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Hotel Hell

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Gray Weather was just your regular dishwasher in a local kitchen until things turned physical quickly and she had to fight to survive. Gray Weather twenty years old worked in a local kitchen in a historical town just outside her hometown. Gray became very close with her boss Jay and ended up becoming a threat to Slix and his evil trio. Gray and Jay end up fighting to survive within the kitchen and go through hell and back within the hotel. But when all hell ends another has to begin.

Drama / Thriller
Emily Cannon
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Hi, my name is Grace Weather, everyone just calls me Gray, dishwasher and line cook at Hotel Elegance in a small historical town just outside my hometown Merittville. Honestly the hotel I work at should be renamed Hotel Hell because I’ve been working there for three years and it’s been nothing but hell, yes sir my pretty blonde head feels trapped at a workplace.

I’ll give you some math about the hotel, throughout the three years we’ve gone through five head chefs seven waiters five line cooks and three dishwashers. That’s not good in a kitchen that’s really busy all year round. The only reason why I feel trapped is because I work six days a week and have no time to find a new job, I get one days to myself and my dog.

This year was suppose to be different, everything was suppose to fall into our favor. Everything was suppose to be smooth and easy, let me explain though.

We had this chef, Carlos Martin, who was GREAT! He brought in a brand new team to add with our small team that was still remaining and surprisingly standing. He brought Jay Linkin, our sous chef and current head chef, Andrea Maken a line cook in training, and Lean Kenton also a line cook in training. He brought all these great people to add with our small team, which held myself the famous dishwasher, our pasta god Marc and our dickhead RJ who was just a prep cook. This team started out great, everything was great until Slix our general manager started screwing with Carlos. It was typical I expected it, even Marc warned Carlos of this.

Slix is a greasy haired, thinks he’s top shit general manager. Wears elf shoes that put everyone in fear when you hear the clicking on the floor when he walks in the kitchen. Slix loves controlling the kitchen, he was in control of the kitchen for a while last year and I was so over worked by him that I was almost hospitalized by him. Let’s just say hallucinating while driving wasn’t fun and I passed out at my grandparents place. Yet Slix didn’t care, all he cared about was his power over everyone in the kitchen. I’m surprised I didn’t loose my job when I came back four days after being in and out of conciseness, guess he didn’t want me spreading word of what he caused.

Anyways Slix was using Carlos to put his menu out in the dinning room, which honestly his menu sucked! Nobody liked it, not even the staff while we were cooking it. Carlos had enough and ended up leaving the kitchen after a month letting Jay take over the kitchen. Before Jay became head chef he was just a sous chef that I grew awkwardly close to, let me explain so you’re not so confused.

See when I first came back to the hotel from my one year at college Jay and I didn’t like each other at all! We were fighting for the youngest worker title, which I won by eight years so HA! After our three week war we started talking like civilized people and started acting like kids. We would run around the kitchen whipping each other with wooden spoons and rubbing butts together, we really were the children of the kitchen. We were laughing, talking having a good time and weirdly growing an awkwardly strong connection. Everyone thought we were sleeping together when really we weren’t; we were just like brother and sister who actually got along. Once Carlos quit though Jay became worried and stressed out because now Slix wanted to take complete control over the kitchen. Jay brushed it off though because technically Jay is a huge hard ass and stubborn as hell but is a total teddy bear to me, which I don’t mind at all. Like I said we were siblings that actually got along.

Behind our backs on the other hand RJ, our favorite dickhead, created an evil duo to try and take down our strong connection. Slix and RJ the evil duo, RJ ran to Slix with any information about what Jay and I were doing in the kitchen. Which honestly most the time we were just talking and working together, I was learning more about prep and line, learning how to keep organized and busy.

In the works of the evil duo doing what they were doing Jay needed to hire a new sous chef so he could at least take one day off, so Jay ended up hiring Joe Plock. Joe was a douche to everyone, didn’t like him one bit. RJ decided to take Joe to the dark side with Slix, if they have cookies I want to join, actually no I’m not that evil, anyways, RJ and Slix ended up giving a taste of power to Joe and he got hooked fast. Now we ended up having the evil trio to deal with, Jay and myself had a lot of work on our hands besides making great food.

Now that you’re pretty much caught up with what’s happened over the last month I can let you in on what’s happening right now.

I’m in my comfort zone which is doing dishes cause tonight I’m the dishwasher instead of line cook and I’m talking to Jay about small dicks for some god forsaken reason.

“So what you sleep with people with small dicks?” Jay asked sarcastic wrapping up some steak; Marc was just walking into the fridge putting away the leftovers from the dinner rush. Leftovers meant a pretty decent staff lunch for tomorrow. I was super excited.

“Oh yeah totally, how small is yours? You might actually have a chance.” I said sarcastically pulling out a rack from the washer beginning to dry the hot plates. Jay gave me a dirty look then came with the greatest and stupidest come back ever said.

“It’s so small you need tweezers.”

Not even three seconds later Marc came out of the fridge saying these magical words.

“It’s the creamiest.”

I don’t know what over powered Marc to say those words but it was perfect timing.

I dropped to the floor I was laughing so hard Jay couldn’t even contain himself either. As we were all laughing our asses off Slix came clicking into the kitchen. Everyone stopped laughing and went back to what they were doing, Marc went back to hide in the fridge and Jay finished wrapping all the meats. I was drying the dishes looking at Jay smiling hiding my laughter as Slix walked over to me running his hands through his greasy mess. God do you even know how to shower, like honestly just a little soap.

“Can I speak with you privately Gray?” Slix asked me looking at me like I was a disgrace.

“Yeah sure.” I said putting down my towel walking behind him to the back stairwell.

Jay didn’t like Slix taking me to the side; he got worried cause Slix has a history and forcing people into stuff. Jay had to let it go though just for now. Jay, over protective big brother like friend, Jay needs to understand I can handle myself though.

We walked out back so Slix could have a smoke and said something that pissed me off.

“Our housekeeping isn’t here today and we need towels in the kitchen. Stay here and do them, you don’t have any plans right?” Slix said taking a drag of his nasty cigarette. I hid so much anger and just gave him just the slightest attitude when I answered.

“Apparently not anymore.” I said swinging the back door open to proceed to finish my one job and start another.

“Thank you princess.” Slix said as the door shut behind me. I rolled my eyes walking back into the kitchen and Jay looked at me cause he knew I was pissed off. Which Jay ended up getting pissed off, he hated seeing me upset in anyway.

“Call you princess again?” He asked wrapping his final steak.

“Not only that but I have to do the towel tonight before I go, no house keeping. What a surprise.” I said proceeding to dry the rest of the dishes and taking out the last rack that was in the washer. Jay rolled his eyes and said he’d stay the night and help me out so I can actually go home and sleep. See what I mean absolute sweet heart to only me. I felt special to him, I mean he was special to me as well; he was the one person in this kitchen that related to me.

Jay finished what he needed to do and went down to the change room to get ready to go home. I threw in my headphones and started to sweep the floors and mop them, this was my favorite part of the shift, the ending of it. I was quietly singing to my song finishing up the last of the mopping when Jay decided to come up behind me and scare the hell out of me. Jay touched my shoulder and I swung around with the mop rod heading right for his head, lucky for him he ducked. I would have decked him to; he would have been put to sleep cause I swung hard.

“God dammit Jay!” I said catching my breath and making sure my heart was still beating properly. Jay was laughing to hard to even breathe, asshole such a big brother thing to do. I finished mopping the floors and turned everything off and rinse out the mop bucket then headed downstairs with Jay.

As we started folding towels we got into a huge discussion about what’s been happening within the kitchen, you know, since we’re a very small high school. It was the only thing that made sense to us, high school, by now I wish I was still there, gave me a reason to only be here during the night and not thirteen hours a day.

“So RJ and Joe are being controlled by Slix which is why we have to watch our mouths. Andrea Marc and Lean kind of just float around doing their own thing being scared of Slix and the evil two. Which leaves us the strong goofy kids who have a stronger connection that could make the world question.” I said folding the kitchen towels, Jay was ironing the guest sheets and folding them. The folding job didn’t look too nice; looks like a man who’s only worked in the kitchen his whole life did it. I think I should find Jay a girlfriend to teach how to fold properly.

“We’re stronger together aren’t we? I mean in all honesty if anything were to happen to you I’d lose my mind. For some reason all I want is to protect you and keep you safe, and right now with those three being the fear we can’t really show our strength we hold.” Jay said awfully folding another sheet.

I mean let’s be real he had a point, fear hides the strength and that’s what RJ and Joe were doing hiding our strength behind the fear. My mother use to say fear is the only thing that hold you back from showing true colors, she was so wise my mom.

“It’s not the fact that we can’t show them, it’s the fact that they’re locked away and in a shell. If we can break them out of the harden shells we can over power the fear with a lot more strength.” I stated jumping off the washing machine throwing another load of towels in the dryer.

I did state some truth though; if we cracked a few shells we would have more strength. It’s just a matter of gaining trust and showing other that together we are stronger then anything, and after that night we did, we made a plan to break everyone out of they’re shells and create a stronger team.

In a matter of two weeks everyone was almost cracked from their shells we had numbers to over power the evil band of three that ran fear within the kitchen. So close, but all hope must die cause one night, one Friday night, where I wasn’t there Jay couldn’t keep his cool. One thing you should know about Jay and mines strange connection is I’m the only thing in the kitchen that can keep him calm on a Friday night. With my luck I had a family dinner I had to attend to so I couldn’t be there. I felt bad but I told Jay is shit went south to call me and I’d be there. In my honest opinion I didn’t want to be at this dinner it was boring and we were just talking about my little sisters high school drama and my job. Only thing good about the dinner was my sister and I finally seeing each other after three long months, I kind of missed her.

This Friday night was special, it was the July 4th weekend and customers just kept being seated which after nine o’clock should have stopped. Slix wouldn’t let the kitchen close at all so the staff could get a break, and RJ and Joe weren’t helping cause they were just causing all type of stress to Jay by talking complete trash about me. Jay had had it and had nothing to keep him calm, and when Andrea was having problems Jay flipped on her. Threaten to fire her if she didn’t keep up, dumbass, she’s a chef in training underline IN TRAINING! I mean after he blew up he felt super bad, but what he should have done is called me, I could have calmed him.

I came back Saturday morning, a little hung over, and the kitchen had gone back into its shell and RJ started attacking me as soon as I walked in the door. I wasn’t pleased and I was also very confused, plus the soft rock that was playing was boring me to a coma.

“Aweh look it’s our princess. Princess where’s the prince? He seems to be late. Are you going to say how I’m calling you princess, Princess. Run to daddy.”

I rolled my eyes as him and Joe were laughing. I went to check to make sure the salad station was prepped ready for lunch wondering where Jay was. He was always here before me, earlier then everyone actually. Was actually kind of worried, hopes he was okay.

“Princess can your royalty fetch me some chicken from downstairs please?” Joe said snickering bowing to me. You have no idea how badly I wanted to knee him in the face, but I liked my job so didn’t do it. Luckily for me when I walked past Joe Jay was standing right there watching the whole thing. I even blew Jay off and went down to grab some chicken. Jay ended up following me down, yay now here comes a talking to, I mean Jay kind of deserved it, I was getting attacked with no back up.

“Want to tell me why I got no help?” I said walking into the fridge grabbing the chicken that was demanded. I came out of the fridge to Jay changing into his work uniform holding the chicken. Jay looked good today, he had a shower and his muscle were showing with his tattoos, loved his tattoos. Jay told me the story about Friday and then told me what happened shortly after.

“Slix pulled me aside and said that he now has the power to fire because I apparently don’t know how to treat my staff and will use it again them. Absolute bullshit.”

I died a little hearing that, cause now everyone’s on thin ice and Joe and RJ have full power of the insults given out. I did not like this, not one bit. Felt a little more trapped and felt like I was going to be emotionally drained even more now. Like come on, really? Take away Jay’s ability to fire. Bullshit, could have just threatened to fire me!

For the next few weeks I was constantly called princess, teachers pet and they’re object. They would constantly make sexual comments towards me and talk about what they’d do to me loud enough for me to hear. Jay wasn’t to pleased with this and most nights I was at his place drinking away my problems. Cause that’s how we twenty year olds do it now a day, drink away our problems instead of dealing with them head on. Jay was usually ranting about the sexual comments and said if they ever did that to me that he would be in jail for murder in a few hours. Love him, so protective.

“Why does this have to happen? Why?!” I would constantly ask as Jay poured me another drink.

“I don’t know.” He would always respond as we cheered and took the shot. Our poison of choice was always a bottle of tequila, it was strong just like us.

One night in the kitchen it was just Jay myself RJ and Joe all working, worse night ever I’d say. The whole night Jay was practically kissing Slix’s ass and I was just trying to keep my distance from the overly rude, sexual comments that kept being shot at me. I was over it and Jay became fed up hearing it, he was so over it he ended up leaving as soon as the rest of the meat was wrapped.

“Text me when you’re home okay.” Jay said to me as he was leaving the building. Only reason why he sad that was because he wanted to know I was safe.

“Okay not a problem” I said throwing in my headphones filling up my mop bucket getting ready to mop the already swept floors. Joe and RJ were finishing they’re tenth smoke break of the shift as Jay was leaving, I was about ten minutes into mopping the floors almost done when RJ and Joe came back in and grabbed me by the arms. I screamed as my headphones fell out, this was not going to be good, it was also new, what was going to happen, the only thing going through my head was the question why. They have never laid a hand on me, but something’s changed, something’s going to happen, something bad, I can feel it.

“GET YOUR BLOODY HANDS OFF ME!” I screamed kicking and squirming as I was pinned down on the back prep table just hidden behind the fridge. I was struggling to escape and ended up kicking Joe in the side of the head, they had a pretty good grip on me though, weren’t letting go for anything, yet I stopped as soon the door leading to the dinning room opened and I heard the clicking of the elf shoes. Slix walked in swinging around a metal pole with a shape formed at the tip of it. I could hear the swishing of the metal as it flipped through Slix’s fingers. He walked over to the stove and turned the burner on high, full blast, heating up the metal. I was just lying there staring at Slix and what he was doing, I was struggling to get the hell away, and I was so terrified.

“Now Gray we here at Hotel Elegance love to put our name on things we own, make. We brand it, just like you. You’ve been here long enough, and we think you’ll be here for a long, long time. Now rule is sweetie you breathe a word of what happened and we will gut you like a fish and feed you to the customers.” He said showing me the shape of the symbol. Two “H”’s for Hotel Hell, he was going to brand me, like a cow or a pig or any farm animal. I began to kick and scream as Joe strengthened his grip on my right arm lifting up my sleeve. Slix leaned down towards me and whispered in my ear words I’ll never forget, something that still gives me nightmares to this day.

“You’re mine.”

He places the hot burning metal into my wrist branding me as his own. I screamed in agony, the metal felt like it was burning through my whole arm, like my arm had just entered hell. I mean let’s be real it’s official I’ve already entered my own personally designed hell. I didn’t feel grateful for this nor did I know what I did to deserve this.

After Slix finished burning me RJ and Joe threw me onto the floor, like I was a piece of meat being thrown in the garbage. I curled up in a ball holding my wrist that was on fire, Slix stepped over me and Joe kicked me in the stomach.

“Good night Princess.” RJ said as they turned off the kitchen lights leaving me in the dark, I was just lying there crying, in pain, wishing death upon myself. I swear this is as low as my life could get. Or could it get worse?

I ended up picking myself up though, put the mop bucket and mop away, clocked out and started my drive home. I was crying all the way home shaking as the thought and feeling that had just occurred. I ended up stumbling into my apartment beginning the process of wrapping up my branded mark. I pulled out my phone after wrapping up my mark and I saw a text from Jay.

’Hey Kiddo hope all is going well! Text me when you’re home! Just remember whatever they say they’ll eat one day! Night sleep tight!”

How the hell do I reply to that? Can someone please explain to me how to reply to that?! Jay’s going to kill someone when he sees the mark or learns about it, this is not okay! Okay I think I know how to reply to this:

“Hey Jay, just got home. Sleep tight see you tomorrow.”

Good enough, now to take a painkiller and hope I actually slip into a coma. Let the games begin tomorrow. I’m so over this, like honestly why do I still work here? Oh yeah its cause I have rent and a dog to take care of.

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