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The Secrets Hidden In The Scars (Shortened Edition)

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Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife successfully overcame the relationship crisis, even through they still have to work on it. Nevertheless, the lovers found a balance between a personal life and work and decided to get married. But they get problems because of Natalia Rochester, the best friend of Raquelle, and Edward MacClife, the younger brother of Terrence, the relationship of who are not quite fine. And trying to find out all the truth, the lovers have to face more serious problems and secrets, which have to do with the MacClife family and has been hidden from Edward and Terrence for many years.

Drama / Romance
Estrella Rose
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Chapter 1

It’s the early morning in New York. One of the largest airports. Natalia Rochester, a cute, blue-eyed blonde with cascaded, long hair is driving her bag on a special particular cart and going to go home to have a very good rest from a long flight. The girl is not alone. Her parents are with her. Her mother is very similar to her daughter: she is a little lower than the girl and also has blonde shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. Despite not being a young woman, the woman looks incredible for her age. The father of the young girl has dark thick hair, a tall height that is much taller than the women have, and quite a serious and confident look.

“Finally, we’ve arrived…” Letitia says tiredly, driving her suitcase on a particular cart, as well as Natalia is doing. “Honestly, I’m so sick of this long flight… And really missed home…”

“Yeah, I’m exhausted, too,” Anthony confesses, driving not one but two suitcases on a particular cart. “Now I would like to find a taxi and go home to have a good rest as soon as possible.”

“These flights really make you sick…” Natalia sighs quietly, also looking exhausted and a little sad. “I feel exhausted and want to go home as soon as possible.”

“At least, you don’t have to fly with us anymore,” Letitia notices. “In a few days, your father and I will go to Mexico together to get ready for the moving of your grandmother to our home. And you will stay here and be waiting for her to move here.”

“Yes, I know, but I want Grandmother to get well as soon as possible…” Natalia says in a very quiet voice and signs very often, with sadness in the eyes, looking around with tired eyes at times. “It’s so hurt to see her being like that…”

“The doctors say forecasts are quite positive,” Anthony replies with a slight smile. “So, as the doctors say everything may be fine, everything will really be fine.”

“That’s right,” Natalia smiles slightly, glancing at Anthony. “You’ve spent much money for her therapy that is supposed to help her.”

“Thank God, it’s helping her, and your grandmother believes in the best.”

“By the way, when are you going to fly to Mexico again and get ready for the moving?”

“I don’t know, daughter,” Letitia shrugs. “We need to solve some business at work. Of course, I did half of our work before our arrival. But there is another half, which it would be great to do, as well.”

“Yeah, being a journalist and a lawyer is a hard business,” Anthony sighs quietly. “But thanks to this, we will always have money and be able to have everything. Even an expensive therapy in the most proprietary hospital of any country.”

Natalia says nothing and looks into the distance with a slight smile.

“By the way, Natalia…” Letitia pronounces thoughtfully. “You’ve lately been silent, thoughtful, and not very talkative. You were never like this, as I far as remember. Something happened to you and made you sad?”

“Your mother is right, Natalia,” Anthony nods, moving his eyes to Natalia. “You’ve lately, really looked depressed. Did you fight with one of your friends again?”

“No, I haven’t fought with my friends,” Natalia smiles tiredly, looking at Letitia or Anthony. “Since I fought with Raquelle for the first last time.”

“I’m very happy you reconciled, after all,” Letitia replies, caressing Natalia’s shoulder with a slight smile. “You’ve always been such good friends.”

“But that’s good that man, who went insane, paid for all his tricks and left the poor Raquelle alone,” Anthony notices. “She can finally think of her family and work.”

“It’s amazing, but even the fame that rained thick upon Raquelle’s head did not change her, and she remained the sweet, kind, and decent girl.”

“You’re right, mom,” Natalia replies with a shy smile. “I missed her so much after not seeing her for so long. I can’t wait to meet her and find out what happened in her life during one month that we spent in Mexico.”

“I heard she is getting more popular every single day,” Anthony says. “She often gets offers of work and never does anything.”

“Yeah, but now she doesn’t work too hard and tries to plan her schedule better to have time for her friends and beloved fiancé.”

“And I’m glad she changed her mind.”

“Me too,” Letitia notices with a slight smile. “And Raquelle is lucky to get such a wonderful man like Terrence. Even despite what happened between them, I think they fit together very well.”

“I agree with you,” Anthony nods confidently. “That’s good these two reconciled and recognized the mistakes that almost led to their breakup. We would’ve been sad if they had gone their separate ways. And I’m glad they decided to get married.”

“They love each other too much to break up,” Natalia smiles shyly. “If they’d broken up, not being able to find a compromise, I don’t think they would’ve been happy. Raquelle and Terrence need each other. None of them can live without each other. And their decision to get married was conscious.”

“Yes, they really love each other very much. It’s possible to see that with an unadjusted eye in photos that you can easily find on the Internet.”

“By the way, yesterday, they were supposed to attend a public appearance. It seems like they should have gone on the private premiere of a new movie. I recently talked to Raquelle on Facebook, and she told me she wanted to go there so much.”

“Yes, the private premiere of the new movie, to which many celebrities were invited, should really have taken place yesterday,” Letitia nods. “I guess you can find some photos from that premiere on the Internet.”

“I’ll find them later,” Natalia smiles slightly. “I’m sure these lovebirds were the most beautiful people there.”

“Sure, my sunshine…”

With these words, Letitia kisses Natalia’s temple, and silence settles in the air for two seconds, after which Anthony glances at his quite sad daughter.

“By the way, what about you and Edward?” Anthony asks. “You’ve rarely, lately talked to him… And you no longer talk about him with us as much as you did before.”

“Yeah, I noticed it, as well,” Letitia agrees. “The only people you were speaking to all this time were Raquelle, Terrence, and Anna. But you never mentioned Edward or talked about him without a wish.”

“Erm, Edward has some important business…” Natalia replies hesitantly, biting her lip slightly. “He’s lately been very busy… And we can rarely talk on the phone… I’m silent about meeting each other.”

Anthony frowns slightly and looks at Letitia, who just shrugs.

“You know, Natalia, I wouldn’t like to meddle in the business of Edward and you because you two are adult people, and you can solve your problems by yourself,” Anthony says thoughtfully. “But I believe many things about you have lately changed…”

“Don’t you fight with each other, honey?” Letitia asks carefully.

After hesitating for a second or two, Natalia smiles slightly and glances at her parents.

“No, of course,” Natalia replies with a slight smile. “Everything is amazing between Edward and me… We don’t fight…”

“Do you have any problems?” Letitia asks. “Or did your relationship get much colder?”

“Nope, no problems. And our relationship didn’t get colder… Everything is just wonderful. Just business…”

Anthony frowns slightly, looking at Natalia suspiciously and thinking about something for two seconds.

“Well, if it’s so, your mother and I will not insist,” Anthony shrugs.

“But if you have some problems with him, tell your father or me,” Letitia says softly. “We will think up something and help you.”

“Sure, I will tell you if something bad happens,” Natalia promises with a slight nod. “But now, let’s find a taxi and go home right now. I’m so exhausted after the flight and wanna have a little rest.”

“Yes, a rest really needs for us now,” Letitia replies thoughtfully. “It’s impossible to work when you feel tired and exhausted…”

Natalia starts thinking about something, continuing to push the card with her suitcase ahead. And some time later, the Rochesters leave the airport and try to find a free taxi to go back home. Although the girl says everything is fine about her relationship with Edward, the parents of the girl think there are some difficulties between their daughter and her boyfriend. The young people rarely spend time with each other, covering this fact by the man’s employment or finding other excuses. But it sounds not very confident from her mouth…


Lunchtime is over. “Five Seconds Records” is one of the largest and most famous record studios in New York. Here, there are many people, who are going somewhere and doing something. The recording of the songs is taking place, some artists are singing away, but some people are working on writing songs or playing instruments for themselves or trying to create new music for their songs.

A tall, blue-eyed, black-haired man with nature pale skin named Terrence MacClife is now in the studio. As well as Daniel Perkins, a tall man that is a little lower than him with dark chocolate hair and piercing hazel eyes that have always driven girls crazy. He is a bass guitarist for the band “Against The System,” while his friend is a vocalist and a solo guitarist They would be happy to work on writing songs. But because their drummer Peter Rose has not come to the studio yet, the guys have nothing but to play some songs on guitars. Now they are performing a song from one of their favorite bands. Of course, this song cannot be played well on acoustic guitars because it sounds better when electric guitars and drums are used. But because the drummer is not here, they have only to sing songs while playing two acoustic guitars.

And when they finish playing the song until the end, Terrence and Daniel decide to take a little break and put their guitars aside.

“Amazing song!” Daniel exclaims cheerfully, installing himself comfortably on a little soft sofa placed in the studio. “It’s one of my favorites. I can play and sing it forever.”

“Agree!” Terrence agrees enthusiastically, sitting on a wrapping chair near the mixing desk. “But it sounds good when we perform it on electric guitars and drums. An acoustic version isn’t as cool as a rock one.”

“You explain it to our drummer, who is hanging around somewhere,” Daniel throws gloomily, crossing his arms over the chest.

“Yeah, that lad has lately visited clubs too often and behaved strangely,” Terrence frowns slightly. “I think it’s time to save him, otherwise, we’d have to look for a new drummer.”

“Shit, finding a new one would be easier than getting something from this one! His irresponsibility is starting to irritate me!”

“I wonder, why did he actually start to go to clubs so frequently and drink to the hell, so he moans from how bad he feels later? Suddenly!”

“Who the heck knows!” Daniel gives a hum of disapproval. “But I swear if he goes to a club again, I will tie him to a chair as tightly as possible for him not to run away anywhere. We need to write and record songs, but that idiot hangs around somewhere and ruins our plans.”

“Get cool, Dan, I’m begging you!” Terrence says quietly, slapping Daniel on the shoulder. “Just because Peter wrote more songs than you and me doesn’t mean we’re worse than he is. I must confess that we can also write very good songs.”

“Yeah, but the problem is not only about it! That man does give a damn about everything we do! He always finds excuses not to work and to go to a club and drink. I guess he also sleps with some girls when being drunk.”

“Don’t you think you treat him too cruelly? Maybe, shouldn’t we press on him for him to realize that’s all wrong?”

“We shouldn’t press?” Daniel wonders. “I am ready to kill him because he ruins all of our freaking plans!”

“I don’t also like the fact that Peter has been doing it. But understand, we would get nothing by showing aggression. Be softer to him and stop pressing on him so hard.”

“Hm, I’d rather hit him on the head with a stick as strongly as possible… Maybe, it would wash his brains, and he’d realize what a bastard he’s lately been.”

“That’s wrong, Daniel. I know the situation is bad, and our plans are about to be ruined. But we should keep calm.”

“At least, your brother, Edward, was helping us, but now it seems like the ground swallowed him up…” Daniel leans back in the sofa and runs his hand through his hair. “What happened to him?”

“He said he had some important business,” Terrence shrugs. “Edward has become too busy lately and doesn’t almost communicate with us.”

“And how long ago did you talk to him?”

“A long ago. Since we were back from the tour with Liam, Zach, Brad and Nate, I haven’t talked to him yet. The last time we did it happened some time before leaving.”

“And does someone else speak to him? Raquelle? Your mother?”

“Nope, they haven’t spoken to him, either. I somehow sent a couple of messages to Edward on his mobile phone, but he didn’t answer me.”

“Interesting…” Daniel frowns slightly. “Where do you think he could disappear?”

“Of course, I didn’t ask where he always hurried and think it’s his business. But now I would like to find it out. Because it’s all so strange… Disappeared somewhere, says nothing to anyone…”

“You better ask his girlfriend, Natalia. Maybe, she’d tell you something about our disappearance.”

“I don’t think she knows something,” Terrence frowns slightly and runs a hand over his hair. “As far as I know, Natalia is in Mexico with her parents. Her grandmother is living there and has cancer. So, the Rochesters are taking care of her now. But Raquelle somehow said her family would be back to New York soon.”

“She was supposed to text or call him somehow. SMS, Facebook. Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp… Many ways to contact!”

“I guess she connected and talked with him somehow… She often sends messages to Raquelle on Facebook…”

“Maybe, did Natalia tell her something? Talk to Raquelle and ask her if Rochester said something about your brother.”

“Of course, I’ll ask Raquelle about what’s happening to Edward and Natalia.” Terrence laughs quietly. “Girls should definitely say something to each other ’cause they love talking about secrets.”


Silence settles in the air for two seconds, during which Terrence presses some buttons on the mixing desk and moves sliders.

“By the way, is everything fine between you and Raquelle?” Daniel asks.

“Couldn’t be better,” Terrence replies confidently with a slight smile. “I think everything that happened between us united us much more. We got much closer and always support each other in everything. And after our holiday abroad, I made much more sure I didn’t wanna let her go. I can’t wait to make her my wife.”

“I’m glad for you both. You’re a fabulous couple. I must confess that you blossomed when you reconciled with Raquelle and lied under the sun with her for two weeks.”

“I feel like I’m positively charged,” Terrence smiles widely, leaning back in the chair. “I should’ve gone somewhere to have a rest a long time ago ’cause I felt exhausted and emptied. And when I had a short vacation and forgot about all my problems, my life got much better.”

“I know. That’s cool everything was over well. We’re gonna have fun at your wedding soon.”

“I’m happy, too.”

Terrence says nothing for two seconds, thinking about something and glancing at a drum set placed in the studio for a moment.

“Hey, what about you and Anna?” Terrence asks. “I hope, is everything okay with you, too?”

“Yup, everything is perfect, as well” Daniel replies with a wide smile. “Of course, we may have some arguments about banal things. But everything is okay, and we don’t complain about anything.”

“Your relationship was progressing so swiftly. You haven’t dated for six months yet, but you are living together. Aren’t you afraid your feelings might fade away someday? Fade away like fire!”

“Of course, I’m afraid of it. Even though we started to date after a few dates, I feel a strong love for Anna. I feel very good with her. She supports me in everything and takes care of me… That girl makes me enjoy every single day and reach for my wishes, no matter how hard it is.”

“I understand you, buddy.”

“You know, I’ve had many girlfriends. But none of them got me as attracted as Anna did. When I met her, I realized what emotions I needed to get attracted to the one I madly love.”

“Raquelle also makes me feel alive… She has something that always supports my life… Some fire… She doesn’t let me feel bored and literally makes me conquer her every day.” Terrence glances aside with a slight smile. “I can’t imagine what would’ve happened to me if Raquelle and I hadn’t reconciled… If she hadn’t said she didn’t wanna break up…”

“If you and Raquelle hadn’t made peace, we wouldn’t have gotten everything we have now. Our band exists because of you and the talent that you were given by nature. I personally never heard such strong and incredible voices as yours. Only one person out of the one hundred has the voice like this.”

“I’m not the only one from the band to have a talent, dude. Peter and you are also irresistible and experienced in what you do.”

“No, Terrence, Peter, and I are just a decoration of the background. You are the face of the band! We are nobody!”

“What?” Terrence wonders, rounding his eyes. “Don’t even dare to say it! We’re all the same in the band, and we don’t have a leader, even if I am silently the one. I don’t think I am ’cause we work on our band. Every one of us is good at something different. You play bass guitar wonderfully, and your voice is very good and fits mine so well. And I admire the way Peter plays drums… He always lays himself out when playing.”

“I also love the way Peter plays drums. I won’t argue about his talents. But if I don’t see him in the nearest five minutes, I’ll go his home and be torturing him for a long time.”

“Yeah, he’s kinda too late… He was five or ten minutes later, but now he’s two hours late…”

“If you haven’t forgotten, that blond little rat should’ve come at ten o’clock. But now it’s more than two hours o’clock! The lunch is already over, but he is not here yet!”

“Okay, I’ll try to talk to him and wash his brains. Or our band will be broken up because of his irresponsibility.”

“The band is doomed to the freaking breakup!” Daniel throws crossly. “Because of that scumbag, we can’t go further than a couple of shitty lines that don’t fit one another at all.”

“Okay, okay, Perkins, calm down, don’t get excited! Don’t dare to attack him with he comes here. You’ve lately not been able to be at the same territory without saying a word.”

“Because that idiot does irritate me! He does because we all are suffering! If it keeps happening, the studio will cancel the contract with us, and our success will become a thing of the past.”

“I promise I will talk to him when we’re alone,” Terrence glances at the door that makes a quiet sound. “And yeah, he’s already come.”

The door opens quietly, and a tall, slim man with wheat-blond hair, who has circles under his dead amber eyes due to a lack of sleep, slowly comes into the studio. This is Peter Rose, the drummer of the band “Against The System.” He actually had a physically developed body, but now the man skinny, and the biceps on his arms look smaller.

Daniel instantly glances at the blond, who looks, saying softly, not very well. Like a broken, tired, and exhausting man…

“Finally!” Daniel says loudly, rolling his eyes, and sharply gets up from the sofa. “The price of blue blood has been pleased to bring his ass here! Where the hell have you been? You should have been here since the morning! But you come here after lunchtime and pretend that nothing bad happened!”

“Listen, dude, don’t scream, please!” Peter says, groaning quietly, closes the door, and tiredly comes to the sofa, running his eyes on everything around him. “Don’t do…”

Peter falls on the sofa, at which Daniel was sitting, like a stone, and starts energetically rubbing his temples.

“I feel too bad… And because of your wild shouts, my head and my eardrums are about to be torn apart.”

“Hm, why are you feeling pain?” Terrence frowns slightly.

“Because, Terrence, someone should hang around clubs and drink much less!” Daniel throws with evil in the eyes, crossing his arms over the chest. “If I hung out in clubs every single day and drank a few glasses of whiskey, I would always feel sick and have to creep on a wall and moan from how bad I feel.”

“Oh, close your mouth, idiot…” Peter mumbles tiredly but coldly and leans back in the sofa with his closed eyes. “Don’t need to teach me what to do and where to go…”

“You must be the heck taught!” Daniel throws loudly. “Do you actually know we need to record the album? But the recording of it is getting ruined because of you!”

“Don’t give orders! You weren’t chosen as a leader.”

“Do not make me irritated, Rose! You have sucked enough energy out of me and made me hate you to death.”

“Don’t talk to me then! What’s your problem? Anyway, you can get out of here and bark like a freaking dog somewhere at a different place.”

“Listen, you, bastard…”

Daniel wants to run to Peter sharply, but Terrence punches him aside, saying:

“Daniel, stop it now!”

“Maybe, would you get out, pathetic ugly?” Daniel asks loudly. “And it is actually time for you to get out of the band and keep drinking and freaking some prostitutes at clubs.”

“You cannot care who I sleep with and drink with!” Peter throws much louder.

“You know, what I will say? Terrence and I would feel much better if you really got out of the band. And if Edward helped us. With his help, it would be much easier for us to get material for the album. But as he disappeared somewhere, we have to think up something by ourselves.”

“Sit down and think up then, but I’m going to do nothing,” Peter says, grabbing his head with a quiet moan and doubling over. “My head is about to tear apart, and my body hurts so much… Damn, what did I the heck come here? I should’ve stayed home and pissed everything off.”

“Damn, Peter, how can you say it?” Terrence gets horrified. “We count on you, but you’re framing us! Why can’t you brace yourself and start to work well again?”

“Sorry, Terrence, but I can’t really work. I’ve got no wish to do all of that.”

“What?” Daniel gets wild, clenching his hands into fists. “Are you kidding us? You began to hang around clubs and also dodge your responsibility! Didn’t you go insane, respectful? I think it’s out of the limit!”

“Stop screaming like crazy…” Peter moans quietly, closing his face with his hands. “You did annoy me… Being with you in the same room makes me sick!”

“You know, you also annoyed me enough! What the heck happened to you? Why is our band about to be disbanded because of you? Did you feel a taste of fame and begin to think you are cool? No, blond, you must work very much to reach that!”

“Oh, close your mouth… I think you did put on a crown and got really arrogant when you got that freaking contract with the studio.”

“Hey, come here, crazy little rat!”

Terrence, understanding that something bad may happen, does everything to round off rough corners and defuse great tension. He instantly runs to Daniel, sharply pulls him down, and claps him on the shoulder to make him calm down.

“Daniel, calm down now,” Terrence says quietly. “I did ask you not to attack him!”

One second later, Terrence glances at Peter but does not step away from Daniel.

“Indeed, Peter, what’s happening to you?” Terrence asks quietly. “Why have you been so irresponsible? I would understand if you visited clubs on days when we have free time and could have a rest. But now we should work on the album. We have the contract, which obligates us to do what it says. We have certain dates. Our time is not unlimited, get it.”

“I don’t refuse my responsibility,” Peter replies without emotions. “I just ask to hold writing songs over tomorrow because I feel awful now.”

“And how many times have I heard it?” Daniel asks crossly and loudly. “How much? A week? Two? Maybe, one month? And refusing to work on songs is a part of the trouble! Now you also refuse to visit any public appearances. Because of you, Terrence has to lie to everyone that we have some important reasons why we have to decline invitations to some appearances, at which we should be all together but only MacClife eventually comes.”

“For example, in the case of yesterday’s premiere of the movie…” Terrence says quietly. “The reporters asked why you two weren’t there, but not only should have Raquelle and I been there, but also Daniel and Anna and you.”

“Now you can see it! Terrence is the most responsible one from us. Because he has to be answerable for us three. And you, Peter, you’re the most irresponsible one. Because you ruin all our plans at the last moment.”

“Nobody made you stay home!” Peter throws rudely. “You could choose clothes and go to show off in front of cameras with a peacock tail and a big crown on your head.”

“You do have a peacock tail if you think everybody owes you. Just because you went on one tour as an opening act doesn’t mean you can pretend to be a celebrity.”

“Sorry, Daniel, but you’re starting to irritate me by acting like a hysterical girl,” Peter says crossly, sharply stands up from the sofa, and runs up to Daniel, looking at him contemptuously. “You were always an unbearable pain in my ass, but now you changed for the worse. And even your beloved Anna couldn’t impact you somehow.”

“Don’t need to drag my girlfriend in this, you, pathetic creature!” Daniel hisses. “And remember, if you say at least one bad word about her, I swear I will skin you over.”

“Daniel, stop it now!” Terrence demands loudly. “Peter, don’t get excited, too!”

“Come on, try!” Peter exclaims. “Come on, skin me over, defender!”

“You’re just envying because I’m happy with Anna, and you don’t have a girlfriend,” Daniel says rudely. “But you forgot you are guilty of that because you were pretending that you didn’t need girls. You probably became a crazy psycho because of envy. You actually want my relationship to be ruined. But don’t dream about it, Rose, it will not happen! Anna and I love each other and are very happy together.”

“I do give a damn about what kind of relationships you’ve had, and how many girls you had had before you met your girlfriend.”

“And how many gals have you slept with when being drunk to the hell? Or are your abilities in sex very bad? Huh? Can’t you just get a girl excited? I’m silent about making her satisfied!”

“Shut the heck up, asshole, otherwise I will hit you!” Peter shouts irritably.

“Now I’m starting to understand why you haven’t met a girl and can’t get her into your bed. Even prostitutes from a nightclub wouldn’t agree to spend a night with the idiot. Who either hasn’t said goodbye to his virginity or has such terrible abilities in sex that the entire city learned about it, and everyone kept themselves far from you.”

“Daniel, watch your mouth!” Terrence demands severely. “You are crossing all the lines!”

“If you say one more word, I swear, bastard, you will be dead!” Peter hisses furiously, clenching his hands into fists so strongly that his knuckles get white. “I SWEAR, hysterical motherfucker! You will not leave this place safe and sound!”

“You know I am right but do not want to confess you are a loser,” Daniel smirks evilly. “From the beginning, I did not doubt the problem for your failures was about it. You cannot seduce a girl and give her amazing sex that she would never forget. And now I’m absolutely sure you ran into that somehow and are now afraid to confess you are the real impotent!”

Peter breathing heavily from anger and tension loses his patience and loses control of himself. He runs to Daniel as fast as lightning and hits him in the yawl with a fist as strongly as possible. That’s why the brunet cannot stand because of slight parquet and falls on the floor with a strong pain after the hit and taste of blood in his mouth. But when the furious Perkins gets up, he instantly gives Rose a very strong slap in the face. A couple of mutual slaps before they attack each other with fists, giving painful hits in all areas and painfully pulling out the hair. Being obsessed with anger, they fall on a table placed at the studio during the fight and break it into thousands of pieces. Later, they break the guitar placed on the sofa when Rose falls over it and breaks it with his weight as he has to protect himself from Perkins and giving him painful hits with anger in his eyes.

Seeing his friends starting a furious fight, Terrence rushes to them immediately and tries to break up Daniel and Peter, who could easily beat each other until blood and bruises if nobody stopped them.

“Hey, hey, stop it right now!” Terrence demands loudly, trying to take Daniel being much more furious away from Peter looking no less evil. “Stop! Stop, I said!”

Later, Terrence barely pulls the furious Daniel away from Peter, whom he does not let slap the hazel-eyed man in the face.

“Peter, calm down now!” Terrence exclaims loudly and severely.

“Don’t touch me, Terrence!” Peter shouts loudly. “Let me beat this scumbag very well! I SWEAR HE WILL BE DEAD!”

“Try, weak girl!” Daniel throws rudely, trying to get out of Terrence’s strong grip. “Try to touch me again, bastard! I swear everyone in this studio will know you are absolutely hopeless in bed! And you will be an object of mockery for everyone! The impotent that can’t seduce a girl and a man!”

“Don’t dare to say anything, asshole! Or you will regret being born. I will tell everyone such terrible things that everyone you know will turn their backs on you. And I will not even feel ashamed of slandering such a nasty bastard like you.”

Using the fact that Terrence gets his grip weaker, Daniel gets out of it sharply and runs to Peter. He smashes his fist against his face, painfully grabs him by the hair, and strikes him down, so the blond feels pain in his elbows that he hits strongly. Perkins gives Rose a few painful hits with his fists before Terrence takes him aside. While the blond sharply gets up and tries to answer the attack. But he does not manage to do it because MacClife stands between the furious men, so anything bad does not happen.

“Calm down, Daniel, CALM DOWN!” Terrence shouts.

Seeing Daniel resisting too hard, Terrence has to hold his friend much tighter not to let a bloody fight between the ex-best friends happen.

“Get off, Terrence, I’ve been dreaming of kicking this freaking badass, who deserves it,” Daniel hisses, trying to get out of Terrence’s grip.

“Let him go, Terrence, let him try to kick me right now,” Peter shouts, gesticulating very actively and behaving quite aggressively. “I’ll kick him back so strongly that he’ll regret being born in this world.”

“We’ll see it, bastard! Pathetic ugly, who shows off nobody the hell knows why! You better close your mouth and sit aside quietly!”

“Close your mouth, dog! And don’t choke with saliva!”

Daniel unsuccessfully tries to get out of Terrence’s strong grip to kick Peter and beat him strongly. Seeing the guys being literally ready to kill each other for the reason he does not know, Terrence also goes out of himself. He feels like he is between the devil and the blue sea and not knowing how to reconcile those, who called themselves best friends.

“Hey, calm down, you two!” Terrence shouts loudly.

“PSYCHO!” Daniel screams at the top of his lungs. “Go to a doctor! Get some therapy!”

Two seconds later, Daniel barely gets out of Terrence’s grip, runs to Peter and smashes his hit against his yawl, and then gives a few painful hits in his stomach and pine. However, the blond does not leave it unnoticed and, getting over the strong pain, answers him back. They grab each other by the hair, strike down and beat each other with their legs and hands for some time before MacClife tries to break them up and take Rose far from Perkins lying on the floor.

“Stop, Rose!” Terrence demands loudly. “ROSE! Stop it now!”

“Asshole!” Peter says with evil in his eyes. “Curse you, bastard! For everything that you have done to me! I hate you! HATE!”

“Don’t choke with evil, loser!” Daniel throws rudely.

“I wish you died! I wish Anna left you to the hell! AND NEVER CAME BACK!”

Daniel sharply gets up and wants to attack Peter with fists but just grabs him by the hair before Terrence, who loses patience, starts screaming:


Terrence’s loud shout makes Daniel and Peter stop, stand like statuettes and keep literally killing each other with their evil, sizzling look as they are breathing heavily.

“What did the heck you do here?” Terrence asks loudly. “Do you understand what you’re doing? Been fighting for nobody knows how long for the reason I don’t know! Peter is not the only one to be guilty of the band’s breakup. You are guilty, too, Daniel! You cross all the lines! And you will have to pay for the broken table and guitar if the owner of the studio knows it.”

Peter and Daniel say nothing and are just breathing heavily and either roll their eyes or throw a gloom look aside.

“Don’t you understand that our band is about to be disbanded if we don’t brace ourselves?” Terrence wonders. “What about the promise we gave each other? We promised we’d overcome anything, despite any difficulties that would be waiting for us. We were noticed and got the offer to sign a contract for recording our debut album. Should we give up when we’ve passed half of the way? Why did you get wild and fight to the heck right now?”

“Sorry, Terrence, but I can’t stay with this psycho bastard in the same room anymore,” Daniel says quietly, exhaling slowly with his closed eyes and running his hands over his hair. “If I stay here longer, he will surely be dead. But I have no wish to get my hands covered with his blood and end up in a prison. You can work together if you want, but I’m not gonna be a part of this bullshit. I give a damn about you, about the band, and about everything about it. I GIVE A DAMN!”

Daniel sharply gives a start, rushes to the exit, leaves, and slams the door strongly. Terrence watches him with sadness in his eyes, feeling like he is between two lamps for a long time.

“What’s happening to you, guys?” Terrence wonders, looking at Peter, the eyes of who are full of anger and set on the door that Daniel closed. “You two got off the chain after the tour was completed! Even though you were good friends! What happened to your friendship?”

“You better ask Mr. Perkins about it,” Peter replies gloomily, crossing his arms over the chest and rolling his eyes up. “But I can say that I’m really regretting getting in touch with this bastard, who pretends to be nobody knows what.”

“I agree that he really crossed the line in some cases. But damn, you almost killed each other! You were friends! Think about it!”

“No, Terrence! If you weren’t here, I would beat that sick bastard. He got arrogant after the tour and after meeting a girlfriend.”

“Listen, Peter, I’m not gonna judge you. But you’ve really, lately been irresponsible. I can’t disagree with Daniel about it. Sorry, but he is right when being mad and blaming you for the band’s problems.”

“I wish this band never existed!” Peter exclaims loudly. “I don’t know what I was thinking of when I agreed with that freaking idea!”

“My gosh, Peter, what’s happening to you?” Terrence gets horrified. “Can you explain the reason why you’re acting like this? If you want, Perkins will not know it, and I will not say a word. Just call me the reason why you two turned into some buffaloes, and you became irresponsible. You and I would solve your problem and do our best to make the band business better.”

Peter lowers his arms down and relaxes his shoulders, exhaling sharply with his closed eyes.

“Sorry, Terrence, but I don’t want to talk about it,” Peter says quietly. “Please, don’t be mad at me, but I don’t want to talk about what’s happening to this asshole, our band, and me. Sorry. I have at least one opinion that is the same as Perkins’ one. I give a damn about the band and everything that has to do with it.”

Peter sharply gives a start, leaves the room where he is being, slamming the door, and goes nobody knows where. So, Terrence stays alone in this studio. Alone. The process of writing songs has been canceled for the hundredth time because of Peter and Daniel’s constant fights, the reason for which is unclear to him. Maybe, they were just playing a joke on each other and having fun, but now they really confront each other. Their fights were verbal, but now it almost turned into a bloody fight that MacClife did not barely let happen.


It’s the evening time. Terrence has already come back home and is now ready to spend this evening with his fiancée Raquelle Cameron, a young, tall girl with brown hair and attractive gray eyes, who is a famous worldwide model. They can forget about the problems they have to run into only at these moments. The girl and the man learned a lesson very well and try not to forget about each other and spend any free minute together. They no longer ignore each other, blaming their tiredness for it. Now they listen to each other with pleasure and try to support their second half at least with a good word.

At the moment, the exhausted lovers are in their room, lying on the bed together and talking about what happened to them today.

“Today was much worse than any other day,” Terrence says with sadness in his eyes. “Daniel and Peter had a dust-up again and couldn’t work together. They were confronting verbally, but today they literally had a serious fight. I mean, they attacked each other and would’ve killed each other if I hadn’t broken them up.”

“Oh my gosh…” Raquelle pronounces with pity in her eyes, lying on the bed next to Terrence, embracing her fiancé and pressing close to him as her head rests on the man’s shoulder, and her hand is on his chest. “You said they were best friends that never fought. Something serious happened?”

“I don’t know. I’ve stopped recognizing them since the tour was finished,” Terrence sets his gaze into the distance with a quiet sigh. “You know, how disgusting I felt when I had to stand between them not to let them beat each other’s faces until blood. Of course, I prevented something terrible, but nothing changed. I can’t get them reconciled.”

“But what’s gonna happen if Daniel and Peter don’t establish their relationship?” Raquelle asks with anxiety. “Would the band break up? Would your dreams about the big stage be ruined?”

“I’m afraid everything will be so because I don’t see any ways to fix it,” Terrence inclines his head up and signs hard. “I feel like I’m between two fires… All my dreams are getting ruined…”

“Yeah, but everything started so well…” Raquelle sighs heavily and looks around the room with sad eyes. “And we have to lie to everyone that these two have some business, because of which they aren’t able to visit appearances.”

“You’re right, that’s not the first time when I have to lie. And because of Peter’s mindlessness, we can’t start working on the album. I mean writing songs. Having to have four or five songs isn’t enough to release the full album. Maybe, only an EP…”

“Maybe, is he too worried ’cause he doesn’t have a girlfriend? Daniel and you always brag that you’re lucky, but he may feel an offense and acts like this.”

“Yeah, but I try not to start this talk. Daniel does always talk about it and even mocks him ’cause he’s single. He loves teasing Peter because of that. It makes the blond irritated. So… I can’t exclude that Pete got sick of it. Besides, Perkins crossed the line and called Rose impotent. That’s why they fought at the studio… And broke a couple of things…”

“My gosh…” Raquelle gets horrified. “Would real friends do that? How could Daniel openly mock Peter because of his failures in relationships? And call him an impotent…”

“I dunno… I thought it was just a joke, but now it’s clear that Daniel is really mocking Peter.”

“I think it’s the reason for the trouble. Haven’t you tried to talk to every one of them and try to understand the reasons for this behavior? Daniel couldn’t change so suddenly and get the hatred for Peter, who was his friend for ages!”

“I somehow tried to talk to Daniel, but it gave me nothing,” Terrence sighs. “And today I tried to ask Peter about it, but he refused to speak. They blame each other for everything.”

“My gosh, what happened to them and made them literally enemies? You must find it out and do your best to save the band!”

“Yeah, but what can I do if these two stubborn people can’t come to an understanding? They can’t stay quietly in the room for more than one minute. And then one of them always starts to provoke another.”

“I don’t even know what to say…” Raquelle moves her eyes from the ceiling to the closet in the room. “I’m very sorry it happened so… But I barely can help you in this situation… I mean, I can’t do…”

Terrence silently glances at Raquelle, tenderly caresses her shoulder and head, and cutely kisses the top of her head.

“It’s okay, sweetie, don’t think about it,” Terrence says softly. “I’ll solve the problem with these two and try to save the band. Early or late, one of them would confess what happened to them. And if Daniel’s wish to laugh at Peter because of failures in relationships is the reason for that.”

“I’d like to believe he isn’t such a heartless man and wouldn’t be mocking Anna so cruelly,” Raquelle expresses hope. “Daniel has always been good for her…”

“I hope so…”

Terrence says nothing for two seconds and swallows up nervously as he runs his fingers through Raquelle’s hair.

“Oh, okay, let’s not talk about me anymore,” Terrence says thoughtfully. “You better tell, what happened on today’s shootings? Was the day much better than my day?”

“Not better,” Raquelle sighs quietly, slowly sits up, and sets her gaze on her hands folded in front of her. “The shooting was bearable because Steven had a bad mood because of problems with Delancey. And the person, who interviewed me, asked me questions that I didn’t want to answer. I can say today was not the best day of my life…”

“Yeah, but I thought everything got finally better,” Terrence also slowly sits up and moves his eyes somewhere aside. “It seems like we’re gonna overcome something like this soon.”

“Why do you think so?” Raquelle moves closer to Terrence and puts an arm around his neck, putting her chin on his shoulder.

“I don’t know,” Terrence replies gloomily. “Not many things have lately made me happy. And these two idiots that constantly fight make me much sadder.”

“Me too, but I’m glad ’cause I’ve got the people that would always help me.”

Terrence cuddles Raquelle with a slight smile and presses her to himself, feeling relief every time she presses to his chest and gives him her nice warmth.

“I think it’s the only thing that makes me happy,” Terrence replies thoughtfully.

Silence settles in the air for three or four seconds, during which Raquelle presses to Terrence, who he cuddles tightly with his arms and leaves short kisses on some parts of her face, making her smile shyly.

“By the way, I see Ben has lately been at our home very often,” Raquelle notices. “Of course, I understand you’re the best friends, but I didn’t think you’d meet so frequently. Did you miss each other so much after your fight and reconciliation that you can’t live without regular meetings?”

“Ah, Raquelle, haven’t you still understood that Ben has a crush on our servant?” Terrence smiles slightly. “Parker does give a damn about me, but Blair really got him charmed.”

“Blair? Benjamin likes her?” Raquelle thinks for two seconds. “Erm… Yes, she said something about him… Christiana said a delivery guy brought flowers here yesterday. And they were for Blair from Benjamin.”

“I know, she told me that…” Terrence softly puts a hand on Raquelle’s cheek and tenderly caresses it. “You know, although I’ve never had anything against Ben, and I don’t, he shouldn’t try to make that girl fall in love with him.”

“Are you hinting at his amorousness?”

“Exactly!” Terrence nods confidently.

“Honestly, I’m not happy about it, too,” Raquelle says thoughtfully. “That girl overcomes too much, but if she falls in love with that man, it won’t make her feel easier.”

“I completely agree with you. I don’t think it may give her happiness. I still remember how frequently he was flirting with some girls. He even got several hits on the head from men, who dated girls that succumbed to the charms of your dear friend.”

“Yeah,” Raquelle laughs quietly. “But later, he got brains and began to walk around Natalia, who was single at that moment.”

“This morning, Violetta told me Blair is not going to fall in love with Ben, despite accepting his attention and some little surprises from him.”

“Yeah, she told me the same.”

“Ah, that girl doesn’t understand she can’t choose whom to love…” Terrence sighs quietly with sadness in his eyes. “Sorry… Very sorry…”

“Seems like the servants told her the same, but she thinks she would be able to control her feelings.”

“Haven’t you tried to talk to her about it?”

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