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Tryouts: Lacrosse Style

If there was going to be a day in which there was a sunny afternoon, that definitely was going to be the same date as the Lacrosse tryouts.

The field was right next to the forest, so there was nothing but the sound of nature, the birds singing and… Coach Brenda’s whistle.

“Listen up!” the woman shouted making some crows fly away, even nature was scared of her “This is it lassies! If you want to be part of the team, you have to impress me” as deceiving as her broad image could be, Coach Brenda only looked like a grizzly bear, but actually behaved like a teddy bear.

“Today we’ll test you four ‘S skills’. Strength, speed, strategy and stamina. Let’s see what you are made of” she challenged every single new recruit with those feisty blue eyes.

“Your reflexes and reactions will be examined as well” added the assistant coach, William. He was tall, good looking, distant and a complete mystery to unravel “We need the best players this year”

“So line up, lassies! It’s show time” the whistle was blow for the first time that day and all the aspirations got in line to endure what would probably would be the longest and hardest two hours of their lives. Sam knew that much was coming…and she couldn’t wait for it.

In speed, she managed to place herself in second place. As for strength in the non-stop exercises, scored 95 pushups and 87 crunches in a minute each. At that, any person with common sense would have fainted or begged for a break, but Samantha couldn’t wait. After so long, she was finally again in the field, stick in hand, standing in defense ready to play.

Kate stood by the sidelines, listening to some music while waiting for the coaches. Her only job at the moment was doing some assessment of the new blood and play as goalie in the last part to see who could score the most. Her last year in the team was officially beginning.

“So, how is she doing?” Liv asked walking towards her, violin case in hand.

Kate offered a smile and removed her orange headphones “Hey Liv! Skip is killing it. You came to cheer on her?”

“The last thing she needs is an ego boost” she mumbled to herself “But I would never miss it”

“Then you are just in time” she wrapped an arm around her shoulders letting her weight rest heavily on her. Liv barely prevented her knees from buckling “Because they are about to play” she drove her to the bleachers to see it in a first row seat.

Skip couldn’t see anything but the field. And the moment Coach William blew the whistle, her body jolted like if it was hit by a shock of electricity and the game began.

“Many promising recruits, ha Will?” Coach Brenda asked in her raspy voice.

“Looks like it, coach” he crossed his arms looking to his side where Kate was “How about you, captain? Any special interest?”

“Aye! This year I’m more concerned about our defense. Last season we scored many goal, but the final result was very tight. And since Jesse and Pau graduated, we have those positions to replace”

“Those are some big boots to fill” Brenda said almost worriedly “Who do you have in mind, lass?”

“I rather let you see her” she pointed at the match, knowing exactly what was going about to happen.

Sandra Salomon outplayed half the other team, she was now just yards away from what would be a clear shot. And she took it. But little did she know the new trainee had seen that play back in Knights and prevented the goal with ease.

Skip threw the ball to Silvia to keep the game going “Nice shot, Sandra!”

“The Kingsley girl?” Coach Brenda looked at her chart, she was the very last name in it. Her stats looked good so far. “She isn’t doing half bad”

“So? She caught that” William scoffed “Hardly the most impressive thing we have seen today”

“Look at the bigger picture, Will. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that kid has been on the team for years now”

“Perhaps. But she lacks technique and she is a rookie” he objected still unconvinced.

“I bet you can work on that with her” Coach Brenda said optimistically “Well, not the rookie part, we are stuck with that”

The young man sighted, he knew Brenda was looking at the bright side of it, he could not count on her vote now. “Are you sure, Kate?” he asked almost beggingly to the captain.

“I need someone I can trust on the field, Will. Since Selene was captain I-” she cut herself off, unable to finish that idea, it still haunted her. Instead, she looked him in the eye “Skip is my roommate. She is from Knights; you know? We have some heavy rivalry with them and…first thing she asked me?” she finally looked away “When my birthday is”

Will looked at her for a second, he knew too well how hellish it had been for Kate being teammates with former captain Selene. He then realized had no other choice “Fine! I will work with the kid”

“That’s the spirit, William!” Brenda glowed with excitement “Now let’s gather ’em! Let’s wrap this up”

He knew that was his cue, so walked into the battlefield and blew the whistle for the last time that day. “Ok! Bring it in!”

The sun was now up their heads, shining brightly, birds were no longer singing and the only noise in the whole place was the panting and gasping for air of the poor players.

“You all did a great job today! But we only have room for five representative players on the team. The list will be posted outside my office this Friday” she declared like it was a battle cry “Best of luck! Now go hit the showers!”

Liv only smiled standing from the bleachers looking from afar at them “Way to go, sis. Well done” she praised, even if it Sam wouldn’t hear her.

But suddenly the big clock echoed through the campus ad Liv was brought back to reality “I’m late!” she rushed to Kate “I have to run, can you please tell Skip I’ll see her later?”

“Sure thing”


“But, where are you going?”

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