Daddy and Gabriela’s adventures in Lupperland

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Chapter 9

During her flight to Lupperland, Myrtle realised that she had very little knowledge of its topography. With this in mind she came to the logical conclusion, that she would need a guide and who better a guide could she employ than that turncoat Rateye. Better known in Lupperland as Gromfold.

When Mertle finally arrived in Lupperland the sun was just raising. As she made her way to Gromfolds house, she began to take stock of how beautiful Lupperland was. The sun coming up illuminated the bright colours of green grass, all colours of flowers. Not far from the centre of town, were Gromfold lived, she was consumed by the different coloured homes and buildings. The sights that her eyes had befell, stirred feelings within her that she had never felt before.

When at last she had arrived at Gromfolds home, she knocked at the door and gave the secret password. “Boiled Rats Tails”. When Gromfold heard the password he was convinced that at last word had been sent from Bleckland. When he opened the door, to his surprise there was know one there. Just as he was about to close the door he couldn’t, an invisible force was stopping him. Then suddenly, a voice accompanied the invisible force holding the door open. “Rateye, don,t be alarmed it is I your Queen I have great need of your assistance”. In an instance Gromfold recognised the voice and was put at his ease, but it was an uneasy ease because he recognised the voice it was Myrtle the Mean.

When the two of them entered the house and made themselves comfortable, the Queen set about explaining exactly what she needed from Gromfold. “I have rendered myself invisible, so I can move among the people of Lupperland without causing alarm. What I need from you, is to get me close to the two strangers so I can find out first hand whom and what I am dealing with”. Before answering the Queen, Gromfold waited to be sure the Queen had finished speaking because he could not see her, he couldn’t read her body Language. When he was sure that she had finished speaking, he began to speak. “You are fortunate that you chose today for your visit, because latter on there will be a celebration at the castle to honour Gabriela and her Daddy for their guidance in teaching the people how to prepare tasty food”.

Latter that day Gromfold and his ivisable companion made their way to the castle for the reception. As the entered the reception room, the Queen spoke in a whisper to

Gromfold to take her near to the strangers. Gabriela and Daddy were deep in conversation with the King and the Queen, unaware that their every word was being listened to by a very interested party. The topic of the conversation was about Gabriela’s life in England, by the look on the King and Queens face they found it fascinating. Gabriela spoke in great depth about her school and the things that she had learnt, about her family and friends and how special they are to her.

Myrtle was not just interested in what she said, but how she said it everything about this child was of interest to her.


After spending an hour listening to Gabriela, Myrtle retreated and began to move around the other guests. She did this not because she was board with Gabriela, on the contrary she wanted to listen and gage what the people of Lupperland truly thought of Gabriela and her Daddy. What she heard both distressed and amazed her, the majority opinion was that the appearance of Gabriela and her father signalled a new and fresh beginning for Lupperland and in time would free them from the power that Bleckland had always had over them. This majority opinion was something that needed to be examined more. So with this in mind, Myrtle instructed Gromfold to find out more details from the guests. What Myrtle was interested in was how they believed this great change would come about.

Gromfold did as he was asked and moved around the hall asking questions of the guests. Gromfold had know problem getting people to be frank and honest with him, after all he was the Kings chief advisor and closest friend. The people that gromfold spoke to felt honoured to be speaking to such a distinguished person as Gromfold. The answers that he received were very enlightening, the consensus of opinion was that Gabriela and her father would help guide Lupperland into a bright future. The people that Gromfold spoke to believed that the presence of Gabriela and her father in Lupperland would inspire a better education, no more fearing the influence of bleckland and most of all they would never again have to eat horrible food.

When Gromfold was satisfied that he had heard enough, he made his way to a pre-arranged spot in the hall and waited to be approached by Myrtle. When Myrtle arrived and made her self known to Gromfold, she told him that it wasn’t safe to speak here, it would be safer to speak in his home. When they arrived back at Gromfolds home, the Queen was anxious to learn what Gromfold had been told. Gromfold replied to her request in a skird and nervous voice. “Your Majesty there were three main points that I picked up which are; a better education which would make the people of Lupperland more enlightened, no more fear of the threat from Bleckland and that the people of Lupperland would be able to enjoy their food forever”. If the Queen was angered by what Gromfold had told her there was no way to know because her response was silent and also because she was still invisible he couldn’t read her facial expression. When at last she did speak, it wasn’t to vent her anger, but to inform Gromfold that she had heard enough and would return to Bleckland immediately.

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