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Drama / Adventure

Chapter 1

I remember when I first went into the gutter in Tj Mexico. The first thing that came to my mind is that this ain’t normal. I never been out of the country at that point let alone a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY so everything was surreal. It was like time had stopped and everything was going in slow motion. I remember i went into the San Ydisro boarding crossing over the bridge that takes you to downtown Tj and walking by all the women with babies laying on the sidewalks begging for pesos.. that shit was heartbreaking. But what really fucked me up the most is that in Mexico they got this desert spider that bites the shit out of you and swell the infected area all up to the point puss come out of it and the meat falls right off your body. I was seeing a lot of men walking around with spider bites and you can literally see the bone marrow with all this puss coming out of it. So a dude walks up to me and ask me for a few pesos (he had one of them bites on his shin) and I was looking at it closely and I just got sick. I asked him what happened and he told me about that spider and that he could not go to the hospital because he had no money. They don’t have healthcare or food stamps or anything like that in mexico so if you get sick or something happens you on your own down there.. It’s the worst. I broke him off some pesos. What really hurt was seeing the children with the same bites and they can’t get them treated. It just makes you want to cry. I started buying peroxide and bandages because they had to wake up every day with their shit all twisted like that ... and a lot of them had to go out and hustle to feed their families for that day. Grown Men selling taffy just to get a few pesos to buy their kids some grub...It’s the worst. It changed my view of the world forever .. Real talk

When I think about it today I believe that I am still alive is because the Mexicans seen how torn to pieces I was at the poverty they was living in. They said that most Americans don’t see or want to see how they was living and that is why they allowed me to see all that I seen..There is no project in the US or a terrible situation I had ever witnessed growing up in the US that compares to what they go through every day down there and to think this is right next door to one of the richest cities in the US..San Diego...All that sex trafficking and selling their kids is real ..The further you go in Mexico the poorer it gets to the point where you just can’t believe what you’re seeing. I was about 50 miles away from the Guatemalan Border..But it’s heartbreaking.

I remember my first night in Tijuana Mexico.. It was like walking into the doors of Hell. Once I hit Revolution Blvd I knew the devil lived there..Every Biblical sin was going on at once ..in plain view. With no shame. The first thing I seen was all the heroin addicts just laying on the sidewalks and in the alleyways shooting up right in their necks and how little girls were standing in front of clubs trying to get you to trick with them while the police stood and watched..Tr...ash everywhere and the streets haven’t been clean in decades. You can literally taste the filth in the air as you witnessed the controlled carnage that unfolded in front of you. If I had to describe the environment it was like being in the middle of a very beautiful trash dump full of culture and pictures. I didn’t make if from the border to my hotel room without being offered every sinful pleasure known to man for damn near nothing.. a few pesos. I knew I was in a different world. I remember when I first checked in the Hotel San Diego there was some dudes in the lobby and they peeped me getting a room. After a hour after check in I get a knock on my door and it’s one of them asking was I good and he wanted to send some girls to my room. I was like nah I’m good( I thought it was a setup) but it was a normal thing to them.. Later on that night I walked around (not realizing I’m probably the only black man in Tj Mexico with a city of close to 2 million people. When I walked past all the clubs on Agua Caliente I seen a strong police presence because that is the tourist area and then what jumped out at me was all the little girls I seen standing in front of the clubs and all the old men buying them and taking them into the rooms ajustant to the clubs. .They were little girls. This was all in front of the police..Later I found out that a lot were trafficked or their families were so poor that they sent their daughters up to Tj to get money for them so they can eat. Real Talk

I remember my second day in Tijuana Mexico and walking out in the morning time from the hotel and seeing dam near a million Mexican people on Revolution Blvd. It was something extraordinary. I first noticed that everything was outdated. The city was old. It was like I stepped into the 1940′s Cars and buses were mad old and center city looked like one big swap meet. It was as if the city has been frozen in time and not that well preserved. But the art was fascinating.. There was only a few modern buildings downtown but the rest was old warehouses like and you can tell that there is no real health code enforcement there......I paid 200 pesos for the month which is equivalent to 30 bucks US Dollar. My room was a hole in the ground and the water was a greenish transmission fluid like color. This was the best hotel they had on that side. They warn you not to drink the water and now I see why. To think that majority of the country have to drink that water is just unbelievable. That shit is the worst. Right there and then I knew I can’t eat the food or drink the water. So I’m walking down Agua Clientele Blvd and there as a big ass crowd at one of the intersections at one of the hotels and the Federalizes ([police) were there. Come to find out that some tourists had got robbed and murdered. Apparently they were buying meth and trusted somebody to come back with the dope but they came back with a crew and robbed and killed them. They ducked taped there hands and feet and put a clear plastic bag over their heads and taped it around their necks and suffocated them to death. I think they were tourists from Romania.. I overheard the crowd speaking in Spanish. I was like damn that shit is crazy. I knew right then and there this is the business.

What was apparent in my second day in Tijuana Mexico was that everybody watches your every move and be following you to see if they can get you or if you going to stray off of the main tourist streets (hopefully in one of those alleys to take a piss) so they can billy club you to death. I was well dressed which stood out and I kept wondering why I kept seeing the same mf’s on every street I went on. I just had that feeling I was being followed. But I’m a street nigga so I know when something ain’t right. Plus when the police peeped me out they started to follow me as well. Come to find out that the police only make $50 Dollars a month and that they be shaking Americans down for money. If you ain’t got no money they planting something on you and then take you to prison knowing your peeps from out of the country going to send this outrageous ass bail to get you out (ransom) if you make it out alive..the OG’s in San Diego already put me on to game so I had all my money in my shoes and only kept 200 pesos on me in case of the shake down.

So I was out for about an hour and a half on my second day in Tijuana Mexico and It was hot as hell. I never felt no dry ass desert heat like that. I was starting to get hungry and I knew I had to go get some food back in San Ysidro across the border. The food (especially the meat) looked suspect like they killed the animal 6 months ago and keep it in the freezer that long so I started to head back to my hotel room and when I got there there was a beautiful older Mexican Woman there. Her Skin was flawless and she spoke with a thick Mexican accent...( she was beautiful as hell to be a older woman) She had to been between 35 and 40. So as I’m checking back in we started to small talk in Spanish ( y’all know I speak full Spanish) and this Mexican dude walks in and peeped that small chemistry that was going on with me and the lady and dude just went behind the counter and kicked her right in her ass and called her a whore.. He told her to get back to work. I said to myself wtf just happened. That just threw me right off. So she tried to laugh it off ( i knew she was embarrassed) so she gave me my key and she walked into the other room and it was just me and dude in the main lobby. I guess he seen the bewildered look on my face. I thought it was her husband or something but it wasn’t He said to me in broken English that when women in Mexico are not married by 17 or they have sex before marriage they are treated like whores .. Real Talk

I remember my third day in Tijuana Mexico. I was still not registering what was going on and where I was. My eyes was processing the data but my mind was not registering that I am in one ...If not the most dangerous cities in the Northern Hemisphere. Despite it being filthy it was beautiful. All the art and music. You can really feel the culture but you can clearly see the danger. On the main streets you have the tourists which were somewhat modern but when you slide on one ...of them back streets you see the real Mexico with the chronic drug addiction and prostitution going on. It’s like demons waiting on you in the lurch waiting to fulfill any sick desires you have....everything goes. Every time I stepped out of a store I had at least 5 people wanting a word with me to offer illicit goods and products. And then there was the poor. just laying there right on the side of the street looking like death itself. Me not being use to seeing mass poverty like that I started giving them pesos (I had 15.000 thousand of them) not knowing that one pesos bought you food for 2 days.. I really didn’t understand how RICH i was and the financial power I had until I kept buying all kinds of things and still had a ton of pesos left. For example I bought 2 pair of prescription glasses and two pair of contacts with the eye exam (that would have costed me 350 dollars easy in the US) for only 800 pesos. That is equivalent to 60 US dollars. I’m like dam. And then every time I would go into the XOXO store (their version of 7-11) i would buy a lot of snacks .. The read Doritos are the truth and I would only spend 1 pesos for items that would cost me about 15 dollars at the 7-11. I’m like damn this shit is crazy. I was splurging and didn’t realize I had some of the most dangerous people on earth peeping my every move .

I remember my 4 day in Tijuana Mexico. I was walking down Revolution Blvd and I could not believe how crowded it was with Mexicans. I didn’t know that Tj had over 2 million people in it. It was live with mad people coming and going. I damn near stopped in every store on Revolution and bought something and that was my big mistake because I am walking down the street with all these bags and that was a indicator that I had money. I kept going back to the hotel and stashing my stuff and then go right back out . It was like a crazy rush to have all them pesos for real. I remember this was the night of the Pac and May weather fight and overheard they were going to be showing the fight at this club on Agua Caliente (name withheld) about 9:30 but in Tijuana Americans have a curfew of 8 pm but I wasn’t going to miss the fight so I went back to the hotel after being out all day got dressed and slid over to the club. I remember walking in and seeing all these pretty Mexican girls all lined up as soon as you walk in the door. (all for sale) for $13 dollars a pop. Any one of them or as many as you want in one pop as long as your cash s right. I was just there to see the fight. I didn’t know that this club and all clubs in the area belong to the Cartel and everybody running them are Cartel. One of the most powerful drug cartels in the world and here i am watching the fight with dudes that will cut you up into little pieces and leave your remains in a bowl in a alley for them sick ass dogs to chew on.. But I wasn’t thinking like that. I made it known through my body language that if it comes to me I ain’t going alone..I remember the bar tender coming over to me and saying that I had heart to come in there alone. I laughed at him. Then as the fight progressed some other people that operated the club came over to my table and offered me some of the girls but I was like nah I’m good. The way it was set up is that you can pay for a drink for the girls then you pay the house and then there is this room that sits right in the club (all tented) and trick with the girls. But that room also had another door to it where they can come and snatch you up and drag you in the basement on some kidnap type situation while you got your pants down. I been on to game. So when they seen I was not for all that then they assumed I wanted to do some other type of business. So they came over to me and started talking figures and that they had work for me driving. They had a truck they wanted me to drive from Tj to Mexicali (another border town) and drop it off. They wanted to see if I was loyal and trustworthy and if I come thru they would pay me decently. I was like hell nah. Because if you drive and get caught trying to bring tons of that raw threw the border your doing a million light years in a Mexican prison and if you get through as soon as you get out the truck they going to hit you off with those heaters and leave your body in a ditch...real talk. They usually do that to people they kidnap and then tell one he has to drive or they was killing their friend or whoever they with but they both end up getting the short end anyway. Real talk.

It was about my 6 day in Tijuana Mexico and I was starting to get familiar with where I was at. I was still feeling a bit in danger but it seems that the Mexicans were starting to get use to the ideal of me being there. I refused to eat the food and drink the water so I had to cross the border every day just to get me something to eat .and then come back and depending on what time of the day you cross the border you could be sitting in that hot ass desert heat for 3 and 4 h...ours. I remember I was going back across the border (it was about 4:30) and I seen this hippy looking white guy and he was wearing a sheet (nothing else) so he was standing next to me in the line and I asked him what happened he said he was set up by the police and he just got out of jail and that they robbed him for everything that he had. He said while he was in prison the guards kept beating on him with this wooden paddle in the back of his legs. He showed me the marks. I was like damn that’s crazy. As we proceeded through the border I kept promising the mothers with their babies I will be back to bring them food and pesos. It’s a fucked up scene to see that. No food and no water for the babies. It just reminded me of how us Americans take so much for granted. I just can’t see how any person in the world can walk by that and not care at all. I was sliding them some pesos to hold them over until I get back. They had to do it on the sneak because the addicts would rob them of their money. They didn’t care if the babies ate that day or not. It’s a dog eat dog world there.

It was about my 10th day in Tijuana Mexico and I was walking down Agua Caliente Blvd. That is one of the main strips in the city. Once you go 3 blocks away from Revolution down Agua Caliente your life is pretty much on the line. Ain’t no real police protection for tourists and that is how a lot of people from other countries come up missing.. I just couldn’t help myself though because once you turn up them back streets from the tourist area that is when you see the real Mexico. I was heading to this swap meet about 7 blocks away from the hotel and I happen to see one of the owners of that club I went to see the Pac and Mayweather fight. He was in his car and he spotted me. So he gets out the car (him and three other dudes) and we started talking again. He wanted to know if I was still interested in doing business and the offer is always open for me. What shocked me the most is that he knew that I was giving away pesos to a lot of people to help feed them and he thought that was decent of me and he wanted me to know I walk through Mexico with no fear. Everybody was out that day on the ave so everybody peeped me out talking to dude. Hear to come find out this was the BIG MAN. The Godfather of Tj and I had no clue. I didn’t find out til weeks later. I knew something was different because of the unlimited amounts of respect that I was starting to get from the hood and the different looks that I was getting. It was apparent that Mexicans don’t like black men and they show it. They will spit in your food or put poison in it if you buy something there or call you a nigger but I got none of that after that day things just changed. Black women can run through mexico without any fear but a black man is in danger as soon as he cross the border and the reason is because of the Buffalo Soldiers. The Mexicans are real bitter about that til this day and the anger and hate is passed down from generation to generation.They blame the black man for killing a lot of their people and taking California New Mexico Texas and all the border States and leaving them with the most fucked up part of Mexico. (a desert) I looked it up and they were right.

So it’s about my 13th day in Tijuana Mexico and I have been coming the city on a regular. Still cautious. At my hotel (the Hotel San Diego) I can see the entire block right from my window and at night all you see is a bunch of wild Mexicans drinking and fighting all night and as soon as the Mexican police come they all scatter. Everything is being bought and sold. Pills, weed, coke, heroin girls,boys and every sick pleasure known to man. I remember It was late and I wanted to run to the XOXO (Mexican version of 7-11) to grab me some snacks and this Mexican dude was standing right outside of the store. He told me that he has secretion from a toad’s back that he was trying to get off. I was like what the hell is that. He said you lick it and it will get you high for hours. I laughed at him. Fuck this nigga trying to sell me? On my way back from the store the prostitutes were lined up at the door of the hotel. They be waiting on you to get there and then flash you something to see if you will go for it. I don’t trick plus I found out that once you trick with them they demand more money from you or they call the Mexican police and say you raped them or they will poke you with a aids infected needle.

The next day I went back in the hood just to see what I can see. When you first turn on them backstreets it’s like nothing you have ever seen in your life. The filth and stench of garbage will damn near knock you off your feet and the people looked old dirty drugged out and starving. They all had murder in their eyes as well. It appeared to me that they were shocked to see me there and I was shocked to see the living conditions that they were living in. They were on survivor mode for real. I was saying to myself wtf I need to be walking through this crazy ass shit with one of those white center for disease control suits that they put on when they are handling deadly viruses with the oxygen tank. .It was heartbreaking. the houses were damn near falling down and it was like 12 people to a house. Nobody had food or money and everybody looked sick.I remember the kids were the first to approach me. There was this old man selling ice cones so I bought all the kids one and then I proceeded walking deeper into the hood. Surprisingly they let me walk right through with no problems. They just kept throwing up the peace signs and I waived back to them. I had a little fear because this was severe poverty on the highest level. Extreme poverty like that will make people do some serious things to feed their families. I heard that some Americans get drunk and stray off into the DANGER ZONE and then they will get rolled up on by a group of 6 Mexicans in a pickup truck and then they will snatch them up and put them in the back of the truck and then put a black bag over their head and then drive them way out in the desert to a abandoned building and then tie them to a chair ass naked and beat their feet with the back end of a hammer until they give them the pen number to their credit card. Once they get the pin then 3 days later the Mexican police find them face down in a sewage drain with their limbs cut off and when the police roll them over their face be so bashed in there is no way a dental identification can be made. They ship their bodies back to the US as John Does.

I remember it was about my 17th day in Tijuana Mexico. I was up in my hotel room thinking to myself wtf is going on down here. This shit is a madhouse. It felt like I was living in the 1920 depression era America. I just couldn’t believe how lawless shit was and how one false move could lead to a mf’s doom. After being in the hood and seeing the setup I thank god that I didn’t drink, I can see how it all goes down with those tourists that be getting drunk and get lost coming out of them bars or get set up by one of them hoes and be lead to their deaths. They really don’t see it coming. One minute they alright and the next they in some basement with 4 Mexican dudes holding them down and a fifth swinging an axe at them like he was chopping wood for a fire. They got loud ass mexican music on so nobody can hear the screams but it someone did I doubt they would even give a fuck.. Afterwards they would put the body parts in 5 trash bags and spread them all around the city. Them sick ass dogs at the dump be chasing each other with their leg in their mouths fighting each other for it like pits. It gets real in the field. Shiddd even great great grandma will put a 12 inch kitchen knife in your back standing on a makeshift walker if she knew you got them pesos. She would go all through your pockets while you stretched all out in the middle of the street then afterwards she would send her grandbabies to the store to get her 2 chicken burritos and a corona and take a nap. It’s the worst. I bought some weed while I was there (Malta) and that shit ain’t to be played with. Two puffs of the blunt will have you barking at a tree for 5 hours in that blazing ass Mexican heat forreal. That shit is straight from the fields. I got a half pound for $3 US dollars.. Shit had me thinking all kinds of crazy ass shit. I’m like thinking about what them dudes at the club was saying to me. I mean It really didn’t hit me til then. I’m like did these dudes just make me a made man? Access to that Raw? 2 phone calls away from the BIG MAN? Choppo? Wtf Im tripping! Then as I kept smoking that weed I’m like saying to myself said if I can’t be famous doing good things I mind as well go down with the bad guys. Noriega, Escobar. Choppo. I would have tons of that raw pumping through those tunnels like traffic through the Holland in NYC. It aint everyday a nigga get a chance to make it snow in the Sahara....im like fuck that. Shiddd forreal. Im pacing back and forth in my room like i’m in a beautiful nightmare. After a nigga be offered that type of paper he aint right at that point and will never be right again. But I know that shit can get out of control if 2 pesos come up short. This is the Mexican Mafia.. the Sinaloa Cartel... the world’s most powerful drug-trafficking organization.Im out of my league on every level. They would have me in a back room all tied up clipping my fingers and toes off with a branch cutter and watch me bleed to death in agony. I couldn’t sleep for the next 3 days.....

So It’s my 22nd day in Tijuana Mexico and I’m still alive. I been all over town especially up them back streets and made it to see the next day. I remember when the Mexicans started calling me Chi Moreno They didn’t know my name so they just gave me that and I started to respond to that. I thought it sounded hard as hell. I’m still blowing off pesos like it ain’t no tomorrow and going back and forth across the border to eat everyday and I remember I was waiting in that long ...ass line about 2:30 in the afternoon and some shit jumped off right at the border entrance. It was about in the middle of the line and all I heard was screaming and shouting and people started to rush back towards me like a stampede. I moved to the side and looked up and all I seen was a big ass group of Mexicans getting it on with knifes. I was a Mexican gang fight. I didn’t get a good good look at it all but I was close enough to see that. I remember the Mexican Army (they patrol the Mexican side of the border) started pointing them AK-47s and was yelling in spanish. I’m like damn if they get to spraying right here it would be a bloodbath. Shit just got hot like that in seconds. I was forced to move with the crowd so I walked back across the bridge and went back to the hotel. I remember when I got back to the tell I’m like fuck that shit .its crazy out here and anything can happen at anytime. I got to get the fuck out of here for real but I was like shittt Im rich ..them pesos spend decently.

So it’s about my 30th day in Tijuana Mexico and I am still on my routine. You never really get over the feeling you’re in danger there no matter how many times you made it back to America. The feeling is unreal. I remember I was working for the City of San Diego for Parks and Recreations (Balboa Park) and I use to catch the trolley from the San Ysidro Border to work and come right back to Mexico. The ride is only 30 minutes and the hotel i was staying was right across the bridge of death in Mexico. I could have taken a cab for only 18 pesos ($1 US) but it’s dangerous as hell in those taxies. If those taxi drivers know you don’t know what you’re doing and where you’re going they will set a MF up decently. Drive you in one of them back streets and call his amigos to do you dirty. He will take you to some alleyway and get out of the car with you sitting in the back street and then 5 Mexicans will roll up on the car and snatch you right out that mf and beat you with metal pipes. Leave your cabbage looking like turkey ala king. When the Federalizes (Mexican police) find you all they going to find is your sneakers with your severed feet still in them. Real talk. So one day I was coming across the border and this dude walks up to me and was trying to sell me a plastic dog. I started laughing at him. I was like nah i’m good. He had the saddest look on his face when I told him I didn’t want to buy his plastic dog. I had a burrito in my hand that I bought from San Ysidro and he ask me can he have the rest and that he ain’t ate in 4 days. I said dam and as I was handing it to him it accidentally dropped out of the aluminum foil straight on that dirty ass ground. I was going to break him off some pesos so he can get something to eat but before I could even go in my pockets dude bent down and banged it right from the ground. Then asked if he could wash it down with my water. Shid I was like damn that’s crazy. I broke him off 5 pesos to get him something to eat anyway. He told me his name was Jose and he was part of the PIRU GANG......If i ever seen a more sincere nigga in my life it was dude. So I get back to the hotel and as I was walking up to my room I seen this Mexican dude standing at the top of the stairs looking all suspicious. When he peeped me coming he dipped past me down the stairs. I didn’t think nothing of it so as I was going to my room I notice my door was open. I walked in and caught the lady that was in the room 2 doors down going through my shit. I started to snap on her but she started crying and all that. Begging me not to hit her and all this crazy shit. She was trying to reach for my pants and unsnap my zipper but I was like get the fuck off of me and kicked her out of my room. Them Mf’s is some serious thieves. But that was my fault for splurging.

So I’m on 34 days in Tijuana Mexico and I’m starting to feel a bit relaxed. By now everybody in town done seen me around and nothing happened to me so far. I am going out regularly and despite it being the most dangerous place in the world I didn’t feel anything was going to happen to me. I was sort of like a made man there and mad people were relying on my pesos just to feed their families for that day at least. It was like giving them change considering I get $18 pesos for... every american dollar. They made me feel like I was a boss there. The reason they give the business to a lot of foreigners is because they come to their country and don’t do jack shit for them after seeing how fucked up shit is. Won’t give a Mf nothing real talk. I was a different story. I remember I was heading to the XOXO (Mexican version of 7-11) and I seen damn near a Million Mexicans on Revolution Blvd. They were having a festival. I swear it was packed. I didn’t even know it was jumping off. I seen all kinds of shit that I ain’t never seen before. They was having those mock bull fights and bands were playing that old 1800′s Mexican music. Everybody was dressed up like they stepped out of a movie. I was like dam. I couldn’t snap any shots of it because something was wrong with my phone. Imagine a million Mexicans and you’re one of a few if not the only black mf there. I had a dam ball all day long. But i was bothered by my phone because it was doing some shit I ain’t never seen it do before. It kept beeping when it was off and all kinds of icons was showing up that ain’t even in the manual. I just felt uncomfortable not having a way to call anybody if it goes down. I didn’t think anything of it until I tried to cross the border the next day and I was detained by the border patrol for the first time. They took me in this room and started to ask me all these questions as to why am i in Mexico and my drug traffic conviction I got in the 90′s. Then they ask me about my affiliations and why i be in certain areas . I’m like WFT is going on here. Then it dawned on me that the US was tracking me by satellite. They were keeping a close eye on my black ass forreal. I was like damn that’s crazy. They went all through my shit and I knew that it was bigger than a routine questioning because how all the officers in the room going to be from Indiantown Gap (my hometown) It was a ploy to make me feel comfortable. I told them man I ain’t doing shit but having a good time and setting things up to film a movie. I can tell they weren’t going for that shit though. My criminal record is ugly as hell. But they let me go and I knew right then and there shit could get real serious if I decided to go Escobar on them

So it’s like my 45th day in Tijuana Mexico and I’m still on the prowl. I kind of got over all the fear of being attacked or kidnapped and move throughout the city like I lived there all my life. Bout that time I got to know a lot about who is who and what and what not to get into. Things were started to come together mentally and was relaxing like it was normal. The Mexicans (despite being real killers when they have to) are real good people. When you break bread with them you family as far as they are concerned. Plus I got to know a lot of the PIRU’s the biggest street gang in Tj. They be the ones that be going all out but they knew I was good peoples. When I got approached it was out of respect and not out of a potential victim. So I’m back at the hotel San Diego still smoking that Malta (Mexican Weed) and thinking all kinds of crazy shit. I mean the first thing that hits me is that I ain’t in U.S. Jurisdiction anymore. I ain’t gotta worry about the Feds or anything else of that matter. Secondly since Im broke in down here I can do almost anything I want to do there. I could catch a body and pay my way out of it..Shiddd. Real Talk. It felt nice to be in a country where the government is corrupt and $100 US dollars is $1800 to them. Plus I speak full spanish. The cops are with it as long as your payoff is right. Plus them cartel boys really opened the door for me to act a straight fool. I remember a few months ago the US coast guard captured 25 tons of that hard white off the coast of Canada and brought it to San Diego and I was wondering how in the fuck did they let 25 t’s get away from them like that but now that I know what I know it was the payoff to let 500 tons of the moon in you feel me. Dam. Shdd all I had to do is move one and then my next order is unlimited??? Lawd have mercy. I’m like I know I could get that off easy and then when it’s time to re-up I would have said “let me run with it all”.Real talk.

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hannahmbk: It's a really good book❤️❤️❤️It's has romance and fantasy well mixed together and it just pulls you in when you read it.BUT there are a few times where the sentences don't match up or the words aren't spelled correctly.I'm not saying that you can't read itI'm just saying that you might have some ...

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neha bhatt: I didn't exactly understand the teasers want to know the the whole story between the teasers but overall the story was good.i look forward to know what happens later in the story when she grows up and fight to change the world for good, become the strongest Fae and help people and animals conditi...

Bluebug25: I like it so far. I really like biker stories and I like the strong female character that you have present early on. I have really on read up to starting chapter one so its reply hard for me to write a review, but I do like what I have read so far.

samantharochelle21: I love this book. The storyline and plot is really amazing, I couldn't put the book down. That being said, there was a few grammatical and punctuation errors. But it didn't take away the impact of the novel

Carolg37: Great storyline! I read it all in a few hours and fell in love with the characters. She’s a really awesome writer. I can’t wait for the next book!!!

Jules0jewels: Beautifully written. Her books are amazing and just filled with emotions. Amazing author

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