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A Blessing

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A story about an overwhelmed lady with anxiety and stress who is about to turn 30, she goes out for a long night walk reminiscing about each and every sorrowful moment she has been in throughout her life. On the spur of the moment, one unforeseen yet catastrophic event changes her life. Forever.

Drama / Adventure
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A Blessing

Driving aimlessly along the pitch-dark craggy road, Linda recalled her extraordinary overwhelming experience ten years ago. Despite her surprising ordeal, the forty-year-old lady is still animated and Utopian. Miraculously, she could embrace her hot water and her luck positively. However, on that memorable froggy night, she got surrounded by a lot of dismay, anxiety, and hope at the same time; it was her birthday. Ceasing any kind of merrymaking on that day became Linda’s recent habit, especially after being deeply moved because of her heavenly and rocklike incident from way back.

As a relentless personage, she gathered all her potential to conquer all her intense emotions, so she grabbed her shabby coat tightly and decided to drive in a purposeless manner just to clear her mind. Steering her wheel monotonously along her murky unpaved narrow neighborhood, her mind’s eye became a vivid replica of what she had stumbled upon on that peculiar day. Nevertheless, that self-assertive young lady attempted not t focus on her perplexing feeling and startling recollections. Therefore, she headed directly to her most invigorating and comforting zone, the nearby azure lake, where she could fancy the dazzling moon obscuring in the luminous navy water.

After half an hour, Linda arrived at her consoling destination. Sighing heavily along with the chilly breeze sighs, she squatted dreamingly on the riverbank. Linda was a kind of stubborn strong-headed woman. Nevertheless, her kind heart was her main exotic feature; her shield and tent always guarded her and all whom she loved. However, she wasn’t only contained by her gracious sensibility. She was also ruled by her conservative way of thinking (counting God’s countless gifts), which made her feel soothing inner peace. On the other hand, that procedure dismisses her from her baffling emotions, mainly when her mind clearly portrays what happened that day.

Well, speaking of the specifics of Linda’s incident, it all started on her way back home from her office ten years ago. Her usual daily journey was driving around for a whole hour on the dismal highway. However, that cloudy day was full of contrastive moments that shaped her life afterward. Before departing her office, she received the results of her pregnancy examination; it was what she anticipated. No pregnancy, No pregnancy forever. Waiting patiently for ten years and longing momentarily to experience the sugary taste of maternity was over. Nevertheless, she is determined not to indulge her bitter feelings for the sake of her husband, family, and friends who are sticking around to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Linda was so aware of her broken heart, so she decided to drive cautiously, especially since it was a gloomy rainy night. It was no surprise that even the moon shared Linda’s sorrow and refused to spread any of his beams, and consequently, the stars hid shyly since their superior disapproved of illuminating the world. However, despite her prudent ride, her destiny was inevitable. Without warning, a couple of wide luminescent eyes surrounded by wooden carved arches popped in no distance. At that moment, Linda comprehended promptly that it was a poor stray deer that lost its way and darted from the far-reaching knotted thicket below the river. She steered her wheel vigorously to avoid the stunned deer. Otherwise, her car would slip and rollover.

Disastrously at that critical moment, another car was speeding crazily from the opposite direction. It was an inevitable crash. It was beyond doubt that Linda was guilt-free since the other vehicle hopped un anticipatedly like a bomb on her lane. The two cars rolled down a steep valley where they halted steadily. Two mousy hours passed before some ill-defined hollers d a soft, breathless moaning of a baby were heard across the uninviting horizon.

Waking up drowsily, Linda tried to stagger out of the slashed car. Luckily, the doors were ripped off, so she stepped out quickly. Collecting herself to control her terror-stricken feeling and heading towards the voice, she witnessed a young lady holding her petit infant tightly. As soon as the bleeding woman saw her, she grabbed her hand, pleading and apologizing. Though the tender-hearted Linda tried desperately to soothe her, the poor lady died after a short while.

Before her death, the devastated youth asked Linda to take her baby because it had no family. Cuddling the little safe figure gingerly, Linda hiked arduously till she reached the main road, where she kept waving hysterically to every passing vehicle. After fifteen minutes, an old man stopped his lorry for her assistance. Linda told him that her car had broken down; she did not tell him any other details. On their way, the charming baby kept smiling and focusing his/her sapphire gorgeous eyes on Linda. The old man tried to break the silence and asked Linda kindly, “What is your baby’s name”? “Is it a boy or a girl?” Linda got startled, but she replied without thinking, “She is a girl. Her name is Rosie”. After twenty minutes, the gentleman dropped Linda at her house. Before opening the gate, she closed her eyes and hopefully prayed that Rosie would be Rosie. All her life, she had a great passion for a baby girl. God was so generous, and she was a she. It was Rosie. Opening the gate blissfully, Linda thought gratefully about her precious, unusual birthday gift; it was God’s gift. Ten years passed, and Rosie became the bumping heart of her parents. However, Linda couldn’t celebrate her birthday anymore.

As a passionate, tender, and honorable person, she feels distressed to glorify that day when Rosie’s biological mother lost her life. Every birthday, Linda usually gets overwhelmed with mixed emotions; sadness, happiness, and horror.

Therefore, she preferred to stay all day by the tranquil sky-colored lake contemplating and appreciating God heavily for his treasure blessing, Rosie.

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