The Serpent: Part 1

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Chapter 12

May 10, 1991

10:18 P.M.

“I think this one may be my favorite so far,” Heather said, setting The Colour Out of Space on the stack. “Love the balance of imagination and comedy. It works perfectly.”

“Lots of people would agree with you on that,” Sam replied. “Although I personally still think The Rats In The Walls is the best.”

“But do you know what’s a whole lot better?”

“You’d better not…”

Children of the Corn.”

Sam shook his head.

“You know, I really hate you sometimes,” he said.

After Heather snickered for a bit, she and Sam both smiled and took each other by the hand. After staring into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, Sam said: “Well, I think that’s enough for tonight. I’m getting pretty tired.”

“Okay,” Heather said. “So same time next week?”

“Sure. Next time we’re definitely gonna’ be doing Ex Oblivione. That one’s gonna’ blow your mind.”

“Oh boy. Can’t wait.”

Sam yawned and looked into Heather’s eyes once more. After a brief moment, he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“If I had a dollar for each time you randomly kissed me, I’d be richer than you,” Heather said, pushing Sam away with a smile.

“You want me to start paying you then?” Sam asked.

“I guess if you want to.”

“Well, then you better have plenty of wallets on you, because your about to hit the jackpot.”

“Oh, you’d better not…”

Sure enough, Sam wrapped his arms around Heather and began to kiss her all over her face nonstop. Heather chuckled and tried to squirm away.

“Sam, stop it!” Heather giggled as Sam kissed her face.

“Say Children of the Corn is lame and I’ll stop!” Sam replied.


“Then keep on filling those wallets!”

Sam eventually did stop kissing Heather and the two spent another few seconds just looking at one another. Sam once again took Heather by the hand.

“Heather,” Sam said with a giant smile. “I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but…”

Sam paused and took a deep breath.

“But what?” Heather asked.

Sam took another breath.

“But…” he said. “But I think you…I think you’re…”

Another breath.

“You think I’m what?” Heather asked.

“I think you’re crazy for liking Children of the Corn.”

Heather slapped her hand to her forehead.

“Really?” she asked. “Really?”

“Oh, and The Shining is one of the greatest movies ever.”

Heather grabbed one of the couch pillows and started to whack Sam with it. Sam began to laugh crazily.

“You’re such a jerk!” Heather shouted.

After a brief moment of laughter and pillow whacking, Sam and Heather calmed down once again. Sam leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes while Heather reached over and brushed his hair past his ear.

“You really need a haircut,” she said.

“You need all your hairs cut,” Sam replied.

Heather rolled her eyes.

“You’re also growing a mustache,” she said, softly stroking her finger on Sam’s upper lip. “Do you plan on shaving that?”

“Maybe,” Sam said, yawning. “Maybe not.”

“What if I told you to shave?”

“Then I’d shave off my hair, my eyebrows, and my face. You’d have to get used to me having a skull-face.”

“And what if I like the skull-face?”

“Then everyone’s happy.”

Heather snickered. She then leaned down and kissed him on the lips.

“I love you, Sam,” she said.

“I love you too, Heather,” Sam said, opening his eyes. “Thanks for coming into my life.”

Sam then kissed Heather on the cheek.

“I think you owe me about…hmm…four thousand dollars now,” Heather said leaning down close to Sam.

“Sure,” Sam replied. “I’ll to get it all to you before I die.”

Heather and Sam both chuckled together and then Sam wrapped his arm around Heather’s shoulder. Heather leaned her head on Sam’s shoulders. Heather and Sam then closed their eyes.

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