Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 15

As night time grew ever closer both Daddy and Gabriela both started to grow anxious about what lay ahead. They didn’t just feel anxious, there was also their determination to do what was right and in Gabriela’s case there was an added incentive to avenge her kidnapping by Myrtle the Mean.

At 4pm, Gabriela, Daddy and the King met up by the shore of Lupperland. Gabriela and Daddy were feeling nervous, because very soon they would be in the water ready to dive into the unknown.

The three of them steeped to the waters edge, the King enquired. “Are you both ready; here is the compus don’t forget what I told you keep to the heading North West”. The King then reached into his pocket and produced two viles of green liquid. “This is the spell that will enable you to breath underwater, drink it straight down”.

When Gabriela and Daddy had consumed the liquid, they felt a warm glow throughout their bodies. Gabriela then enquired. “I have just felt a warm glow throughout my body, is that normal”. The King smiled at Gabriela. “Yes that’s normal it means that the spell has worked. Now when you are underwater don’t be afraid to breath normally, trust me you wont drowned”.

Now that all the formalities had been addressed, it was time to begin the adventure. Before they entered the water, the King gave one last instruction. “When you have retrieved the wond bring it straight to the castle and tell no one you have it. When you see me in the castle, touch your chin as a signal to let me know you

p36 have the wond, but don’t give it to me until we are alone”.

After the King had finished speaking he shook the hand of both Gabriela and Daddy and wished them good luck.

Now come the moment of truth, as Daddy and Gabriela walked slowly into the sea. With each step they took the water consumed their bodies more and more. When there was only their heads above water, it was time to amerce themselves in the underwater Kingdom. Before they took the final step to submerge themselves they both paused, because what they were about to do went against human nature; breathing underwater.

When finally they came to terms with breathing underwater they both submerged them selves under the water. At first they both had their eyes closed and held their breath. It was Daddy who opened his eyes first, he then taped Gabriela on the arm as a signal to do likewise. When Gabriela opened her eyes, she thought at first she was in a dream because of what lay al around. At this point and without knowing both of them forgot about holding their breath, no dought distracted by the beauty their eyes now beheld.

The beauty their eyes beheld manifested itself in every bright colour. There were fish and all manor of sea creatures bathed in vibrant illuminated colour. When they reached the sea floor the vegetation and rocks that lingered there were no exception to this plethora of colours.

While swimming their course on the bottom, their gaze would at times be interrupted by the doomed wreckage of vessels that had lost the battle with the waves above. There was an array of different types of vessel such as; pirate and Viking ships to simple fishing boats.

When at last they reached the colourful coral reef, they were relieved that they were on the right path. After they had swam past the coral reef, they found the opening in the sea floor, just as the king had told them. Daddy showed the palm of his hand to Gabriela to signify that he wanted her to remain while he retrieved the wond. Gabriela did as she was asked and while Daddy was absent, she amused herself by inspecting the multi coloured coral field. Gabriela was so entranced by the coral she didn’t notice her Daddy returning with the wond in his hand. Daddy swam over to Gabriela and tapped her on the arm, Gabriela unaware that it was Daddy was startled. When Gabriela realised it was Daddy, she gave him the OK sign and Daddy did likewise. Daddy then showed Gabriela the wond then he pointed upwards to indicate to make for the service.

When at last they reached the service, they were not far from the shore. As the King had foretold, the moment their faces were above the water the spell wore off.

When they were fully emerged from the water and standing on the beach, it was then that they studied the wond in more detail. Gabriela was astounded by its beauty. The

p37 wond was heavy and encrusted with precious stones and jewels.

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