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The book of how people choose to be in life this year. this is all about how i see life and writing what i would not be able to say in real life. reading this book might make you bored when you're just too lazy to even stand. in other words , have fun reading it.

Drama / Children
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Thoughts could be stressed and those are facts. Sometimes you have to accept life like it's a side character. In order to escape reality, sinking into imagination , you would over-think your exalt like it is your dead end. " Why can't life be simple", "why is this so hard..", " i need help". Those are the examples for people that are stuck in a dotted line. Others would think of you as a weirdo or a loser for what you are now. A hundred ways to do what you commit and a hundred ways to feel like you're not home. You don't leave reality , It leaves you itself. Be feared by what you're doing not what you're thinking. Stop lacking like it's almost the end of your world. Instead , just do what you can do mostly..

The truth and the lie , the real and fake , and the promise and Deny. Your mind can't even think of an option but to choose its path. When you go from that trail , you wont go back and reset like its a video game. What can and can't you do to stop reality and for what cost. You can't even stop talking about how you wanted to force yourself onto something. I would rather slip and fall rather than trust someone to gain more stress into my mind. Who even reads this ? why would they read it? this book is meant to tell how your acting this year. I wouldn't force you to read it but it's your option to go onto the next chapter..

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