Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 7

Gromfold was correct, the Queen was distracted by something only she knew. What know one in Bleckland, except for the Queen was the exsistance of a prophecy that foretold a great change in the power and influence Bleckland had over the Kingdom of Lupperland.

That night long after Gromfold had left, the Queen retreated to a secret chamber in her castle so secret that only she knew about it. The true nature of this room, held all the secrets of Bleckland. Once in the room she set about examining the prophecy. On reading the prophecy, her worst fears were confirmed. The two strangers in Lupperland, spelt the wind of change for Bleckland.

The prophecy was known as the Black diamond letter. The letter was written 1500, years ago by the wisest of all Blecklands rulers, King Clive the Clever. As well as being clever, the King had the gift of sight, which meant he could predict the future.

The Black Diamond letter predicted that. “A time will be upon the two lands, born from a tree in a forest. The children of that Birth will be a father and his daughter. They will have come from a land called England. The daughter is much a child but with the mind of the wise and it will be her wisdom that will change both Kingdoms forever”.

After reading the Black Diamond Prophecy, the Queen retired to her bed chamber and slept an uneasy sleep. The next morning, when the Queen awoke her mind was still consumed. After she had her breakfast, she spent the rest of the morning in solitude, so she could ponder what to do about the strangers in Lupperland.

After a few hours of contemplation, the Queen decided there was only one option

open to her. That would be to see Gabriela and her Daddy for herself.

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