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The Enchanted Bookcase

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A girl moves to this brand new town with her family not knowing that her past might just pick up and follow her as well. Skye finally got away from old life and just about to start a new one, but whe

Drama / Thriller
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Chapter 1

As we were just entering the school I could feel everyone’s eyes follow me as if I was a brand new trophy on display. And of coarse that morning my parents got called to work for a mission and that is when my aunts come to the rescue and take of me when my parents are gone, my aunts Sabrina and Katherine have always been there for me since I was age eight they have like my second set of parents. I will always love my parents, but since last year my life feels like a constant battle trying to keep my love strong enough with my parents I just want to start brand new here in New York and hope I can leave the rest in the past.

“Are you ready for your first day of school Skye?” asked my aunt Sabrina, I could tell she was hoping I was happy but I knew I wasn’t fully happy till one time my parents could take me on my first day to school and ask me themselves. “I am happy that two amazing people are taking me to my first day, because it means the world to me”, as I said this I could literally see the magic light up on there face because it truly made them happy. But this was also my first day at a new school as once again the new girl and all I could do was stop and think, is this going to be my life forever always the new girl finding new friends and leaving them as soon as I get comfortable here.

But I knew that my parents job was always more important then well anything else, it’s sad but it’s true sometimes I feel like my parents care more about the job then there own child. Well it finally lunch time and from every school I have been at this is always the time where the popular girl tries to embarrass me or the guys try to hit on me, and that is when Naomi came over and I could just tell she was the most popular and I knew that she would either insult me or threaten me, but when she came over all she said was “well you must be the new girl, welcome to Manhattan High hope I see you again”. It was like she was a robot, she had to say those words but I honestly believed her so maybe not all popular girls are the same it was a nice relief for once.

It has finally been a week since I started here and to be honest this school is completely different I thought at least some one would bug me but no I went to class and some people even stopped to say hi to me like where did I go and can I stay here forever. But one day was a little weird, I had gotten home from school early today and came in from the back and that is when I heard my aunts taking to these guys who looked like they could do damage.

But when I was listening I heard those guys say “whenever they do come home, notify us immediately it is an emergency that they come back now. We don’t want any trouble with Victoria or Sam”. As I was listening I heard them say my parents names and that is when my mind started thinking the worst. That night after dinner which was good but extremely quite, I went to my room and all I could was just lay in bed and think which didn’t help me at all. My aunt Katherine came to my room before she went to bed to say good night but she could tell I had something on my mind and without saying anything she sat beside me on the bed and hugged me so tight.

The next morning I woke up to have breakfast before going to school and we were all sitting at the table and I couldn’t take it anymore I needed to know what is going on with my parents, “so those men the other day, what did they want with mom and dad”. As we were sitting at the dinner room table they both looked at each other like there was no words to explain what was going on, but that is when my aunt Katherine spoke and said “your parents are on this deep undercover mission and they really don’t know when we will see them again”. As she finished telling me this all I could do was sit there and think, was she telling me the truth or was she telling me this lie to protect me from the truth.

It was the next day and that day I was stressed more then usual because I had a huge biology test and the night before I was worrying more about my parents to really do any studying, but little did I know that there was a more pressing matter this morning. The bell had just rung and we sat down ready to take our test, nervous but ready, and that is when Will had walked into class like it was meeting him for the second but first time all over again. I really thought after leaving California that I would have never seen him again but that day felt like it was out to get me and like it was necessary the teacher had assigned him to sit next to me, of all people in the classroom.

After he grabbed his stuff and sat beside me all I could think was, I just found this amazing place with incredible people and he has to follow me here of all places. But he sat next to me and the first words he has to say to me from all the drama we had been through was “hi, my name is Will nice to meet you”, if there wasn’t a teacher and students right there and then I swear I would have thrown him to the ground and do my worst to him. But like a nice girl everyone know’s that I am I said “nice to meet you to, my name is Skye” and right there it’s like all of our memories together came back to him and I could tell on his face that he was gonna be sick.

That day after school I tried to get out of there as quick as possible so I wouldn’t have to deal with Will but of coarse my luck that day wasn’t going well, so if you had guessed he was waiting right outside the school at the door. When I had seen him again it felt like I never moved away, same old techniques there and here then he rushed over to try to talk to me but after everything I didn’t know what to say. Then he stopped me and had me right against the school building and he said “I know you don’t want to talk to me so just listen, I had no idea that you were going here if I had known then I would of done anything to not be here, but who know’s maybe this is a start of a second chance for the both of us”.

After hearing these words come out of his mouth I was completely speechless because I was burning of anger inside, I was so mad before I left all I had to say to him was “If you ever come near me again I swear to God I will beat the living crap out of you because I will never ever let you take advantage of me ever again”.

Aeden Chambers once said, "In every language, in every part of the world, story is the fundamental grammar of all thought and communication. By telling ourseleves what happened, to whom, and why we not only discover ourseleves and the world, but we change and create ourselves and the world to".

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