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A true miracle

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The Daniels family are a happy family. Noah and Giselle have two kids. Link and Zelda. Everything is going fine and they are living the life’s. When they wake up to there daughter yelling and screaming of pain. Too soon relize that she has a disease that has no cure and that’s she’s slowly dying. But one day when link and Zelda. Climb a tree they have always climbed since they where little little. They get to the top of the tree and Zelda falls in the tree. When link runs in to get Noah and Giselle. Noah finds Zelda red panda stuffed animal in the tree. He startes to panic and sits at the tree crying. Soon they get her out of the tree and falling from it cured her.

Children / Horror
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The Daniels family.

“Daddy!!! Watch me!!!”

“I’m watching sweetie!”

That was my daughter yelling at me. I’m a father of 2 kids. My beautiful son and daughter, Link and Zelda. And my beautiful wife, Giselle.

My name is Noah, Noah Daniels. And we are they Daniels family. We have a long long long back story.

I’m came her today to share a story. A story about how my little girl, Zelda. Almost lost her life. How we almost lost her. Our daughter. Our baby girl.

I always knew, I love Giselle. I alway knew I would marry her. I always knew we would have our two kids. I always knew I would love them very much.

But. I’m writing about this time because, I always knew I was ganna be a father. But I never knew. That I was ganna be. So, protective. Of my children.

I always knew I would protect them. No matter what. But, me. As a father. I love my two children. And my wife very much. The worst feeling when you have two kids.

Is losing one of them or both.

So I would like to share our story. About a beautiful girl. Who was in pain. And wanted too die. Just for it too be over.

But, how something changed that all.

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