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The Girl Named Ivy

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A girl named Ivy.

Drama / Romance
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Mrs. Ivy

Her alarm had been going off for an hour and was starting to bug her. She sat up and slammed her hand on the clock. "Ow!" She yelled. She sighed and flung her hand out. She hurried to her closet and grabbed her favorite dark blue hoodie that she had got from her best friend Kira. She knew it was gonna be one of those days, mainly because Kira hadn't texted her this morning. Kira was often busy tho so she had no exact reason to be upset with her but she still was.

She hurried down the stairs after changing into her school uniform. The bus had been waiting there for at least 2 minutes. She grabbed her bag and kissed her mothers cheek.

"Love you bye mom!" She yelled while running out the door. "Love you too sweetie." She ran right to the bus and got on. She sat all the way in the back on the left row. While she was walking Noel had put his foot out. She fell face first into the bus floor. She sighed and got up then slapped Noel. "Fuck off." He smiled. "Ladys first." He said and she stuck up the finger at him while walking to her seat. The bus started moving towards the school. She looked out the window, watching all the houses go by had reminded her of the house she used to live in.

It was white and grey and during the winter it would often get dirty so in the summer her and her dad would clean it. Truth be told her father had died in a car accident a few weeks ago and a small building was all her and her mother could really afford. She felt an overwhelming feeling to cry as she thought about everything her and her father had done together. She lived with her mother and two little siblings, Ayce the littlest one with OCD, and Violet, she was very smart yet struggled to talk to strangers.

Ever since her and her family had moved here she had been getting bullied for not having a father. Although this was a school for the poor she also got bullied for that as well. It was frustrating but she had stayed strong. She shrugged off the feeling to cry and the bus had come to a stop. A red headed boy had got on. He walked all the way to her row. "This spot taken?" She looked at him. "Uhm, yes." She put her bag right in his way. He sighed. "C'mon every other seat in this bus is taken." She looked around curious to see if he was telling the truth and he was. She shrugged. "Sucks to suck.." She muttered. He looked at her bag and threw it into her lap and sat down right next to her.

She looked at him. "Are you deaf?" He shook his head. "Just not in the mood to deal with a bitch, so if you don't mind i'm gonna stay right here." Surprised she looked out the window. She was used to having a whole row to herself. She looked out the window. The day seemed to be going by slowly already and the clouds slowly covered the only light in the sky. She sighed taking the bus always made her feel sick to her stomach. When the bus stopped everyone got up except her. She waited for everyone to get off. She was always the last one off mainly because she didn't want everyone on the bus shoving her around the place to go see there own stupid friends.

When everyone got off she got up and headed towards the door. "Have a good day Mrs. Ivy." She smiled at him. "You too." She stepped out of the bus and faced the building that she had always hated. The place where adults that failed to get a real job go to shove knowledge down a teenager's throat and not expect them to choke on it (No offense). She looked at the floor and brushed her hair behind her ear, while walking in she was stopped by her favorite teacher, Mr. Macintire. He was a tall man, very smart and often had the best stories to tell his students when they seemed to be overwhelmed.

"Hey Mrs. Ivy! Nice to see you again!" She smiled. "Hey." She muttered. "How are you?" She looked at her feet then back at him. "I'm great!" She lied. "That's wonderful, anyways I have to make sure no one leaves after getting dropped off." She nodded and headed inside. When the bell rang everyone rushed to there classes. Her first class was upstairs and across the hall. She ran as fast as she could and when she made it there everyone stared at her, they always did that mainly cause they thought she was strange for always wearing a bracelet that stood for pan-sexual but really she insisted that she was straight.

She sat in the back right next to Clover and Lee, they were sisters, and were named after their grandfather that passed away before they were born. She knew them well because those were the only people she had talked to besides her bully's. They were her best friends although sometimes Clover and Lee would fight because that's what siblings do, it made it hard sometimes because she would have to pick a side then the other one would be upset with her for a bit. They would always make up but it still upset her.

The day continued to go by slowly to her, once the lunch bell rang she got shoved right onto the floor by the one and only Noel. Her eyebrows furrowed and she got up and kicked him right in the thing her mom would call the "No touch spot." She stared at him as he dropped to the floor and all of his stupid friends backed up. "You want more asshole?" He shook his head and she walked away while smiling. She new that she had won once again and it made her feel better.

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