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Repeating in Time

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This is about a girl who is stuck in a time loop.

Drama / Fantasy
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Repeating in Time

“Wake up, Vora!” my little brother exclaims “its morning! its morning! wake up!”

“wake me up at ten...my sleep was horrible.” I yawn

“Vora, Ivan!” our mother yells from downstairs “get ready for school and come downstairs!”

I then wake up, smelling like a mule, and tromp down the stairs angrily.

“What’s for breakfast?” I ask sleepily.

“There’s no time for breakfast Vora!” My mother exclaims, “You have to go now!”

I then walk to the door, already knowing what’s going to happen today.

“The same thing as yesterday.” I tell myself.

I then get my belongings and head outside. I hop on the bus after Ivan and sit down in the back to relive the first day of school again.

I get stares from everybody on the bus since I haven’t come to this school before. Of course, I think.

The school bus races toward the next house, it would be the last one before we head to school.

My brother would be near the front of the bus right now in order to be the farthest away from me as possible. Ivan would then invite the girl coming up the bus steps to sit with him. Then, they would slowly become friends as the day went by.

“Thanks!” I heard a familiar voice from the front as Lanice sat down. i sighed, already knowing how long it was going to take for the bus to get to school, but not knowing when the next reset would happen. we drove a bit as i counted, but we took a diffrent turn. Thats weird... I thoguht. We stopped at another house and another girl got on the bus. Since there were no more seats, she sat beside me.

" uh...hello..” she said nervously “im lilly.”

“hello lilly-” i said questioning everything “im Vora”

“not that it matters..” she whisperd to herself, though, I could hear it.

she was a bunny, shy, scittish and mysterious.

“3..2...1..” she sighed

and then I woke up in my room again.

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