Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 19

While the celebrations continued the King and his family accompanied by Gabriela and Daddy slipped away and returned to the castle. When they arrived back at the

castle, they went straight to the dinning room for something to eat. At first nobody said anything, they all appeared to be shock by the days events. The silence was finally broken by Daddy.

“Your Magi sty, I believe that the time has come for me and Gabriela to return home. We have been here long enough. I’m sure my wife will be wondering were we are.

Gabriela until then was busy tending to her hunger,on hearing Daddy she stopped

p42 eating and looked in his direction. The expression on her face was one of shock. The shock her face now expressed, wasn’t caused by the fact it was time to go home, but that her Mummy would be worried that they had been gone for so long. With this in mind, Gabriela agreed with Daddy and she even added that they should go as soon as possible.

As soon as the meal was over, the King and his family, Gabriela and Daddy travelled to the forest and to the enchanted tree that brought them to Lupperland. When they arrived at the tree, they said a tearful goodbye to each other. The King gave his heart felt thanks for their help and told that they would always be welcome in Lupperland. Before they entered the tree the King presented them each with a medal for their deeds done. Finally it was time to go, they both stepped inside the tree and said one last goodbye before they were sealed inside. As soon as they were in darkness the magic began and they felt themselves raising upwards. When finally they came to a stop, Daddy pushed open the door and to their relief they were back home.

When they stepped out the wardrobe the first thing they did was rush down stirs to tell Mummy they were back and unharmed. When they got there to their sup prize Mummy was nowhere to be seen. Now it was Daddy and Gabriela’s turn to worry. To ease their worry Daddy phoned Mummy on her mobile phone, to his sup prize when he asked were she was, she replied.

“I’m still at work, where did you think I was”?

Daddy and Gabriela were confused, because they had been away for such a long time and it seemed that Mummy wasn’t concerned by their absence. The both of them remained confused until Daddy turned on the telly and discovered that it was still the same day as when they had left. Then for good measure he checked the time and according to the clock they had only been gone for three minutes.

They both thought to themselves, was what happened a dream they both had at the same time. Then Daddy reached into his pocket and pulled out the medal the King had given him, which answered their question.

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