Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 4

Gabriela’s smile had put the King at ease, and to show a more friendly intent he invited the three companions to dine with himself and the Queen. Although he was now more friendly towards the strangers, he whispered to the Queen. “They seem like nice people, but I don’t believe them about the wardrobe and how they got here, I mean how could I”.

After the audience with the King came to a close, he rang for one of his servants to show his guests were they could freshen up. As they made their exit from the great hall the King informed them that Dinner would be served prompt at 8.PM.

After Gabriela, Daddy and Gombo had finished freshening up they were shown to the library, were they could relax until it was time to join the King for Dinner.

At 7.55, one of the Kings servants entered the library and attracted their attention. “Would you please follow me and I will escort you to the Kings dining room”. The three companions followed immediately. On reaching the dinning room they were shown directly to their seats. Before the servant retired he informed them that when the King and Queen entered they should stand and bow, and not take their seats again until the King and Queen have taken theirs.

When at last the King and queen entered the dinning room the companions did as they were instructed. The King and Queen were not alone, they had a young girl with them. After they had taken their seats, the King introduced the young girl. “It gives me great pleasure to present my daughter, the Princess Teresa”. The King instructed the Princess to sit next to Gabriela. Gabriela was pleased to be sitting next to the Princess, but she was a bit nervous. Gabriela was nervous because,

she was keen to talk to the Princess but was unsure weather she should start the conversation or not. The king could sense the unessyness in Gabriela, so he suggested to his daughter that she talk to Gabriela.

Now that the King had given his permission, it was Gabriela who began the conversation and the first question Gabriela asked was.

p8 “How old are you Your Highness”? The Princess turned towards Gabriela and smiled and said. “I am 7, years old and please call me Teresa”. The princess asked Gabriela the same question. “I am also 7. Are you sure its OK for me to call you Teresa”? In order to reassure Gabriela, the Princess checked with her father that it would be OK for Gabriela to call her Teresa. The King smiled in the direction of the two girls and said. “Yes that would be fine”.

Before the meal was served, everyone chattered to one another. Gariela and Teresa were so curious about each others world that they didn’t notice the first course being served. Gabriela was first to notice the soup in front of her, but when Teresa noticed the soup in front of herself the expression on her face changed to an unpleasant stir. Gabriela could see that Teresa’s mood had changed and like a good friend she enquired why. “Whats the matter Teresa, you don’t look to happy? Don’t you like soup”? Teresa turned to Gabriela, and replied. “Its not just the soup, all the food we eat in Lupperland is horrible”. Gabriela said nothing at first, she couldn’t work out weather or not it was only Teresa who felt this way or all of Lupperland. The answer she was looking for came quickly, when she noticed Daddies face screw up after he tasted the soup. Now that Gabriela had the answer she was looking for, she turned to Teresa for an explanation. “Teresa why dose all the food in Lupperland taste horrible? Doesn’t anybody know how to cook”? Although the second part of Gabriela’s question sounded rude, Teresa understood its meaning and was happy to answer. “No, its not that nobody knows how to cook, we have ate the same food for as long as anybody can remember”. Gabriela was amazed by Teresa’s answer, and was keen to learn more. “So what you eat, you have been eating for a long time? What I can’t understand is, if you don,t like the food why do you eat it. The reply that Teresa gave to Gabriela was both puzzling and shocking. “We eat this food because we have been told to”. At this stage the whole table was now focused on the two girls and their conversation. The answer that Teresa gave back to Gabriela was chilling. “You were told to by who”? Teresa was reluctant at first to answer, but she thought to herself that Gabriela is her friend and therefore maybe she could help. “Many many years ago the people from across the Purple sea, who are much wiser than us told use if we didn,t eat our food this way then Lupperland would dissapear forever”. This was the first time that Gabriela had heard about the people from across the Purple sea and was keen to learn more. The next question that she asked she hoped would get

p9 her more information about the people from across the Purple sea. “Teresa you must tell me everything, who these people are? What is their Kingdom called and why do you think they are so wise”? This time Teresa had know doughts about telling Gabriela everything, because now she believed that telling Gabriela and her Daddy everything felt like the

right thing to do. As Teresa began to think about what to say, she glanced at her father who smiled and nodded his approval. Now that she had her fathers approval she began to speak. “The people from across the Purple sea have lived there for a long a long time, ever since they were shipwrecked here. Their Kingdom is called Bleckland, its a dark dull place that resembles a permanent winter. As well as being wise they have always been able to do magic, from spells to flying from one place to another. That’s why the people of Lupperland fear them and would never dare cross the Purple sea”. Gabriela had listened to every word that Teresa had said with great interest. As Gabriela began to think about what Teresa had said, she began to have an idea what she believed the people of Blacklead were. In order to prove to herself her idea was correct about Bleckland, she took from her pocket a small book. The book was made up of pictures of fairytale cha rectors. Gabriela opened the book to a page that showed a witch and showed it to Teresa. “By chance, is this what somebody from Bleckland looks like”? Teresa stirred at the picture with a look of amazement on her face “Yes, that picture reminds me of what the people of Bleckland look like and dress”. Although the picture was clear proof for Teresa she was confused to know how Gabriela made the connection between the people of Bleckland and the picture in her book. “Gabriela, why do you think that the picture you have just shown me made you think of the people from Bleckland”. Gabriela was relieved by the question because now she could tell all she knew and help Teresa understand the true nature of a witch. “When you told me that that the people of Bleckland dress in black, can do magic and fly, these are some of the things that witches do. But when you explained to me that they told you to eat horrible food or Lupperland would dissapear, I knew for sure that they were witches”. Teresa was a bit confused, with the last thing that Gabriela told her about witches. “So what they told us about the horrible food makes them witches, I don’t understand”. Gabriela’s face changed to a blank expression, because now it came the moment that to tell Teresa what witches were really like. “Teresa, there is no dought they can do wonderful things like magic and fly but instead of using their gifts for good they use them to make people sad. What they told your people all them years ago about the horrible food is a perfect example of their evil doings”.

The King and Queen and Teresa all had a similar expression on their face’s, one of

p10 shock and amazement. The three of them looked at each other without saying a word, their need for silence was to absorb what they had just been told by Gabriela. When at last their silence was broken it was the King who spoke first. “In the morning my first act of business will be to issue a decree that will outlaw the practice of eating preparing horrible food and I don’t care about what Bleckland will do” After the King had finished speaking, he thanked Gabriela for her information about the witch’s. Just after he finished speaking, he put his hands to his face as a sign that he had forgotten something important and he had. The thing that he had forgotten was, that Lupperland had been eating horrible food for so long, he was sure that nobody new how to prepare any other type of food. After the King had explained his dilemma, Gabriela smiled and said. “Your Majesty, don’t be alarmed myself and my Daddy would be more than happy to assist in suggesting new recipes for your people to try. But the first thing we must do is learn what type of food you have been eating until now. What is also important is that you don’t ban the horrible food until your people know how to make nice food”.

Gabriela and Daddy were invited to spend the night at the castle. It was at least the King could do in the wake of Gabriela’s enlightenment about the true nature of the people of Bleckland.

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