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Miracle by ALLAH

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I am lying in hospital as I am dying due to an car accident and praying to Allah after the sin I did of three abortion I tried and did all I could to repent even saved the kids of my husband’s second wife whereas my husband Arshad shamelessly showed me in my pregnancy my place in his life when he gave me stress enough that I miscarried that will I leave this world with an empty heart with no one to love fully only me ?? What was my fault ? That I trusted my best friend so much that I married him or that I wanted to establish my career first or was it that I was his colleague whereas his second wife was eight years younger to him hence a more desirable female to him ?? What was my fault other then the abortions ?? Is it true that a girl should never trust a man enough ?? Why god why? I went unconscious and when I regained my consciousness I was sleeping on my bed and it’s the day of my and Arshad’s nikkah !! What’s this happening ?? Yaa Allah!!

Drama / Fantasy
Seher ali
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Miracle by ALLAH

Sofia’s POV

I suffered a severe collision with a lorry and is in critical condition waiting to die to end my miserable life and praying to Allah to keep the love of my life Arshad safe .

He is having a banquet at his home in Karachi with his second wife Isha to welcome their twins and i am in Dubai alone . I just have memories of my two unborn kids whom i aborted for my career and one still born daughter whom Allah took back in full term .

I have no where to go except to go to Allah and ask him why me only ?? If i had aborted two of my kids didnt i repented by saving my husband’s second wife and her kids when she was on road side about to deliver ??

Why did i had to loose all my daughter my husband my so called family and my happiness and that young second wife of his have all ?? Her being orphan and suffering till 17 years of her age wasn’t my fault then why she had everything which was mine before she could turn twenty ??

My husband whom i trusted more then Allah ?? Its my fault i think that i trusted him too much even after knowing male nature of lust . Obviously he will be interested in a 17 year old girl 8 years younger then him as compared to a girl who has same age as him ??

Had given a chance i would never marry him or marry him on conditions and never trust him at all as he showed his true colours to me in my pregnancy !! I gave his Isha a choice either she leaves him or i will disappear with him never able to see his child even after he said “ No matter what you do . I . Will . Never . Leave . Her “ .I knew then and there that he never loved me at all because had he ever loved me he wouldnt have fallen in love with another female . He says he loves us both but no one can love two persons at a time its a fluke which men use to fool us women and he proved it ..

When Isha was absent he was like a dead man walking n harsh and arrogant to me and now its been 35 days since i left he knows where i am but he never tries to come to me infact must be enjoying his young wifes intimacy which he did when i was shocked on knowing about his second wife ! For three days straight he never for once left her room and even had the audacity to bring her to my room our room in my absense .. I wonder had they been having sex on my bed too behind my back ?? I now know his best friend Adil supported and helped him in hiding Isha’s truth from family and me otherwise i would have caught him much earlier !! I never suspected him when i caught him giving her rides to and fro from college or them having meals together or he always defending her or him buying expenssive dresses for her as i thought he is doing it in goodwill to help a poor orphan girl !! But i know now in facade of orphan and an loyal husband they both are leeches and they both along with Adil sucked my life out of me !!

Still i did my part and when i found Isha in labour pains on road in Islamabad all alone i handled her delivery in a nearby house with a old lady and her and Arshads twins were born. Although i was the one who birthed the twins i cant forget the alkegations Arshad put on me on reaching hospital. He said i hated his flesh and blood hence let Isha to go.When reports came according to me i was the only Mrs. Arshad Malik how would i know and had i known Isha was also pregnant i would have left with my unborn child atleast i wouldnt have suffered the miscarriage due to stress given to me by Arshad’s indifference. Is he as robotic with Isha in my absense as he was with me in Isha’s absense ?? I know the answere is no as is evident from his social media accounts where daily he uploads lovey dovey pics of their family of four . I curse you Arshad the way you destroyed my life for your lust and infactuation with me as you never truly loved me as had you ever loved me you would have tried to communicate with me instead of loving anothef woman and calling it unintentional .

I am not a fool . I understand now that Arshad never loved me truly and hence i have no duas left for him and his wretched family . How i would love to see them all miserable but i know i dying and they will live a long happy and healthy life .

I curse you Adil may you too suffer and feel the loss of your love the way i am feeling .

I cant even curse you Arshad as i love you too much but if i get another chance to live my life from scratch i would never ever marry you at all .

And Isha you are and you will always be a homewreaker for me .. I curse you to never have any fullfillment and happiness in your life . The way you snatched all from me even after knowing that Arshad is married to me and how much i love him still you trapped him in your love !! I just want Allah to make you go through what you made me suffer and like you made my beautifull life which was full of roses a bed of thorns may your life also be a bed of thorns ..

Yaa Allah Apne Rasool Ke Sadque Mein Mujhe Ek Mauka Ada Kar Jissey Mein Sukoon Ke Saath Jannat Ya Jahannum Jayun Jab Bhi Jayun Kyunki Abhi Agar Mein Mar Gayi To Mujhpar Sitam Karne Wale Hamesha Sukoon Aur Khushi Ke Saath Rahenge !! Kya Yeah Meri Taufiq Ke Badle Mein Jaayaz Hoga Mere Maalik ??

( O God in the name of your messenger PROPHET please give me one more chance so that i can embrace death peacefullyand go to heaven or hell . Because if i die now then wont you be granting too much to those who snatched all peace and happiness from me ?? Will it be right to give me after all the strength i showed to you i have ?? )

I am loosing consciousness now maybe my time on earth is over .

Love you Arshad and how i hope i had never met you in my life !!

Author’s POV

Sofia went unconscious and woke up to a sing sang melody by her parents and her younger sister Fariya who all are wishing her a very happy eighteenth birthday ....

How can it be possible?? Sofia closes her eyes and thinks that she is dead and is dreaming about happy memories that she had with her family when a bucket full of cold water is splashed on her by her younger sister and Sofia screams “What the hell can’t i even die in peace ?” To which her horrified parents gasped and said “ bacha apne janamdin ke din bhi koi maut ka tasavoor karta hai ?? Khuda teri har balla hum donoan ko dede aur tujhe har khushi ataa kare beshaq humein kabr ataa karde humein maut mein bhi sukoon hoga ki humari maut ke badle mein humari bachchi khush hai !”

( Daughter does anyone talks about death on her birthday ? May Allah give all your problems to us both and give you all happiness in world . We wont bat an eyelid even if we have to die for an guarentee of your happinesss .)

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