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Two birds in one stone

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This story is of a young girl. Her aims are unknown to everyone she intends to live a good life.since she hate poverty she decides to play with the minds of two young boy.will her plans workout or she will fail .find out in the story

Luvvy waridi
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Chapter 1

"waridi don't forget your lunch box.""ok mum."Hi everyone welcome to my crazy world.Ever since I grew up have always had trouble with my life style.

My heart hates poverty yet that is the life I am living ever since I was born. I just find it hard to tolerate the fact that am born in a humble background.

To be a little sincere who doesn't enjoy being rich.Getting everything you can imagine and even tolerating humans. Ever since my childhood have always dreamt of a way to make all those dreams come true but some times it was just hard .

Good thing am not the only one who desires such a life. I have a great friend of mine who is exactly like me.To be sincere if you find us talking you might end up thinking that she is my twin sister.

Today we will be meeting up to discuss a way to get our dreams to reality.We want to find the perfect solution to our huge problem. Don't worry we are willing to do anything to get raid of poverty.

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