Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 5

The next morning Gabriela was awoken by one of the Kings servants, and was informed that breakfast would be served in one hour. As Gabriela made her way to the dining room she felt very hungry, but then she recalled the eating habits of the people of Lupperland at which she began to dread the upcoming meal. When Gabriela reached the Kings dining room, she was seated next to her Daddy. Gabriela noticed the look on Daddies face when she sat down, it was smiler to her own when she recalled the eating habits of Lupperland.

Just then the King, Queen and Teresa entered the room and took their places. The King enquired if Gabriela and Daddy had slept well at which the both replied. “Yes thank you, very well”. The King then spoke further. “In the light of what we have learnt from our new friends, I have decided that Gabriela and her father will advise us on what would consist of a tasty and wholesome breakfast”. Well as you can imagine this instantly changed the mood of both Gabriela and Daddy. Daddy instructed Gabriela to be their Gabriela thought for a moment, and then she spoke. “Your Majesty, could you please send for your cook”. The King did as he was asked. When the cook entered the room he had a worried look on his face. The King noticed his worried expression and reassured him that all was well. The King instructed the cook to follow Gabriela’s directions.

p11 “Do you have in your kitchen bread, butter and jam, and do you know how to make a cup of tea”? The cook thought for a few seconds. “Yes we have all these things and I do know how to make tea. I will fetch these items right away”.

When the cook returned he was accompanied by three servants, each one carrying the items that Gabriela requested. They layed the items in front of Gabriela, bowed then retreated. Gabriela then stood up, and began to explain how tasty a breakfast the items in front of her could make. After Gabriela had finished speaking, she began to prepare the food. She began by buttering the toast and then she picked up the jam and opened it, for some reason before using it she smelt it. To her horror, the jar didn’t smell of just stew berries alone but had a strong smell of beetroot. Gabriela’s mood changed instantly from enthusiasm to shock. “Your Majesty, this jam has a strong smell of beetroot which is a vegetable not a fruit”. The King nodded and gave a sympathetic smile, then he replied to Gabriela’s enquiry. “I have been eating it all my life”. Based on the Kings response, Gabriela suddenly realised what the people of Lupperland had enjored for such a long time. Now she was truly beginning to understand their plight, she demonstrated her new found understanding by asking. “I assume you don,t put sugar in your tea, but salt”? The King smiled and nodded in agreement.

For breckfast that day, Gabriela suggested tea with sugger and toast with just butter. The breckfast although very simple, was the tastiest meal the King, Queen and Teresa had ever tasted.

After breakfast Gabriela and Daddy, began the task of changing the eating habits of Lupperland. The King made available to them a large room with a table and some chairs and everything else they would need. Gabriela suggested to Daddy, that it would be a good idea to speak the Kings cook first. He was shown into the room by a servant and invited to sit by Gabriela. Gabriela arranged her note pad and pen before turning her attention towards the cook. “Can you give me examples of the type of food you have been serving the King, for example on a weekly basis”? The cook spoke immediately as though he was relieved to be shearing a burden. “Well as you have already observed at breakfast, we serve jam flavoured with stew berries and beetroot; to flavour our tea or coffee we add salt. If you prefer a cold drink with your breakfast there is always the option of chilled water flavoured with mustard”. Gabriela and Daddy both winced together at the same time when they heard (chilled water flavoured with mustard).

Gabriela dared not ask what a typical lunch menu consisted of, but because she had promised to investigate the problem and so to be consistent she asked.

p12 “Can you tell me what a typical lunch menu consists of”? The cook thought for a few seconds in order to gather a set menu in his mind before speaking. “Well for example on a Tuesday, I would begin with a soup flavoured with onions, apples and bananas seasoned with pepper and sugar. For a main course, I would serve sugar burgers and chips with a side order of custard, well you do have to have something to dip your chips in”. Gabriela noticed that the cook didn’t mention desert, and so she enquired why. “I noticed that you didn’t mention desert, is there a reason why”? The cook was a bit reluctant to answer, Gabriela could tell by his body language that the question seemed to embarrassed him. After a moments pause to gather himself he replied. “Well after the first two course’s have been served, nobody ever wants desert; I never could work out why”. The cooks answer brought a smile to both the face’s of Gabriela and Daddy, but it was a smile that they both tried to conceal as not to disturb the seriousness of the proceedings. After Gabriela had absorbed what the cook had told her, she turned to Daddy and whispered in his ear. “I think that what we have heard enough, I don’t think that we need to speak to anybody else. It is obvious that the eating habits of Lupperland need to change completely and as soon as possible”.

That afternoon Gabriela and Daddy gave their report to the King and suggested that they write a series of new cookery books to be given out to all the people of Lupperland as soon as possible.

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