Cocoa The Feline: Double Trouble

By Temp All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Humor


An exciting new children's book series which features Cocoa, a mischievous cat who has a big mind for creating schemes to annoy his owner John. He tries to deny John's instructions and it always ends bad. What could happen next?

Chapter 1 - Cocoa

The sun was rising above the large city of Swansea; it’s blazing orange colors shining out. It was the first week of the Summer Holiday, it was alsothe first week of mayhem for Cocoa. He stretched and yawned on the windowsill, looking out into the deep sea. He was already planning out what he could do to trouble John.“Let’s see now,” he said as he though harder and harder for different schemes. “Nope, nothing.” He seemed rather annoyed that he had absolutely no new plans to annoy John. He knew he could use some of the old tricks but, he knew he’d get caught now. He leaped off the windowsill onto the soft carpet and trotted down to the Master Bedroom. “Time for the morning routine,” he though. He then jumped onto the bed and onto John. He bounced onto his face, waking John up instantly.

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