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Baby think twice book four

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It's been 2 years since Kayden has seen Oliver and Saxon Rivers. Alot has happened since then. She's left her pack, moved across country and is the mother of twins. Oliver never got over losing his mate. He never accepted the rejection so he was still connected to kayden. He knows she's gone through a lot , what, he doesn't know. Saxon went back to his ways soon after. He eventually accepted the rejection. Wanting to free, himself from his guilt. He has never forgotten the one woman he has ever loved. A chance encounter brings all three back together. What happens when the men find out about the big secret Kayden has kept from them. Will they be able to pick up where they left off. Or will a new woman in Saxons life ruin their reunion?

Drama / Romance
Lala 1975
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Chapter 1


Rushing out of work. I see a cab pulling up in front of me. I walk quickly to grab the door and hop in. I check the time on my phone. Shit I'm going to be late. I shoot off a quick text to lexie. Letting her know I'm running late.

The cab driver asks me where in headed to. I give him the address and sit back in my seat. As the cab pulls out from the curb. I take a big steadying breath to calm my nerves.

Tonight, I have a date. The first one in over 2 years. The last date I went on was with my mate. Oliver Rivers. That was one of the best nights of my life. Apart from giving birth to my 2 cherubs.

I smile when I think of my sweet little babies. Phoenix Oliver Theroux and Arabella cadence Theroux. They are both spitting image of their fathers. Dark curly hair and bright blue eyes. At 17 months old Bella definitely has Saxons stubborn attitude. While Phoenix is more like Oliver.

My children have been the light in my darkness. The hope to my sorrow. They have helped me heal from the deep wounds in my heart.

The day I found out I was pregnant. I swore to myself. I would be the best mother I could be. My children would always know. What it was to be loved and adored. It hasn't always been easy. I like to think I've done a good job raising them alone.

It's been 2 years since that day. The day I was forced to reject my mates. That was the darkest time of my life. Leaving the 2 men I loved more than anything. Cut me deeper than a knife ever could.

About three months after I left breaking dawn pack. It happened. I was in bed one night. I had just fallen asleep when I felt the most excruciating pain. It was like my heart was on fire.

I had managed to drag my weak body down the stairs. My dad found me screaming on the floor. He explained the pain was from one of my mates. Or both accepting the rejection.

He had held me on the floor while I cried. I knew it would happen eventually. They would move on from me. I just thought it would be later rather than sooner.

After that night. I vowed to never allow myself to be hurt like that again. So, I put all my time and energy into studying and getting ready to have my pups. There have been no men in my life since.

The day my babies were born. I welcomed my son and daughter into the world. My mum and dad were with me the whole time.

Yes, I forgave my father. Some might call me stupid. I know he was trying to protect me from heartache. I was angry at first. But it turns out he was right about Saxon all along.

I did try to contact Oliver when my pups were a few weeks old. The number I called was disconnected. So, I called the main number at the pack house. Luna Arden had answered. When I heard her voice. I'd broken down. She started crying when she heard me.

She explained the twins had taken a sabbatical from their duties. They were both traveling around Europe for a year. I was just about to hang up when phoenix chose that moment to start crying.

When Arden heard him, she began screaming for joy. She called out to her husband's. Telling them they were old grandpas. Despite myself I had laughed at her words. Three weeks later. She turned up In Idaho to meet her grandchildren.

I was happy to see her. I had always liked the Luna. She had been so good to me. I couldn't help feeling sad that her son's weren't there. My stupid pride was ruling my sensibility.

We spent a week together. Talking about my future plans. The Luna told me how hard the last few months had been on her son's. Oliver especially. He refused to accept the rejection in hope we would find our way back to each other one day.

When I told her about the rejection being accepted. She was stunned. Then angry. We both knew who it was that uttered the words. My sweet Oliver would never give me up as easy as his brother.

I told her I was thinking about returning to Kansas to finish my degree. So, that's how I ended up here. I went back to school and graduated a year later.

I've only been at my job for a few months. I'm working with troubled teens and young adults. It's hard going at times. But I absolutely love it. While it's not what I initially wanted to do. I'm really happy where I'm at in my career.

I look up as my street comes into view. I moved here not long after I came back. My parents bought me a beautiful 3 bedroom. Double story house on the outskirts of the city. It's a lovely home with high ceilings and polished floors.

It's located about 3 hours from the pack as well. Luna Arden and her husbands have been a great help to me. They helped me move into my home. They also pop over once a week to see the pups.

Jake keeps saying Bella will be an absolute ball buster when she's older. Tyler thinks she will make a great Alpha.

I've never been pressured to tell their sons about their children either. After Saxon accepted the rejection. Any love I had for him disappeared. He doesn't have any right to know his children. Even Oliver could have made more effort. I haven't been back to breaking dawn. Since I returned from Idaho. It's just too hard for me.

I know I can't keep their children a secret forever. Maybe when they're both older they can choose to meet their father's. Until then it's up to me to keep them safe from pain and possible rejection.

I haven't been on my own all this time either. My best friend moved in with me and my pups. She's a hybrid. Wolf and elf. We are a strange dynamic, but it works for us. My babies absolutely love her. She's a qualified preschool teacher. So, her knowledge with young children. Is a big bonus.

After paying the driver I grab my bag and get out. Walking up to the house. When I put my key in the lock. I smile at the babbling coming from inside.

Walking inside I quietly close the door and listen to my children. Protesting at something loudly.

When I walk into the kitchen. I cover my mouth with my hand. The room looks like a bomb hit it. The benches are covered with dirty dishes and food scraps. The floor has a thick covering of what looks like flour.

But the biggest mess are my children. Toddling around with no nappies on. Covered in some strange orange gloop.

When Lexi sees me standing there. She looks like she's about to cry. She jumps up from the floor and runs over to me.

Phoenix sees me as well. He starts yelling out mama. His sister looks up from where she's sitting on the floor. She starts to scream hysterically.

" Oh, thank the stars you're home. These two devils suddenly decided. They don't like mashed sweet potatoes anymore. They threw an absolute hissy fit and threw food everywhere. The white stuff you see on the floor. Is from me tripping over a toy car while carrying a bag of flour. Now you're home. I can finally shower and have a cup of tea."

I give her a hug and walk to my children. Who are both now sitting quietly. I pick them both up. Kissing their chubby cheeks. They lay a head on each of my shoulders. Carrying them into the bathroom. I sit them down on the soft mat and run a warm bath.

Fifteen minutes later. They are both clean and dressed in their pyjamas. I put them in their cribs and go to grab them each a warm bottle of milk.

Lexi is sitting at a now clean table. Drinking her earl grey tea, she loves. I can feel her eyes following me. As I make up 2 bottles of formula.

" What time is Casanova picking you up tonight?" She asks me. I roll my eyes. Walking out to give my children their bottles. Ever Since I told my friend about tonight. She has teased me constantly. Lexi thinks it's about time. I brushed the cobwebs out of my hoo-ha and get some.

After tucking my babies in and kissing them both goodnight. I make my way into my room to shower. I'm really nervous about tonight. I haven't really been around men a lot. Not since Oliver and Saxon.

The twinge in my heart. At the thought of them takes my breath away. No, I'm not going to think of them anymore. They have moved on with their lives. It's time I do the same.

Well, that's what I'm trying to convince myself of anyway.

Somewhere in Italy


I've been sitting in this cafe for 2 hours now. My brother is off doing what he does best. Fucking some random bitch. Ever Since we lost Kayden 2 years ago. He's been out of control.

He keeps telling me it's over. We both need to get on with our lives. I can't do it though. No matter how much time passes. Or how many women I meet. No one will ever be good enough for me.

I think of the last time I saw my mate. Saxon doesn't know about it. I went to Idaho a few months after that fateful day. I got all the way to her pack. What I saw crushed my heart completely.

There she was. As beautiful as ever. Hugging some dude. Letting him hold her close like I used to. I know I should have confronted her. Asked her who he was. I'm a coward though. And I left. My wolf was yelling at me to go back. To kill the guy for touching our mate.

I went home that day. Broken hearted and defeated. When I returned to my pack. Saxon told me he was going to accept the rejection.

I begged him to reconsider. I tried to explain that if he accepts it. My bond with her will be almost non-existent. I pleaded with him to not do it.

Later that night. I felt the last of my connection with my mate snap. Things with my brother have been really strained since then. Our parents thought it might do us good. To have some time away from the stress of our duties. Also give us a chance to connect as brothers again.

We've been travelling around Europe for a year or so. We are due to return home in a few days. My dads are ready to step down. They want their sons to take over as Alpha's. I'm not sure I'm ready yet. Saxon, on the other hand is raring to go.

As for the Luna thing. He has told me we can take a chosen mate. I know Ricky is against it. Like Zolin. He will only accept his true mate as his Luna.

I look at my now cold coffee. Throwing some money on the table. I get up and head off towards my hotel. The streets are loud and alive with people and music. Nights here in Venice. Are a sight to see. As soon as the sun goes down. The town comes to life.

The smells of fresh pizza and sweets cakes gets my mouth watering. I stop at a little pizza place and grab some food to eat on the way.

When I finally arrive at the hotel. I make my way up to my room. I'm supposed to be meeting Saxon for dinner soon.

As I'm walking out the lift. I hear my brother's voice. I also hear a woman. I turn towards the sound of laughter. My heart drops at what I see.

There on one knee is my brother. Asking this lady if she would do him the honour of becoming our mate and Luna.

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