Daddy finished speaking.

“No, there isn’t a map, I will give you a cumpus that can be used underwater. What you must do, is dive to the sea floor and fallow the heading North West this will lead you to a beautiful coral field of many different colours. When you get to the coral field, swim past it on the same heading then you will come to a large opening in the sea floor. Then you must dive down the opening, when you get to the bottom you will find an orange chest secured by three pad locks. I will give you the keys to open them, inside you will find the wond”.

Now that Daddy and Gabriela knew how to succeed at their mission, they needed to know on what night they would go on it. The King believed that for the sake of security it would be prevalent to go as soon as possible. Daddy and Gabriela were in agreement and therefore it was agreed that they would go that very night.

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