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I see from you afar ,but when I look closer your not really there ,my heart yawns to see you again.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Ms Sandra please retell the story again" my therapist, Ashley, asks me to tell the tragic story that causes my nightmares.

"Ok" I say in a shaky voice. "It was New Year's Eve; she was sitting alone near the beach. "

"Who's she? "Ashley asks in a worried tone.

"Cassie, Cassie Chambers, "I answer her previous question.

"What relationship did you have with her?"

"Can I continue with my story?''

"Okay, continue.

"I walked to where she was sitting, her eyes were covered with tears, and she was barely breathing. " I take a moment to catch my breath before I continue. "I sat where she was sitting, she turned to look at me, my heart clenched seeing her covered with blood." I feel tears making their way to my eyes as I see that painful sight.

"Here." Ashley hands me a tissue. I wipe my eyes.

"I asked what happened, she then snapped at me, saying that I took the person she loved the most, saying that I am the cause of her pain, I am the cause of her wounds and I'll be the cause of her death."

"Who's the person that you took from her?" The one question I hoped she would not ask.


"You know we won't get anywhere, if you don't tell me the whole truth."

I take deep breaths. ""Am just not ready to talk about it, " I say as a memory flashes in my mind.

"What are you hiding? Whatever it is don't tell me, but my advice to you is to mend the past before it destroys you," she says these words as she walks out of my apartment.

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