Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 18

The next morning the people of Lupperland awoken to an unexpected phenomenon, the Purple sea was no longer Purple but a vibrant aqua blue. As you could imagine there was great confusion amongst the people, some of joy some of fear. Within hours of the discovery different explanations made the rounds throughout the kingdom. Some people believed the sea had turned blue as a signal that the end of the world was coming. Others saw the change as a sign of good fortune.

Eventually the rumours reached the castle and the King. In his wisdom the King believed it prevalent to issue a statement. In this statement the king didn,t say anything about the wond or the mermaids. Instead he reinsurred them that all was well and that all would be revealed on the shore at midday.

The King had delibratley delayed Octon from performing a spell that would give Lupperland its freedom. There was in truth only one reason for this delay and that was to ponder what to do about Gromfold. The King felt guilty, he blamed himself for trusting Gromfold in the first instance. To these ends he believed it was he alone who should deal with the problem and find a solution. Throughout that morning the King sat alone and pondered the dilemma, he was so focused on the issue he didn’t notice it was time to make his way to the shore to summon Octon. Before he departed he sent word to Gromfold to meet him their because he had a suprize for him.

When the King arrived at the shore, as to be expected there was a large crowd in attendance. The King made his way to the front, were there was a platform for him to stand on, so he could be seen. On the platform waiting for him was his family, Gabriela and Daddy and of course Gromfold.

Before the King addressed the crowd he looked them over, as he did he thought to himself, what joy these people are about to know and how richly are they deserving of it. When the King had finished his reflection, he cleared his throat and began his address.

“My beloved people today you have witnessed a strange event, the Purple sea changing colour. I know this event has been the cause of great confusion amongst you. I have called you here to offer you an explanation as to why this has happened. The mythical Golden wond has been found and I have used it. The wond has been retrieved by our newest friends, Gabriela and her Daddy. I have used this wond to release the mermaids

from their enchanted sleep. It was this change brought about by their awakening that has changed the colour of the Purple sea to the colour of Blue, that you see now. Now my people I would like to introduce to you King Octon of the Mermaids”.

When the King had finished speaking, he put the large shell to his lips and gave it a

p40 powerful blow. Within seconds the top half of a man appeared above the waves. As soon as the crowd saw him they gave the loudest cheer that Lupperland had heard for centuries. The King then signalled to the crowd that he needed them to be silent, because he needed to address them further. When finally there was silence, the King began to speak.

“My people because of these two brave people retrieving the wond, I was able to use it to release the mermaids from their enchanted sleep. Octon and his subjects have vowed to use their powerful magic to help us gain our freedom from Bleckland forever”.

After the King had finished speaking there was a uthoria in the crowd were there could be observed cheers along side tears of joy. Throughout the crowd there was evidence of joy, except for one person that person was Gromfold. To all that observed who saw him he showed pleasure at the news, but only the King who knew him best that inwardly Gromfold feared the news.

The King had one more thing to say, but he didn’t bring the crowd to order right away, instead he gave the people a moment to express their joy. When at last he did speak again, his mood and tone of voice was sombre.

“Today is a joyful occasion one that will live long in the memory, but although we have reason to celebrate I must briefly intrude on your joy to tell you of a betrayal of one of your own. The person I speak of has had my love and friendship all my life. This makes his betrayal the cause of a deep wound in my heart of which I think will never heal”.

While the King was talking, Gromfold like the rest of the crowd were both shocked and horrified. Gromfold had know inclination that the King was referring to him.

The King continued.

“The person I am referring to who has betrayed both me and you is none other than Gromfold”.

As soon as the King identified Gromfold as the traitor there was a mass hysteria throughout the crowd. The people knew who Gromfold was, because of his high station and that he was the Kings friend.

As soon as Gromfold heard his name mentioned as the traitor, he quickly ran over to the King and knelt in front of him to plead his innocence.

“Your Magi sty, you are mistaken I would never do anything to hurt you or your

Kingdom, you’ve got to believe me”.

As Gromfold pleaded his case at the Kings feet, the King didn’t look at him because if he did he was sure he would burst into tears. The King then turned from Gromfold to face King Octon were by he asked him to turn him into a Mermaid. King Octon gladly obliged, and with that Gromfold was taken and placed in the sea and instantly turned

p41 into a Mermaid. The King then turned back towards the crowd to explain why he had done what he had done.

“I have asked King Octon to turn this man into a Mermaid so he can never again step foot on Lupperland. My reason for not having him executed is, he was my life long friend and dissipate all that he has done I still have some love for him”.

When the King had finished speaking the crowd remained silent, as though they understood and excepted the Kings reason for doing what he did.

The King then turned back towards King Octon and asked if he could now perform the spell that would free Lupperland from Bleckland. But before King Octon performed the spell, the King intervened.

“Good King of the Mermaids in the hope that one day Lupperland and Bleckland will co-exist I would like the spell to take the form of an invisible shield that will cover Bleckland and contain their evil doings and if any person from Bleckland were to leave then the evil in their hearts would remain. Then that person who has chosen to leave would have the capacity for doing good”.

After the King had finished speaking, King octon bowed his head as a sign that he accepted the task and that he would carry it out. King Octon then submerged below the water, every gaze remained out to sea. A short time latter their patience was rewarded, when suddenly a Gold flame shot out of the water towards Bleckland. When the flame had stopped coming out of the water it rested over Bleckland, then after a few moments it disappeared.

When the commotion had died down the King turned around and faced the crowd and with his arms aloft he cried out in a dramatic voice.

“My people we have just witnessed the birth of our freedom, the dawn of our joy and the destruction of our dis pear”.

The Kings words brought home the reality of the moment and the sudden change in the fortunes of Lupperland. The people in the crowd were in raptures of mass cheering and dancing, in truth every joy est emotion that has ever been was being expressed at that moment.

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