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"Stateside" is a war novel that features little combat. It's unique in the sense that, instead of focusing on war, it focuses on the players themselves. After a less than harrowing seven month rotation in the Golan Heights, Glenn Moore and the men of First Platoon are sent back to the United States after one of their comrades is gravely wounded. In this humorous, reflective look on the lives of soldiers, "Stateside" looks to humanize the men and women who dutifully protect our country.

Drama / Humor
Zach Hill
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

To start, I feel the need to clarify some things:

I am not in the military.

With that being said, some of the things in here may seem unrealistic to veterans of combat who pick this up and read it. For instance, when it cones to basic training, I know I’ve left quite a bit of information and processes out. However, I’ve actually done a fair share of research and have done my absolute best to paint a decent picture of life in the military.

Just know that I’m allowed a little bit of creative freedom, but I do not intend to shame nor put the United States Armed Forces to shame.

Also, be warned. There are extremely graphic depictions of war violence in this book. There is also coarse language and some may find “unsavory” opinions on cultures. This is here only for characterization.

This is also a novella, a short story I ported from Wattpad to Microsoft Word and now to here. The formatting may be a little off, but just bare with me.

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