La Mansion

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The halls were as crowded as you would expect them to be a Monday morning at eight a.m. None of the residents seemed to be very eager to be up and about on their way to class.

Liv was holding her schedule on one hand trying to figure out her surroundings while tons of uniformed girls rushed up and down the halls in an almost mechanical way.

So it came as no surprise when she saw her sister walking in her direction dressed in blue short, white tank top and sucks, breaking the perfect image of uniformity in the corridors. Her hair was loose over her shoulders in a messy way. She had clearly just jumped out of the shower and was now brushing her teeth on her way back to her room.

“Mof-ning, Lif” She greeted through a mouthful of toothpaste spume.

“I take it you found the showers” Liv raiser a brow at her sight.

Skip removed the purple toothbrush from her mouth “Yeah, second floor down the hall to the left”


“Miss Samantha!” Curiel half cried scandalized “You cannot walk out of your room like that!”

“What now?” the teen asked nonchalant.

“You have to dress properly” the older woman emphasized making the word eco in space.

“I am wearing a bra” Samantha pulled the black strip from under her tank top as proof with a seemingly carefree attitude.

Curiel blushed furiously. In over almost three hundred years, the most nudity that those halls had ever seen was long before the place was even an Academy, it was in 1816 when Madame Marlow had shown her ankles to a gentleman.

“Goodness Gracious, child! Go and put on today’s uniform at once!” she demanded “And make sure to wear outfits less revealing than that”.

“You are kidding, right?” Sam huffed “Because my uniform skirt shows far more skin than this”

Liv did her best to muffle a laugh at her remark. Sam was right, but then again, they couldn’t risk getting into trouble.

“Hum!” Liv cleared her throat regaining composure “Don’t fight it, Skip”

“So, I guess walking in my bikini to get suntanned is out of the question now” Sam questioned enticingly.

“It appears so” Liv played along.

“A pity, ’cause I look amazing”

Curiel gawk at the brunette with a lethal glare, full of mysticism and a fair warning.

“Don’t taunt me, Miss. Never choose an opponent stronger than you” and as if nothing had happened, the Head of Discipline turned around ready to leave “Classes will begin shortly, better hurry!”

“How long before she warms up to me?” Skip asked her sister with her hands in a victory pose resting on her waist.

“Honestly, I think you will quit Lacrosse before that ever happens”

“You are on!”

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