La Mansion

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The dining hall was flooded with all the girls from La Mansión. Unlike your typical school cafeteria, the tables weren’t exactly divided by the stereotypes; like the nerds, the jocks, the cheerleaders and so on. But actually by food preferences, which in the cook’s book seemed like the logical arrangement since 1957. So, there were the vegetarians, the carnivores, the omnivores, the ones that were allergic to certain things and finally, the ones that secretly had a stash of candies and junk food locked away in their nightstand. The usual…

Liv was quietly sited on her own when a loud person came rushing towards her.

“Liiiivvv” Sam skidded the last few feet towards her table, the white marvel floor made for a wonderful ice ring.

“And there goes my peace and quiet” Liv looked up offering her sister a smile “Why aren’t you with the team?”

“And leave you on your own? No way! You are stuck with me” she proudly pointed at herself taking a seat in front of her in the large bench.

Suddenly all the chatter and buzzing were hushed by the tingling sound of a spoon knocking a glass.

“Ladies! Settle down please” an imposing figure stood up from the faculty table. It was no other than Headmaster Margot Minett Marlow. The woman was now in her late fifties, but other than her white hair and few wrinkles, there was nothing to prove her age. She had inherited La Mansión at 25, and since had run the place smoothly. She only ever wore red, which made her green emeralds stand out even more.

“As always, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to another marvelous year here at La Mansión! This year’s home to the Inter-Boarding Championships!”

All the room exploded with cheers and shouts from the girls.


“We are going to win!

“This is our year!”

“Ok, quiet down, ladies. Please” she smiled towards their enthusiasm giving a knowing expression, she too was craving for the competition to begin. “Tryouts will be held throughout this month. Make sure to write your names on the sign-up board”

The atmosphere was going back to normal, while the chatter once more took over the room, but before that could happen, the principal raised her cup and searched through all the faces in the tables until she found the two that were unknown to her.

“And now, I will ask you to join me and raise your glass to celebrate our two newest members. Misses Liv and Samantha Worthington from Knights Institute”

Over a thousand eyes fell upon them while the sisters became the center of attention.

“I…sort of wished she had omitted that las part” Liv muttered looking at the fruit bowl in front of her.

“Right back at ya” Skip replied feeling all the stares that came their way.

As if being the new girls weren’t bad enough, their now headmaster hadn’t seemed to bother to include the little fact that they came from Knights, sworn enemy of La Mansion.

“So we toast for you, that you might have an excellent year here! Cheers”

Despite the glares, every single cup was raised in the air to cheer for them. And as soon as the awkward moment had been there, it faded away.

“Well, that wasn’t as bad” Sam commented removing a streak of hair behind her ear.

“Thank your lucky stars” Liv said dismissively while reaching for an apple.

“Hey! By the way, have you met your new roomie?” Sam asked ready to take her first bit out the smashed potatoes.

“Not yet. The room was empty when I got there” she was about to sink her teeth on the fruit when a swooshing noise cut through and an arrow flew before her eyes, pinning the apple and nailing in the table a couple of feet away.

Skip jumped out of her seat, pointing at the projectile that had miraculously hit the apple and not Liv’s hand.

“What the actual fu-!”

A triumphant silhouette stood in a table in the opposite side of the room, posing like a force of nature, holding her bow down and three fingers up like a girl scout’s salute.

“Long life district twel-!”

“Miss Joan!” Headmaster Margot yelled furiously at the teen “To my office now!”

Joan took a bow in front of her admires still holding a sly smile while Curiel grabbed her by the arm dragging her outside “You like to keep it interesting, don’t you, Miss?”

Of course, the robust brunette didn’t seem affected by whatever consequences she was now about to face. And she did not tremble when the huge doors closed behind her.

Samantha drove a hand to her hip while resting the other on the table throwing her sister a mischievous glance “That went from cero to hundred real fast! Not even three hours here and you were already this close to death!”

Noticing the pale tone in Liv’s already impossibly white skin, she sat down again “You alright, Liv?”

“Yeah, thanks, sis. A bit shaken up, but not the weirdest thing we have been through”

“True that!” Skip exclaimed looking at the exit “Who was that girl anyways?”

“That-” the girl placed next to her interrupted making herself acknowledge, like she just had magically materialized there “was the captain of the archery team. She never misses a shot” she informed without looking away from the comic book she was reading.

“An you are…?” Skip shrugged in expectation

The raven haired girl looked over to them “Isobel”. None of the Worthington sisters knew at that point that her reputation had given her another name she was more commonly known for, the mansionpedia. Isobel knew every little single thing there was about the place.

“Welcome to La Mansión. Hope you survive the experience!”

After the disastrous dinner, they all made their way back to the dorms. But that night, Skip barely even slept. She spent hours talking to Kate about lacrosse while eating chips and cookies. Being bunked with Kate was like a never ending slumber party. Liv on the other hand didn’t had such luck. Once she opened her door, an arrow flew next to her, hitting a bullseye that was hanging on the wall.

In the middle of the room stood Joan holding two fingers against her forehead militar-style.

“Hey ya new roomie!”

Liv tried her best to disguise her frustration “How…delightful” to no avail…

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