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Trapped in my mind

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This story shows the day to struggles of teenagers and young adults what they go through. Not only the problems but the issues of what peer pressure that has been put on each of each child,trauma, pain and the everyday struggles and sacrifices. These people display it all for you

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"Maddison, pack up you're going to aunts house." So I have an aunt who lives in San Diego one of the most dangerous places in America. I was resentful on going since the last 2 shootings that were leaving 100 people dead, what was also annoying is that I have 2 other siblings that weren't told to go because I'm getting punished for failing Geography plus, one is older and one is younger they could go but lord forbid they go assist their sister so they're staying. Why I don't know, "mom do I really have to go? I really don't want to." My mom seemed ready to attack me with her words,"No! You will go Maddison, plus your aunt needs you she's been lonely ever since coming out rehab show some empathy " my aunt was on drugs for a very long time from suffering a tough depression state after my moms mother passed on and my mom decided she needed help so took her to a center. While she was there her husband left her and took her daughter with him because he didn't want their daughter to live in that environment, so mom did have a point but still my safety is important. "I'm guessing you didn't hear about the shootings because unlike you I did" "oh my God Maddison you're going even if there are boys with guns there " my mom was as stubborn as a donkey that's where I get it from I guess. I ended up packing up and left with mom. After a 2 hour drive we got there, I spotted my aunt in her yard dancing looking happier than before we didn't know why " You see mom she's fine so lets go back home" I thought she was convinced but we still got there anyway " Maddison I swear if you don't stop you'll spend the whole summer " I rolled my eyes in hope she didn't see it.

"Tessa,oh my word you're here, physically." My aunt looked so happy, it kinda made me lighten up a little. Mom and Aunt helped me load off my things from the car "jeez, Maddie you pack like you're staying for 2 months. It's only a few days." My mom looked at me and said "I told her to pack light, but she never listens to me" my mom is quite nice isn't she, don't be fooled it's sarcasm "yeah mom "I said sarcastically. I finally finished unloading my things and mom was about to leave, but she stopped and said "If anything goes wrong I am a phone call away." I smiled and waved, aunt was over the moon I didn't want to be a pain so I played along. It had only been 40 minutes when mom left and I started hearing bangs next door, I thought nothing of it until I got closer before I knew they were people shooting in the house. I felt so paralyzed I couldn't move but they got into aunt's room and I ran to help her but they shot right in front of me, before they saw me I ran out the house. I wasn't prepared for what I saw, dead bodies on the floor, people who wanted to get help died and I saw their bloody bodies. I screamed in horror,shock , pain I thought the shooters came outside so I clutched on my life for dear God but the police arrived and they tried to flee, but they still got caught

I went into the room aunt was in hoping she was still alive. She wasn't she was dead and what broke my heart is that she died still smiling as she did when I was there, her lifeless body looked mesmerizing I was paralyzed holding her my aunts face regretting everything I said and did about coming to her I went to grab my phone and went to the room I was supposed to sleep in got my phone and called mom, she came very quick to find me balling my eyes over aunts dead body before the ambulancevame to take her, she tried to deattach me from her but I was persistent on staying next like how I was supposed. She took me home and I felt better but broken, I closed my door and tried to sleep buy I couldn't. My mom knocked on my door cause of the usual request for her to knock before entering but I quickly felt uneased its like I heard those bullets again and the sound of Aunt getting shot, "mom please don't knock " I felt weak, I had gotten triggered every time a door slammed or someone knocked on it. It was a problem and I never left my room until.

It came to the day of funeral, "I don't want to go mom" mom felt pity for me so she left me and went with Max and Marie. They were gone and I was at home alone. I couldn't really do much so I went to mom's medicine cabinet and took her pills and crushed them, I had never done this before but I want to experiment so I sniffed it, I didn't seem bad at all. It made me feel so good but I tried to stop but something was erging myself not to, before you know it I'm high on drugs. I didn't feel anything at all. My mom eventually came home with Max and Marie. She didn't notice anything so I was safe for then.

It was a constant thing for me to dig in cabinet i used the excuse of period pains so I took some and crush them and consume it my mom was confused when she wanted painkillers that they were no left.It came to the end of summer vacation and time to go to school, school never bothered me because I had no friends or at least people I talk to. I was completely unbothered by no one wanting to talk to me, cause yet again I didn't go to school for people.

I think you need to know me a bit before we go even further to situation. I'm Maddison Reyes, I was 3 years old when my dad left my mom and I don't really remember anything about him. It was his fault in my opinion he never called, sent messages or even presents. My mom got pregnant shortly after with Marie and her dad was crap, he sexually assaulted me. He took advantage because I was the "quiet" child who didn't know to react to things and my mom i didn't know anything about it even to this day, he told me mom wasn't satisfying him sexually so I satisfied him more. Eventually mom broke with him cause she found out he was cheating. The relief I had in my soul since then but I was never same since then. At least Marie got calls and presents from father.

My family is pretty messed up, it's like 3 siblings from 3 different men and it seems as if I was the only one without a dad. I was always and odd child, I was quiet and anti social at a very young age totally different from my whole family but I didn't care as much. As much as I wasn't effected by those things it's like the shooting pulled a trigger and it all came out

My mom knocked on my door when I had told her not to, "Mom what did we say about the knocking." "You're going to be late so I suggest you hurry up," school was the last thing I wanted to be because I'm around people that see me as a nobody but it's not like I cared it just didn't feel nice all the time. From time to time you do need a friend to talk to.

I arrived at school, there was a new student and she looked pretty friendly. I gave her a brief smile and she smiled back and came walking to me. "Hey, I don't really have anyone to show me around and it seems you know this place more than me. Well I'm just asking to show me around before my first class" She seemed nervous so I decided to be nice and said "yes, of course it's not like I have anything better to do." I showed her around and we had the same class so I decided to go with her to class

I think I finally made an good impression on someone of all my years of high school. I found out her name was.

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