Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 17

That night the King slipped out of his castle undetected and made his way to the shore. While the King made his way, he reminisced about his life in the shadow of Bleckland. How his father had told him stories about the cruelty of Bleckland. Now that the King made his way to the shore all that was about to change forever.

When the King arrived at the shore, he had a quick look around, then he looked out towards Bleckland and thought to himself that this will be the last time he will look at it with fear in his eyes. The King took a deep breath, took out the wond placed the tip in the water and in a loud voice recited the spell.

“By the power of this wond I release you from your sleep”.

The very moment he finished speaking the sea became disturbed this lasted for a few moments, then the legendary king of the Mermaids Octon emerged from beneath the waves. He looked at the King and at first he said nothing, then in a soft voice he spoke.

“You have freed me and my people, we will forever be in your debt ask of us anything and it will be our desire to forfil your request”.

The King thanked Octon for his support, he then began to emphasise what the people of Lupperland needed from him and his people, and why they would need it. The one thing that the people of Lupperland desired more than anything was their freedom from Bleckland. The King relayed this dream to Octon in great detail. He further explained that he would need Octons help to make this dream come true. The King believed that this could be accomplished if Octon was to put a spell on Bleckland that would make it impossible for anybody from there ever stepping foot on Lupperland soil ever again with evil intent. The King asked Octon to perform this spell later that day. Octon was confused and asked.

“Why wait, why not do it now”?

The King replied.

“Because there are some lose ends I have to attend first”.

One of these lose ends he refereed to Gromfold and what the King intended to do about his betrayal.


Octon respected the Kings wishes and gave him a large enchanted sea shell, if the King would ever need him all he need do is blow into the shell and he would come to his aid night or day.

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