Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 6

Throughout that day what Gabriela and Daddy were unaware of, was that they

were being watched. The person watching them was not doing so out of correosity, or for their well being, but for evil reasons. The person watching them was a spy for Bleckland, this was no ordinary spy because he was one of the Kings closest friends

and advisors.

What nobody in Lupperland had ever discovered, was for generations members of the same family had been spying for Blacklead. The name of this spy was Brogan Gromfold, but to his masters in Bleckland he is known by his real name Gilbert Rateye.

When the cookery books were completed and published they were handed out to everyone free of charge. After a few days, which gave the people ample time to read and understand the new recipe books, Gabriela and Daddy opened a cookery school. Everybody was so excited about the new school, they were so egar to create tasty food. All the people in the Kingdom joined the school, even the King and Queen and Teresa.

Now that everybody was so busy with the cookery school, they were distracted. This

p13 distraction gave Gromfold the perfect opportunity to cross the Purple sea and tell all to his masters in Bleckland.

When darkness fell on probebly the greatest day in Lupperland history, the day that food began to taste nice all was quite. Gromfold, being at the centre of everything in Lupperland new that this night was a perfect night to cross the Purple sea to Bleckland.

Gromfold left home when he was sure that all was quite. He got into his car and drove down to the dock, at the dock a small sailing boat was waiting. The journey took Gromfold about two hours. When at last he reached Bleckland, he carefully moored his boat. As he stepped foot on land, he was challenged by one of the soldiers guarding the port. This would be a minor inconvenience, as Gromfold had the password. The guard was satisfied when Gromfold gave him the secret password; bolid rats tails. Now that the guard was satisfied, two more gaurds escorted Gromfold to the castle. The castle was the home of Myrtle the Mean the Queen of Bleckland.

The castle was everything that Lupperland castle wasn’t, it was dark and cold with no hint of colour. The smell in the air was damp, with an odour of rotting would. It was the type of place that made you believe that this place was once beautiful, but no not this place, because this place has always been as you see it now.

At last Gromfold was face to face with Myrtle the mean, who was a tall slender woman, with black hair and black piercing eyes with pale skin.

Although Gromfold was her spy and was loyal to her, he still feared being so close to her. Myrtle the Mean, wasn’t called mean for nothing, she could punish you in a second for the slightest thing; such as coughing or sneezing while she was speaking or telling her something she didn’t want to hear. Now Gromfold was standing in front of her, with the knowing that the news he brought was bad.

Gromfold stood perfectly still in front of the Queen, he gazed down towards his feet, he was to skird to look the Queen in the eye. At last the moment Gromfold dreaded, as the Queen broke the silence in her usual grachey tone. “Well Rateye, what news have you for me from that land of fools Lupperland”? Now that the Queen had asked him a direct question there was know hiding place for Gromfold, a fact he knew only to well. This made him fear to speak, and at the same time he feared not speaking. Balancing the two options he feared not speaking more.

When eventually he did speak his voice was quite and uncertain. “There has been a big change in Lupperland, someone has shown them the secret to eating tasty food”. The Queen was silent but her face gave away her true feelings at hearing the news. When at last she spoke, her words rained out like thunder. “What do you mean, someone has shown them the secret of eating tasty food. How dare they go against my will and the will of my ancestors”.

p14 With the Queens response being so full of rage, Gromfold feared the worst. To his suprize and relief she didn’t vent her anger towards him, she was more interested as to why things had suddenly changed in Lupperland. To Gromfolds relief the Queen now spoke to him in a calm and collective manner. “Who is responsible for this change”? Gromfolds response came much easier and confident, now that the Queen had calmed down. “There are two people responsible, a father and his daughter”. The Queen was both puzzled and intrigued by Gromfolds explanation. “How can this be that the whole kingdom would listen to two people? What is so special about these two people? I know that the people in Lupperland are not that clever, but surely not even they are stupid enough to be influenced by two people and change over night the way they have always done things. How can this be possible”?

Gromfold didn’t have all the answers that the Queen was looking for, but he was keen to answer the Queen the best way that he could. “Your Majesty, I’m not entirely sure why the whole Kingdom were so willing to change so suddenly. The only reason that I can think of is, the special nature of the two people who began the whole episode”. The Queens focus was now redirected solely on the two strangers. “What can you tell me about these strangers, such as where do they come from, what are they like”? Gromfold now felt completely safe from the Queens raf, because now her need had changed from vengeance to information. “Well your Majesty, the father is very ordinary, it appears that his sole existence is to care for his daughter. On the other hand his daughter is a very clever child for her age. It was her insight into tasty food that first began the change in the Kingdom”. The Queen was now focused on every word that Gromfold spoke. From what Gromfold had told her, she had identified Gabriela as the danger and could be be the one person would could destroy the influence Bleckland had always had over Lupperland.

There was now silence between herself and Gromfold. The Queen was now deep in thought about what she had heard and most important her conclusions about Gabriela. When next she spoke, it was to dismiss Gromfold. “You have done well Rateye, now go back to Lupperland and await further instructions”.

As Gromfold made his way back to his boat, he did so with a strong sense of relief. He knew that not many people have survived giving bad news to Myrtle the Mean and lived to tell the tale. As he thought further about his good fortune, he began to be come confused about its true nature. It was a well known fact that Myrtle the Mean could turn on a person for the slightest reason. With this in mind, Gromfold began to wonder if there was another reason why he was speared the Queens raf. The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that Myrtle the Mean had been distracted by

p15 something only she knew.

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