Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 16

After they had finished their inspection, they set off for the castle. As they walked along, the night was slowly being replaced by the first rays of sunlight heralding a new


As they reached the entrance to the castle they were greeted as usual by the guard on duty. Daddy explained that they had urgent business with the King and they were expected. The guard recognised them, but still checked that it would be OK to admit them. Once inside the castle they went straight to the main hall. On arriving they were let in immediately. Once inside they made their way to the front of the hall so that the King could see them.

The King was in conversation with one of his advisors and at first he didn’t notice Gabriela and Daddy. When he did finally notice them, his eyes lit up and his speech became uneven. Now that the King was looking in their direction, Daddy gave the signal that he had the wond. As soon as the King received Daddy’s signal, he abruptly called a halt to the current proceedings, sighting his reason for doing so as a headache.

When the King retired and all present had left the hall, Daddy and Gabriela waited outside knowing that they would be re-called very soon. Their assumption was to prove correct, within a short while a voice from within the hall bid them to re-enter.

When they were back in the hall the only person visible was the King. The three of them then walked towards each other, when they met in the middle of the hall the King spoke to them in a whisper.

“Don’t say anything here, we will go for a walk in the forest and speak there”.

Gabriela and Daddy nodded in agreement and off they went.

When they arrived at a secluded spot in the forest, the King checked that they were alone before speaking.

“I assume that you gave me the signal, because you have the wond”?

With that Daddy produced the wond, which giltered in the sunlight. Daddy gave the wond to the King, who was stunned by its majestic beauty.

The King then proceeded to thank Gabriela and Daddy for what they had done in retrieving the wond. He went on to emphasise that what they had done is begin the process that would lead to the freedom of Lupperland. He then further remarked.

“Although you are strangers in this land and you haven’t known us long, you have demonstrated an endless kindness towards us and you have asked for nothing in return. I promise you that your actions will never be forgotten once it is widely known what you have done. I personally will show my appreciation by having your ima immortalised in the form of a statue of you both”.


Gabriela and Daddy were dumb founded by the mention of a statue in their honour and told the King that it wasn’t necessary, but the King would have none of it.

Now that the King had the wond, he needed to decide when would be the right time to use it. The King believed that there was still a danger that word of the wond might reach Myrtle the Mean. With this in mind he asked the opinion of Gabriela and Daddy. The two of them discussed the problem between them, then they gave their opinion to the King.

“We believe that you should perform the spell at night when nobody is about and that you should do it as soon as possible. By doing so, even if Myrtle the Mean was to discover you have the wond by then it will be to late”.

The King agreed and decided to use the wond that very night.

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