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Genevieve Laurent- The Emerald Eyed Lady

Belladonna’s body.

Her beautiful eyes, empty of even a spark of light.

It was all Odette could see in her mind as Saint Garnier spoke, continuing the confessions; half of the citizens this evening, half of them tomorrow. Odette would confess in the later, which she was only slightly grateful for.

The young woman’s train of th was quickly put to a stop as she turned back to the front, where the Pope sighed as he dismissed the citizens,

”You may leave. Go home and think about what sins you have committed. Ask for forgiveness, pray, and read the holy words of Christ. Know what happens of you do not…” his brown eyes shifted to the Lavigne woman, whom floated in the holy water, her pouty lips slightly parted.

”Have a wonderful, holy evening everybody.” A disgusting smirk stretched across Felix Garnier’s pale face.

With that, everybody stood; Odette let out the breath that she hadn’t known she was holding as they bowed to the Pope, then began to scamper out of their seats. The youngest Lavigne daughter hesitantly shot one last gaze at her sister before clenching her purse in her hands and tucking a red curl behind her ear. She started to leave the main church building, staring down at the expensive fabric of her floor-length gown. Upon leaving, Odette noticed Genevieve Laurent approaching her, the white dress flowing around her ankles as she walked.

Genevieve, or simply Gene, had been a dear friend of the Lavigne’s since her and Odette were about the same age, Gene being only a year her senior. The young red-head paused in her tracks and waited for her childhood friend.

“Miss Lavigne? May I talk to you for a moment?“, Genevieve said, her voice sounding soft. There was no hint of sarcasm or mockery in it like there usually was,

“I’m terrible sorry about what just happened, of you should ever need anything, know that my doors will always be open for you. I know it won’t bring your dear sister back, but... I’m hoping to offer at least a small amount of comfort to you.” she smiled, her green eyes crinkling at the edges.

Odette Lavigne twirled around to face Genevieve, her gorgeous face now blotchy and tearful,

“Thank….thank you, Darling. I greatly appreciate your kind words.” She whispered, her tone velvety and like silk. Genevieve was quite kind once you got past her snarky exterior; she was one of the few people whom Odette never felt ever so lonely around. The young, emerald-eyed lady put a hand on the redhead’s shoulder, attempting to bring her some kind of comfort,

“Of course. If you or your family should ever need anything, let me know. I’ll make sure you will have everything you need. No matter what”, she replied, her voice still soft as fleece, as a sympathetic smile spread across her lips. Gene laid a hand on her shoulder; she cared for Odette, and wanted her to know that someone was there for her during these agonizing times. After all, she’d known the alluring woman to be lonely, isolated from this world by her own parents. Why that was, she did not know.

Genevieve’s soft touch brought a small spark of comfort to Odette. She nodded, mouthing her thanks. Before the young woman could stop herself she hugged her dark-haired friend, squeezing her quite tightly. Odette’s blue eyes widened when she realized what she had just done, she hastily pulled away,

“My apologies.” She coughed, brushing the invisible dirt from her exquisite crimson gown. Her porcelain-like cheeks were ever so slightly flushed with embarrassment.

Genevieve was surprised to say the least. She hadn’t expected Odette to hug her, but she was glad she had. No one could blame a grieving girl for showing affection towards a friend...even in public. Even the Pope would have to understand if he happened to see them. The dark-haired woman embraced Odette in return, holding her close to herself and hoping that if she just hugged her tightly enough, she could somehow take away the red-head’s grief. No matter how foolish it was, she hoped with all her heart she could. But unfortunately she couldn’t.

“It’s okay, I do not mind”, Genevieve assured as the young lady pulled away from the hug, suddenly seeming shocked about her actions.

Odette Lavigne was quite shocked that Genevieve had hugged her in return and hadn’t simply pushed her away in surprise or disgust,

“Are you sure? It was not my intention if I caused you discomfort.” the tantalizing young woman had never gotten much affection from anybody, despite being one of the most well-know, wealthy, and head-turning people in her city. She was deeply loved by those around her...yet, also unloved as well. Odette stared into Gene's eyes, the same hue as the emeralds in the caves. She had always found her childhood friend pretty, even when they were just little girls.

She had been disgusted by the thoughts, ashamed of her attraction to another lady. The red-headed girl was told to marry a man and only a man, despite butterflies only fluttering in her stomach when she gazed at another woman. It was a sin, they said, and she would be condemned to eternity in the Underworld.

Odette only imagined Hell was beautiful though: her firey hair blending in with the scorching flames as she walked about the red surface, chattering with those around her who had also been thrown into the pits of Hell. It sounded pleasant, despite the torture the church had told her she would receive. There was no torture in her mind, only freedom.

The Underworld was beautiful doom, really.

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