Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 8

Myrtle the Mean, knew that she couldn’t just go to Lupperland her mere presents there would course wide spread panic and fear and therefore all that she needed to see would be hidden from her. So therefore in order to make her plan work, she would make use of Blecklands most treasured possession; MAGIC.

After she was sure about her plan of action, she sent for her chief Witch Nelly the Spellbound. Nelly was the only person in Bleckland who didn’t fear Myrtle, because she had helped raise her and therefore was like a second mother to her. When Nelly arrived, she greeted Myrtle not with the usual Your Majesty but with a pet name she had called her since childhood; My little Black Rose Bud.


Myrtle was always at ease in Nellie company, and greeted her accordinally. “Good morning Nelly, I have great need of your magic skills”. Nelly was always happy to be of service to Myrtle. “Yes my little Black Rose Bud, what can I do for you”? Before Myrtle told Nelly what she wanted, she explained to Nelly about what was happening in Lupperland. The one thing that Myrtle didn’t tell her, was about the Black Diamond Prophecy, that was something for her eyes only.

After Myrtle had explained everything to Nelly, the two women retreated to Nellie spell chamber. Nellie spell chamber was like a show case for magic. Every space within the room was occupied, there were cages holding Rats, Snakes and giant Spiders. One part of the room was dedicated to spell books. The main focus of the room, was a large fire with a cauldron of bulbing liquid, were now and then bright colours would shout out the top. Dissipate all that was on view, the most notable feature was the smell. The smell was so foul, that if you or I entered that room we would faint from the moment the smell first reached or nose.

On entering the room Nelly got to work straight away, and after a few minutes she produced a vile containing a green liquid. Before handing the vile to Myrtle, she set about explaining to Myrtle the do’s and don’t s of the potion. “This is for you my little Black Rose Bud. This potion will render you invisible for three days. Then after three days to the second, you will be come viable again”.

After receiving the vile from Nelly, Myrtle thanked her and made her way to her council chamber. When she arrived, she ordered the council to attend her at once. When the council were all assembled and they had took their places they immediately gave their full attention to Myrtle.

Now that everyone in the room had fixed their gaze on Myrtle, she began to speak. “I bring you news of troubled times, it has come to my attention that the people of Lupperland have been shown how to make and eat tasty food. This change has been brought about by two strangers who hail from a place called England. I have therefore

decided that I will travel to Lupperland and see what is happening for myself. While I am gone you will govern my Kingdom. I will be absent for no more that three days; that is all , you are all dismissed”.

When the council chamber had emptied, Myrtle consumed the vile and in the instance the last drop of potion was consumed Myrtle could no longer be seen. Now that Myrtle was invisible, she made her way outside her castle mounted her broom stick and began her flight to Lupperland.

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