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The bully's boys

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Chapter 1

Hello Misa my name is UmerTehseen from class 6-C

Topic:The Bully boys


It was a Monday morning,the sun was shining brightly . It was my first day in school, I was very happy and blooming I changed my school as it was far from my home. Now,the new school is near my house.

My new school name is international school of London. Mum woke me up and said,wake up William otherwise you will be late for school. I woke up quickly as l do not want to miss my first day in school. I got ready and ate my breakfast and went out for school . As it was near house. I went alone to my school. I was very excited because I was promoted to grade V1.

Today, I was happy to meet new teachers and make new friends I reaches school on time. Everything was so fresh and new for me . Teachers welcomed me with open arms.

Teachers told me about the location of my new classroom.After assembly, We all went to the new classroom.The classroom was huge,clean and airy.Two windows on both side were open and cool breeze was coming.

Teachers told me to sit in front desk because I was new and does not know anyone. She introduced me to other classmates. Her name was MrsWinter,she was very friendly.At the corner there was a boy name Philips , he was constantly looking at me with aggressive face.

I was scared to see that first, I thought to tell the teacher but then I ignore him. In lunch time when everyone was busy in eating their lunch that boy came near with his elder brother and friends and abruptly took my lunch box and started passing to each other.

I softly told him to give me back my lunch but they said first you have to do whatever we will tell you to do .I quickly said no and request them to leave me alone and bullying is not allowed. They told me to take 5 rounds of schoo then you will get it.The vice principal was passing from there.she saw and came near to us and ask about the matter but that boy Philips and his friends denied and put all the blame on me and telling principal that I am throwing wrappers on the ground. The principal started counselling me about the manners .I told her this is not the story but she does not believe me.

As we were discussing the matter, some senior girls came who witnessed the whole sight. They told the whole story to the principal and then she believed me and shouted on those boys and told them to sorry me and as punishment they all were suspended from the school for two days.

I thought, it was a good punishment and they will learn from this and will never do that again with any other new comer. After that, whenever vice principal meets me, she love me and now I am one of her favourite student in the school.

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