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Stolen moments, midnight kisses, illicit meetings, night time frolics, dancefloor altercations and more

Drama / Romance
Billy Rake
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Back in The Game

Kimberley’s on her own tonight, which is a turn up for the books. We’ve got used to seeing her with Vince, the two of them making a pretty pair in the bars and clubs round town. But he’s gone, off on his travels somewhere. She’s not happy about it. He could have taken her with him, that’s what she’s saying. But he hasn’t. And, as a result of that, she’s not exactly planning to behave like a nun while he’s gone.

Which all sounds good from where we’re standing.

Not that she’s ever behaved like a nun. I know Kimberley Fox of old, of course. I was at college with her. She stood out, there was no question about that. She’d swan around in her mini skirts and little tops, long blonde hair hanging loose, getting into trouble wherever she went. The only time she wasn’t being ravished by a likely lad or other was when she was in detention, or in a fight on the bit of grass outside the gates with some boy’s jealous girlfriend. Those incidents made me smile. We’d make sure we were there to catch every move she made. So did everyone else.

She hasn’t changed much. She certainly looks as good as ever on her first night solo. All the boys’ heads turn when she waltzes into The Crown, hair long and sleek, back from her high, smooth forehead, in a little red summer top, black mini and stilettos. We all look at each other, nod in appreciation. Everyone’s thinking the same. What could I do with half an hour with that? She loves it. You can tell by the knowing smile on her hot little face.

She goes up to the bar and joins the rest of her gang of hooligan girls. They’re all there, Rebecca and Debs and Maria and the rest. I see them most nights in here. They’ve virtually adopted me as a mascot, one of their boys about town, an honorary member of their gang.

“So what’s happening?” says Debs laughing.

“He’s gone,” says Kimberley. “On his travels.”

“Sounds good,” says Debs. “You can do what you want now. He’ll never find out.”

“True,” says Kimberley. She smiles a wicked smile. “When better time to start than now. What are we doing later?”

“Now that’s where you’re talking,” says Debs. “There’s a party on later. At one of those big houses on the new estate. There’ll be totty coming out of the walls.”

“Count me in,” says Kimberley. “I could do with some of that. Some red hot totty to give me some tender loving care. Just what a bird like me needs.”

She smiles and colours up a little at the thought, which suits her, I do have to say. Half an hour with her? I’m up for it.

We all go to the party. They stand and have a laugh and a joke and another drink. Then they head off down the street, me in tow. They’re singing loudly, “I want candy” which was on the jukebox. They go to a few bars, flirt mercilessly with some boys, and then make their way to the party.

It’s further than they thought, in their stilettos, but they get there in the end. They walk up the driveway and are soon let in. As soon as they go through the door, Kimberley’s eyes light up. She can see what Debs means. There are boys everywhere, all of them eligible, all with floppy haircuts and cheekbones that could cut. They notice her as soon as she walks in, eyes filled with desire and comments made here and there. She smiles that smile. She can take her pick of the selection in front of her tonight and she knows it.

The first thing they do is go to the kitchen, get some supplies of alcohol. A few seconds later, they’re on their way to the lounge, a bottle of wine each in their hands. The scene that greets them is even better. The music’s loud and everyone’s dancing. They’re in a state of undress, boys in their boxers, girls in bikinis. The girls aren’t going to be outdone. Debs suddenly rips off her top and then her skirt. The rest of them follow suit.

They dance round for a while, Kimberley drinking from her bottle of wine, enjoying the attention she’s getting. But she’s not on her own for long. There’s a blonde guy standing in the corner who has his eyes firmly fixed on her as she pushes her boobs out, thrusts her hips and throws her hair around. She spotted him as well. He’s just the sort she could see herself going for.

She manoeuvres her way across the lounge until she’s in front of him. She looks him in the eye, throws her hair back, licks her lips. He has a smile on his face and a bulge in his boxers. I can see it from here. I don’t blame him either. If Kimberley Fox was looking at me like that, I’d be fired up as well. It doesn’t take them long to get together. She gets close to him and he puts his arms round her waist. She puts her lips to his and they stand there kissing for what seems like ages.

I know who the boy is. His name’s Nathan and Maria’s had the hots for him for a while. She won’t take kindly to Kimberley getting in first. And she doesn’t take prisoners. But Kimberley’s not caring about that right now. All she wants is her wicked way.

It doesn’t take her long to take him by the hand and lead him to the stairs. We don’t see her again tonight. We hear all about it the following lunchtime, though. Kimberley’s got a huge smile on her face when she tells us all the details, sitting in the pub. It’s a night of passion par excellence. They quickly get naked and he covers her with kisses from head to toe, hands going everywhere and making love to her like the stallion she knew he was. It lasts all night. She keeps her stilettos on for him, he said he likes that, it makes things more fun. That makes her laugh out loud, she loves it.

She has an instant camera with her as well. And she says she knows how to use it. She’s taken pics of him, in all his prime cut glory, and she’s going to file them away for future reference. He took some of her as well. He says they’ll brighten up cold, winter nights. That makes her smile.

Maria’s not happy though. I knew she wouldn’t be.

“So you got with Nathan,” she says.

“That’s right.”

“You little bitch. Playboy of the year. I’ve been after him for ages.”

“I didn’t know, Maria.”

“I bet you didn’t. You’d better watch your step in future. Or we’ll be having words.”

Kimberley’s face drops when she says this. There’ll be trouble ahead. And she knows it.

But that’s for the future. For now, all that matters is that she’s broken free from Vince and is having her own fun. She plans to do more of it, play the field as much as she can and, from the look of it, she’ll have plenty of opportunity.

For the rest of us, it’s simpler than that. Kimberley Fox is back on the scene. And we’re going to make the most of it.

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