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Wilderness of Mirrors

By barryljones All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Drama


Wilderness of Mirrors is for those with gnawing suspicions…. For the parents, who continually feel pressured by the health care system to pump their children full of vaccines, regardless of misgivings they might have about terrible side effects. For the skeptics who do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald murdered President Kennedy. For the doubters who question whether crazed, lone gunmen also killed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Robert Kennedy. The official versions just do not ring true. For the survivors who wonder how cancer became such a uniquely American epidemic and why, after all these years, we still do not have a cure. Could it be there are too many people sucking off the treatment teat? For the Americans who are just starting to realize the sad truth – our government lies to us.


The United States government pronounced the Salk polio vaccine safe. This, despite Dr. Eddy’s warning that it was not. Less than two weeks later, that same government withdrew the Salk vaccine from the market after forty-thousand children who received the inoculations contracted polio, almost two-hundred were left paralyzed, and ten died.

The United States government mandated two-hundred million American citizens receive the subsequent Sabin polio vaccine in 1955-1963. This, despite Dr. Eddy’s warning that it contained the monkey viruses SV-40 and SIV. That same government assured the American people the Sabin polio vaccine was safe but now concedes it was contaminated.

The United States government claimed SV-40 would not cause a cancer epidemic but now acknowledges that it has. That same government vehemently denied any connections between SIV and HIV but now admits that AIDS is a direct descendant of SIV.

The United States government worked secretly – albeit half-heartedly – to develop a cancer vaccine for the beginning of the cancer epidemic it denied publicly, but privately knew was coming – playing Russian roulette with American lives.

The United States government used cancer research as cover for a covert Medical Manhattan Project in New Orleans to weaponize SV-40, converting galloping cancer cells into a lethal bio-weapon to assassinate foreign heads-of-state.

The United States government exploited human beings, utilizing them as unsuspecting lab rats in its final step in the testing ladder for its new bio-weapon.

The United States government’s “cure” for ONE epidemic (polio) has produced TWO catastrophic epidemics – cancer and AIDS – both of which are ongoing and seemingly incurable.

Now the United States government claims children’s vaccines do not cause autism.

Pregnant women know not to consume fish and shellfish due to dangerously high levels of mercury. Research has shown the adverse effects mercury has on brain and nervous system development in a fetus. Symptoms observed in children exposed to the high levels of mercury as a fetus include impairments of their cognitive thinking, memory, fine motor skills, attention, language, and visual spatial skills.

Yet, the government-mandated vaccines are pumping massive amounts of mercury into children’s brains before age three – the age of brain development.

In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, forever immunizing the pharmaceutical companies from financial liability related to vaccine injury claims. The line of demarcation was 1991 when the number of vaccinations for children doubled. In 2002, CDC’s own baseline numbers showed 1 in 150 children diagnosed with autism. In 2004, the numbers bumped to 1 in 125 8-year olds diagnosed with autism. In 2006, the numbers bumped again to 1 in 110. By 2008, the numbers had virtually doubled to 1 in 88 diagnosed with autism. Indeed, since 1991, the CDC reports that the number of autism cases in the US has risen by 2700%.

Like cancer treatments, there is big money in the manufacturing of children’s vaccines. In 2011, the World Health Organization estimated the income of the top six children’s vaccine manufacturers to be an absurd $5.7 billion per year. The companies claimed 90% of that total goes to pay costs – only leaving them a 10% profit. Assuming that is true, that still leaves one-hundred million dollars in profit per company per year!

It is a win-win for the pharmaceuticals. The money they make manufacturing and selling the vaccines on the front end multiplied by the profits they rake in treating the symptoms on the back end – symptoms caused by their own vaccines – is staggering. How can they lose? Especially since they the law exempts them from lawsuits!

Like the cancer industry’s toxic triangle, Big Pharma and government lock themselves in a vaccination tango of money and power. Big Pharma wines and dines the political classes with contributions, junkets, six-figure speaking fees, lucrative board appointments, and lobbying positions.

In return, the politicians grease the gears of Washington D.C.’s regulatory machine. FDA approvals of Big Pharma’s experimental new drugs are fast-tracked. The government awards fat contracts to manufacture new drugs and passes new laws mandating the vaccination of the nation’s children.

Batting cleanup is the corporate media, fearmongering the society at-large with unvaccinated horror stories and browbeating anti-vaccination parents – labeling them “anti-science” – and tagging them with vulgar epithets like “negligent” and “child abusers”.

It is a zero-sum game. There is no second place, only winners and losers. In this rigged game, Big Pharma pays-to-play and Washington D.C. plays-for-pay. Media conglomerates get their advertising dollars and political access. Meanwhile, the American people are not even in the game. And the beat goes on…

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it” –Edmund Burke

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