Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 2

At first Daddy and Gabriela stood perfectly still looking in wonder at all that their eyes surveyed. Their gaze was finally broken by the voice and the sudden appearance of a small man.

The man spoke first in a friendly but shaky voice. “Who are you? Where did you come from? What are you doing here”?

p3 Gabriela and Daddy looked around to see where the voice had come from. When they finally looked down they could see that the voice had come from a friendly looking little man, they were both happy to answer his questions. Daddy was the first to speak. “Well my friend we both stepped in are wardrobe and it simply brought us here”. The little mans face changed to one of puzzlement before he replied and in an enquiring manor. “What where you both doing in your wardrobe”? This time Gabriela spoke in reply to the little man. “We were playing hiding seek”. Gabriela continued to recount the whole tale to the little man.

After Gabriela had finished her tale a look of confusion appeared on the little mans face. He expressed this confusion in the form of an angry response. “Thats impossible, do you think you can play a joke on me because I’m small”? This time Gabriela spoke in soft words of comfort to the little man. “No we wouldn’t do that honest, what I just told you is absolutely true”. The little man could sense from the tone of Gabriela’s voice that she was sincere, this put the little man at ease.

Now that the tension between them had eased, Gabriela and Daddy finally stepped outside the wardrobe. When both of them were standing outside, the little man looked at them in silence and Gabriela and Daddy did like-wise. It would appear that know one was sure what to do next. After a few moments of uneasy silence, Gabriela took a deep breath and spoke first. “My name is Gabriela and this is my Daddy Philip we come from a country called England”. The little man thought for a second and then he introduced himself. “My name is Gombo, I have lived here all my life”. Gabriala very innocently was curious to know where here was. Gombo was a bit taken back by the question. “What do you mean where’s here? You’re in the famous Lupperland the greatest place there’s ever been”. Gabriela was very sorry because she seemed to have hurt Gombo’s feelings. Gombo excepted Gabrielas apology with a smile. He continued to tell them that he was the forest ranger and that it was his job to look after everything that grows and of course all the animals. Gabriela was pleased to know the mans name and what he did, but she still wanted to know more about him. “Where do you live? Do you have a family”?

Now that the tension between them had dissapeared Gombo was happy to answer their questions. “I live not far from here with my wife and two children. My home is on Acorn street, which is in the centre of town”. Gabriela was happy that Gombo had answered her questions and to show her pleasure she held out her hand. But to Gabriela’s sup prize Gombo didn’t do like wise. Gabriela


was a bit confused. “Why don’t you want to shake my hand”? Gombo replied with a puzzled look on his face. “Why do you want to shake my hand”? Gabriela could sense from Gombo’s response that shaking hands in Lupperland is not the done thing. With that Gabriela explained to Gombo that where she came from people shake hands when they meet for the first time and its also the first thing you do when you want to make friends with somebody. Now that Gombo had an explanation from Gabriela his puzzled look dissapeared and with a smile on his face he shock her hand. Although Gombo was happy to shake hands he still thought it him a strange and unusual thing to do.

Now that everybody was friends, Gombo invited Gabriela and Daddy to his house. The three of them headed out of the woods, until Gombo stopped and pointed out his car. “We can go the rest of the way in my car. Do you like my car its nice isn’t it”? Gabriela and Daddy looked at the car with concern but didn’t say anything. The reason for their concern was that the car was big enough to carry Gabriela and Gombo but Daddy was much to big.

Their concerns put aside they agreed with Gombo that it was a very nice car. As the

three of them approached the car Daddy thought it was best to bring up his concerns that he was far to big for the car. Gombo looked at Daddy and smiled. “Thats OK Philip I’ll tie you to the roof, I do that all the time when I give big people a lift”. Daddy and Gabriela were a bit concerned, but they went ahead with the travel arrangements all the same more out of politeness than anything.

With Daddy tied to the roof and Gabriela and Gombo in their seats the journey began. Daddy at first through fear kept his eyes closed but he eventually opened them when Gabriela opened her window and shouted up to Daddy. “Are you OK Daddy”? Daddy replied in a panic stricken voice after opening his eyes. “Yes Gabriela I’m fine, couldn’t be better loving every second”.

Throughout the journey Gabriela was fascinated by all the sights. Everything that she could see was so eye catching, the bright coloured buildings (each one a different colour); the clothes that the people were wearing; the strange things that appeared for sale in the shop windows. Every time that Gabriela noticed some thing wonderful or unusual she would shout up at Daddy. “Wow Daddy did you see that, isn’t that beautiful”? And so on. Daddy all though his eyes were open was focused more on not falling off the car roof than sight seeing. But each time he was asked by Gabriela he would agree with her


observations. “Oh yes dear your right so beautiful”.

When at last they reached their destination, Gabriela noticed Daddies loud sigh of relief. When Gombo untied Daddy from the roof of the car, Daddies hair looked funny it was all swept back. Gabriela thought it looked very funny and remarked that he looked like a troll.

Gombos house looked very beautiful it was bright orange with flowered curtains in the windows and a bright blue front door. In front of the house was a small but beautiful garden with bright coloured flowers and a wishing well.

After Gombo had given Gabriela and Daddy a moment to look at the front of the house, he polity interrupted them and led the way to the front door. Gombo knocked on the door three times and after a few seconds the door opened. The person that opened the door was a small woman with a friendly face. At first the woman who opened only noticed Gombo, a split second later she noticed Gabriela and Daddy which stopped her as she was about to speak. In order to break the silence Gombo made the introductions. “This is Gabriela and her Daddy they come from a place called England”. Now that Gombo had introduced Gabriela and Daddy, he introduced his wife to Gabriela and Daddy. “This is my lovely wife Rosebud”. Still in a state of shock Rosebud replied. “Please to meet you; please come in, watch your head mister”. The warning came to late as Daddy rubbed his head.

The inside of the house was just as impressive as the outside. The walls were adorned with bright flowered wallpaper, which hung photos and paintings. The

centre pice of the room was an inviting coal fire, which gave a cosy warmth to the whole room.

Although the house was perfect there was a problem for Daddy, the ceilings were very low and the furniture far to small for Daddy to sit on. So when they were invited to sit, Daddy opted to sit on the floor and thought it best not be to test the strength of the furniture.

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