La Mansion

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Roomies and Rumors

The door stood before them with the number “125” craved into it, but Sam had no hurry in introducing the matching key to its place and unveil whomever her new roommate was going to be.

“You really didn’t have to come with me here”

“I promised dad you would make it to the first dinner” Liv smirked, arms crossed while still holding her violin case, patiently waiting for her sister to make up her mind “So, open up, sis”

Samantha knew there was no point in prolonging it, so she turned the key taking a deep breath ready to behold whatever was waiting for her on the other side.

To her surprise, what she saw was probably one of the coolest persons you would ever hope to meet. And just to add perfection to the match, that person was fixing the net of her own lacrosse stick.

“Killer net! Is that leader?” Sam instantly asked walking in.

“Yeah! The grip is better” the other girl turned around towards her. She was about two inches taller than Sam and her blondish hair with black strikes contrasted perfectly with Sam’s chocolate mane.

After inspecting her new roommate carefully, she pulled a grin of her own “That’s a defense stick, right?”

“Naturally born with it!”

The girl chuckled “You must be the new girl form Kingsley. I’m Kate, goalie and team captain of the Griffins”

“Awesome!” Sam beamed “My name is Skip!”

“No, it’s not” Liv intervened from the entrance, tilting into the frame.

“I only answer to Skip, anyways”

“That…part is true” Liv walked in stretching her hand towards Kate “Hi. A pleasure to meet you. I’m Liv, Samantha’s older sister” she then got a little closer “Can I ask you to make sure she attends dinner? And not to sneak out the window”

“Come on! That just happened once!” Skip whined.

“Twice” her sister corrected.

“Whatever” she mumbled grumpily.

Kate muffled a laugh “Sure thing! I wouldn’t want her to miss the first dinner with the team”

“Great!” Liv went to the door “Well, I’ll leave you to it, then” she started to close the door behind her, but not before hearing that familiar voice saying goodbye.

At least now Liv wouldn’t have to worry about her sister. She was in rather good hands, only thing left to do was to find her own chamber.

She walked in the lonely halls, passing by shut doors and brick walls. That until she stumbled across a trophy case. She took a moment to examine it. There were medals and first place trophies, some autographed jerseys and basketballs. And on top of all there was a fencing foil resting at her eye sight. She contemplated it all until she found her reflection looking back at her. She sighed pressing her violin case even tighter against her body before taking another step and walking away.

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