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All fairies disappeared

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In a life with no meaning,... Matthew finally finds something that moves his heart.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

My life is hard, I have the worst life possible, or at least that's what I believed . I work in a really big company where my tedious work there seems to be the same everyday... passing through the ladies gossip, drinking a bitter cup of coffe to bear the weariness that never seems to leave my side ,a bunch of documents to treat, and the scolding of the guy who thinks he's at the top of the world ,sure enough he got that position by either inheritance of by doing fetchy stuff that he never seems to regret... based on his cocky acting, even with those who studied the hell out of them...but were unlucky, unlike him a incompetent bastard who was simply born with a golden spoon in his mouth ... good for him...I dont really care when it comes to me ...but those innocent souls that get chastised and hurt everyday intrigue me ...my ordinary life has become just a bunch of boring monotonous acts that are stuck to my mind, i do the same thing everyday just like I'm stuck in a time loop ... and end it with sleep that sometimes, never comes ...

-"omg your dress is amazing where did you get it from? "

-"Oh , I got it online I'll show you where its from later"

-"hey quiet, the president is coming this way"

-"what, he's heading out so early today"


- "he's finally gone did you see how cold he looked ?"

-"he's scary but i can't lie he's quite handsome and tall "

-"so ? with such a wretched personality, it's in vain"

-"I wonder if he's in a relationship?"

-" of course not, who would tolerate such ilk of people"

-" yeah I guess you are right"

-"now get back to work "


It's always the same ,they spew all kind of rubbish right to my face , it doesn't bother me ,I can't feel anything even when they're being this insensitive ....now that I think about it my insomnia has gotten even worse lately ... I probably should go out somewhere open where i can breathe, and where I can think properly... to try and change the mess that I am stuck in ...so this same day, after getting off work and instead of going back home, I decided to follow the opposite path, soon enough I was lost again in my shallow thoughts, thinking about why the hell do I even exist, what did my existence do to others and why am I continuing living when I know my life ...has no meaning...

When I finally snapped out of it, I realized that I walked quite a lot, I found out that I was unfamiliar with the scene I was looking at ... it's funny, but I thought it was beautiful, and the reason why it's funny, is because I was convinced that I dont know what does beauty means, and that I'll never know... It was just another meaningless word to me, but for the first time I felt like I could truly understand it, what I found myself amid was the entrance of a big garden, one that contained all the autumn's colors blended perfectly, nature is the best artist after all, without a second thought I entered this heavenly looking place, the ugly ideas that adhered to my mind were disappearing one after one, I was too busy being taken and astonished by that lustrous scene, and stumped by the relaxing natural lullabies caused by the gentle wind, dancing with the leaves, that were on the reach of collapsing, I proceeded with my walking when I noticed a yound pretty lady on a wheelchair, looking up at the sky admiring the beautiful weather, she made with the trees around her the prettiest painting I have ever seen, especially when she had a sincere big smile drawn on her jade like face, her skin was so delicate that I thought the wind might damage it ...I've never really felt these things, they are strange sensations to me that I never experienced in my life, and I looked quietly at this person who's enjoying life at it's simplest, being happy with what she got despite missing something, it was truly breath taking.

I didn't really want to bother her, nor interrupt that beautiful picture that she made along her surroundings, and I started heading back reluctantly, when all of a sudden I heard her yell at the top of her lungs .


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