Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 3

The Four new friends whiled away the afternoon talking, until a knock on the door interrupted their gathering. Gombo was the one who answered the door, standing on the door step was a very official looking gentlemen. Gombo knew straight away that the man had come from the Kings castle. The presence of such a man made Gombo very nervous, as he believed that he was in some sort of trouble. Gombo’s fears were relayed in his voice when he asked the man why he had knocked on his door. The man replied in a very stern and official sounding voice.

p6 “The King has been informed that you have two strangers in your home, and he would like you to bring them to his castle”. Gombo being a loyal citizen of Lupperland agreed without question or hesitation.

After the man left, Gombo told Gabriela and Daddy what the man had said and that they should leave as soon as possible because the king doesn’t like to be kept waiting. He also told them not to worry as no harm would come to them. As the the three of them left the house, Daddy asked Gombo how far away the castle was. “ Its not to far about two miles, why would you like to go by car again”? Daddy went quite for a moment, remembering with fear the last time he travelled by Gombo’s car. “No thank you thats quite alright, anyway its a beautiful day lets walk”.

As the three companions walked, the castle came into view from afar, it was a splendid sight Gabriela thought to herself. It was only when they got closer they could rarely see its true beauty and splender. When they arrived at the main enterence ( which was guarded by two men in uniform), Gombo informed them that they had been summed by the King. After entering the castle, they walked down a large passage way which opened out into a large court yard. After looking about at the size and beauty of the inner walls of the castle, they were interrupted by an official. “This way if you please the King is expecting you in the main hall”. When they reached the inter er of the castle they were led down a large corridor until they came to two doors. The official told them to wait outside, while he entered. A minute latter he emerged. “ The King is ready to receive you”. Gabriela, Daddy and Gombo composed themselves and walked through the open doors. When inside the great hall, Gabriela was spellbound by the beauty and splender of the place. The entire hall was beautifully adorned with portraits of former kings and Queens, there were banners and flags each different from the next, standing to attention throughout were gleaming suits of armer in truth it was everything that Gabriela had imagined a castles and great hall to be. As they made their way down the length of the hall in the dis-tense they could make out two people sitting on grand thrones.

When finally they came to a halt the identity of the two people became clear they were the King and Queen. Now that both parties could see each other clearly it was the official who broke the silence. “Your Majesties, I have the honer to present Miss Gabriela and her Father and your loyal subject Gombo who is the keeper of your forests”. After the introduction the King rouse from his throne and approached the three companions, he circled the three of them looking them up and down. After returning to his throne he sat down and cleared his throat and began to speck. “You two strange looking people. Why have you come to my Kingdom”? Gabriela and Daddy looked at each other, they weren’t sure how to answer or which one of them should answer. After a few moments of puzzled looks, Daddy replied. “Well your Majesty, our wardrobe brought us here”.

p7 Daddies reply puzzled the King, who wasn’t sure if what Daddy was saying was the truth or not. The King was also a bit confused by Daddies reply. “Whats that you say, your wardrobe brought you here. Thats impossible, do you mock me my good man”? Daddy could sense from the Kings voice that he was becoming angry with him. So Daddy replied in a much more calmer tone of voice. “Your Magi sty, I know its hard to believe what I am telling you but its the truth, I swear it”. The King put his finger to his lips and changed his gaze towards Gabriela, who smiled and nodded to confirm what Daddy had told him.

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