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The MC, Fy Nheulu: Book 2

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In this sequal to The MC, Fy Nheulu. You’ll get to see some of your favorite main characters from book 1 such as JJ, Army, Scorp, Dylan and Meurig as well as Hayden and Eira. In this sequal you will get to meet new characters and watch thier stories unfold and intertwine with the MC. Don’t worry book 1 was not the last you’ve seen on Mayhem and Ari I can promise you that. So buckle down and get ready for another rollercoaster ride of suspense and danger but most importantly family.

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1: All Roads Lead to Mexico

JJ's Pov

Your probably wondering a few things for example who's Bella? You'll find out soon enough. What danger is she? Truth is I don't know what we're walking into and that scares me. Bella is the first female friend I ever got but she's so much more than that, our souls are intwined by the same tradgedy. When Mikey came running to me about the waiting call my heart stopped. I prayed it wasn't her. We've only had a call like this one once before and let's just say time was against us.

When I looked over at Scorp I knew he was thinking the same thing so we ran straight for the bar and I picked the phone up within seconds.

"Hello?" I say to person on the other end adrenaline and fear pumping through my veins.

"JJ?" The voice on the other end calls back.

Please, please let it be my mind playing tricks "Bella?"

"Si, sono io. Sono nei guai." The voice responds making my worst fear come true. (Yes, it's me. I'm in trouble).

"Dove sei?" I question. (Where are you?)

"Casa Sicura. Messico." Bella pauses and I can hear her take a deep breath "Non so per quanto tempo potrò restare qui." (Safe house. Mexico). (I don't know how long I can stay here).

"Stay hidden, i'll be there as soon as I can." I promise.

I hang up the phone and turn around looking at the men infront of me before locking my eyes on Bobby and he speaks as if knowing what i'm was going to say. "Go me, Angel, Dylan and Meurig got the kids. Be careful." I nod at him in appreciation and turn my attention back to Army and Scorp.

"Pack a bag boys we're leaving in an hour." I order.

"Where?" Army questions.

"Mexico." I state.

They both nod.

"I'll call your dad and gramps." Bobby smiles at me and then looks over the three of us "You lot get your shit together."

"Thanks Bobby." I reply and then turn back to Army and Scorp. "Scorp you got enough clothes here to pack a bag for a couple of days?"

"Enough clothes, no weapons though."

"We'll raid the clubs armory." I reply.

"I'll run the pick up back to the house and pack us some clothes." Army says and I nod.

"Bikes or?" Scorp questions.

"Bikes, we don't know what we're walking into. Bikes will be our advantage if we get followed we can fit down the smaller streets cars can't."

"Good thinking." Army agrees "i'll take the pick up and leave it at the house and come back on my bike. Good thing yours is already here."

Army walk out the door to grab us clothes and his bike as Scorp runs upstairs to pack a bag while I hunt the safe behind the bar for the armoury key.

"What the hells going on?" Casey questions, took those to long enough to get back in here.

"Shits going down we're leaving within the hour." I respond.

"Can I come?" Casey pleads.

"No Cas, I'm sorry we don't know what we're walking into, we have no back up and most the clubs still on the gun run. I can't be worrying about you out there when we're trying to save someone else." I say honestly.

"Fine." Casey replies annoyed.

"Anything we can do to help?" Mikey questions.

"Just stay safe, both of you. Keep you wits about you, they should be back from the run day after tomorrow so just hold the fort down until then okay? And help out with the kids for me okay?." They both nod and I leave for the armoury.

I unlock the door and step in taking note of what guns are here and if there's enough ammo. "We got enough?" Scorp asks startling me.

"Fucking hell Scorp." I hiss at him and he walk towards me and pulls me into a hug.

"Your on edge JJ. You need to calm down. I know it's Bella we'll find her safe and we'll bring her home with us." Scorp says promise lacing his voice. I pull away and smile.

We grab all the guns and ammo we need in silence, taking only what we can carry on us.

"JJ. Army. Scorp." We hear my Tad's voice echoing from the bar. We finish grabbing what we need and head that way.

"Hey Tad."

"I don't like the idea of just the three of you going down there blind." My dad states.

"No choice Tad is us three or no one. I'm sure as fuck not leaving Bella out there for god only knows what to happen to her."

"I know cariad, it's Bella. I just wish there was more than just the three of you or you at least had back up." He says with sympathy and worry.

Before I have the chance to reply I hear the sound of little feet running towards us.

"Mam" Hayden and Eira call.

"Hi babies, you have fun with Gramps?"

"We won toys from the machine." Eira says holding up a teddy bear for me to see.

"Wow" I respond smiling at her before moving my attention to Hayden who's gone quiet. "What's wrong baby?" I question him and he looks me up and down. Then it clicks I changed back into my black jeans, docs, threw on a black cami my black hoodie and cutt. Then I got my spare knives from the safe under my bed here and strapped up.

"Mam you got to go to work?" He questions just as Army walks through the door and Eira runs for him shouting "Daddy."

"Yes baby. Me and Daddy have to go to work, we'll be back in a few days. In the meantime your in charge okay? Help your grandads look after your little sisters and brother and we'll be back before you know it."

"Okay Mam, I love you." Hayden replies hugging me.

"I love you too" I reply and he runs off to check on the twins.

"He okay?" Army questions walking over with Eira on his shoulders.

"Yeah, he's okay. You ready?"

"Yeah Scorp ready?" Army questions

"Yeah he's checking the bikes before we head out." I take a deep breath and look over at out kids.

"Come on let's go give them cuddles before we leave" Army says lifting Eira down off his shoulders and putting her down so she can run over to Hayden and the twins.

After giving each one of our four kids a cwtch and telling them how much we love them and we'll see them soon, we headed outside ready to leave while Bobby stayed in the bar with the little ones.

I look over at Casey and she jumps forward to hug me, 'Hey behave and I'll see you in a few days." I tell her and pull away geaturing over to Mikey "Make sure he shows up on time would you." Casey laughs.

I hug my Gramps and then my Tad "Got burners?"

"Yes Tad, this is not my first rodeo." I smirk at him.

"If I don't hear off you in 3 days i'm coming down there." He warns.

"I know." I smirk.

"Come on you two we better get on the road it's a long ride." I call to Army and Scorp.

We head straight out for the long drive to Mexico. Last time I told you All Roads Lead Home in this case All Roads Lead to Mexico.

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