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Quo Vadis, Homine, are ye Sapiens ?

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Outlook on the insane, sickly, degrading, insecure, predatory, ugly world -- where the worst and evil (criminals and parasites) win, not the fit and just... The real issue is incompatible antagonisms between the upper strata and masses, authorities and people, Exploiters and the destitute, Labour and Capital... The conflict between Homo Sapiens and Homo Defectus, Honour and Meanness...

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Biblia Novus

In majority of the countries the state does not fulfill its due functions, turning into the Monster degrading and terrorizing the people in all spheres. Real people’s enemies are banks, financial speculators, bureaucracy, mass-media, twisted entertainment and insane politicians...

Criminality of the most authorities is in disrespect, contempt for their own people. That’s the common social decease which can be solved only through transformation of inadequate state into Volksstaat based on equality, collective, just economy...
The real issue is incompatible antagonism between the upper strata and masses, power/authorities and the people, exploiters and the destitute, Labor and Capital...

Conflict between Homo Sapiens and Homo parasitariis...

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