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The MC, Fy Nheulu: Book 1

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First time ever trying to write a story so please bare with and be nice. This story will use English and the Welsh langauge. All Welsh language sentences will be translated into English. JJ has had to fight tooth and nail for everything in life, now grown up she finds herself in trouble with only one place she can turn to her tad (dad) and the MC. Started writing 6/1/23

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1 : All roads lead home

JJ's Pov

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you had only one place to turn. I have. My paternal grandfather use to say " I know a lot of people but I dont have one friend, not one reliable friend I can turn to just Blood"

I never understood what he meant by that until now you see I know a lot of people but none truly a friend just acquaintances really I don't trust a single one as far as I can throw them.

But Blood is thicker than water atleast to me. Teulu yn gyntaf bob amser. (Family first always)

You never really know anyones true intentions. I should know, I mean someone opened fire on my house and then set it on fire. Lucky for me no one was home. Unlucky for whatever poor unforunate soul gave the order because revenge is always served better by a woman scorned.

But first we needed to leave the country, the land of my fathers. Gwald y ddraig goch. (The land of the red dragon)

So here we are travelling thousands of miles, 5,290 miles to be exact. To my tad (dad) and his MC The Red Dragons fitting isn't it.

I keep saying we but have realised I have yet to tell you who the "we" is.

Jasmine Anwen Jones thats me, only people closest to me call me that to most i'm just JJ. Anwen my middle name is quite fitting it means fair/beautiful in my language and i'm not blind. I know I have looks, men can never seem to take they're eyes away from me but thats all they'll ever do is look. Only one man I ever allowed close and I dont even know if he's still alive. I'm sure you'll find out more about him eventually. Anyway i'm curvy but I have abs and i'll square up to anyone. I have a bit of a temper especially when it comes to those I love. Sorry off track again, I have long straight dark brown hair almost to my hips, several tattoos and piercings but my eyes are the thing most people are drawn to you see I have ocean blue eyes but my left eye has a perfect quarter of brown, unique right?

Next is Arianwen Jones my little sister, shes 19 so not so little but i'm 5 years older. Shes too good for this world, too innocent and naive to see the world for how cruel it really is which is my doing since she was born i've protected her from everything bad in this world that could hurt her. Don't get me wrong she's a total badass in her own right I taught her how to shoot and she never misses the mark in the shooting range atleast. Luckily shes never had to use this skill outside of it.

Next is Meurig James, Our maternal grandad. He's always tried his best to look out for us which we appreciate more than he knows especially with tad being so far away. (Dad). He even went against his own daughter, our beloved mother (saying that made me want to throw up) she wasnt the best I mean she made our tad leave us and take our big brother with him. Gramps made sure we never lost contact with our dad, even managed to sneak me away to LA to spend summers with our tad, only me though she always cared less about me it was easier to sneak me away.

Lastly we have my kids. Yeah you read that right. My son Hayden Owain Jones he's 5 which does indeed mean I was 19 when he was born. The one man I let close? Putting the pieces together yet? Yeah he's Haydens dad. Eira Celyn Jones my daughter she's 3, we are biologically related but not in the way you think.

So thats everyone I'm with right now fleeing the country better for them to think we're dead for now right?

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