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They say one's life may be a single book with many seasons and chapters or a whole series of books, each one representing a phase or era of your life. But I wonder, what does everyone's last page looks like? How did they determine that it is the finale, and not the kind of end that opens a door for another beginning?

Drama / Romance
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I grow up in a not-so-perfect family of 7 but nonetheless we were happy. As the youngest, I obviously had better life than my siblings. I got to live a way more comfortable life, got to eat more delicious meals, and treated gentler like a fragile princess.

Waking up to a meal made by my father, going to school without preparing anything else but myself, and being picked up after class. These are just some of the things I took for granted. It happened on daily basis so I thought it would last. But like I said it was just a thought.

As time passed by and I grew older, I realized that I was merely living in a dream tailored for the naive little me. The things I held and believed in were in fact not the truth but details viewed under the innocent eyes of a pure child, untainted by the world.

My life was a comfortable one, way too comfortable that I even wished to have something exciting in it. To add some spice and rolls. I don’t know if the universe had too much time in its hands or was just coincidentally too kind at that moment because it actually made my wish come true. And that was the last time I ever viewed the world in an optimistic way.

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